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Blushing bee
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First of all, I just want to say I’m sorry you’re going through this and can understand how difficult and frustrating it can be when you can get a confirmed diagnosis and you know something is wrong.


I’m not a doctor but I have parents that practically live at the hospital.  My first thought was back in Nov, did anything change when he started to get the diarrhea? Was he in the hospital for anything else prior or was he taking any antibiotics?  I thought C-Diff because that’s a bugger that’s a PITA to get rid of but it should have shown up in screenings.  I’d add in greek yogurt to his diet regardless, and hopefully get some probiotics in his system for digestion as well.

If your doctors can’t seem to find anything, change doctors.  I’m a firm believer that if you don’t believe in your doctor, than you find someone you can trust.  Get in to a specialist and I’m sure a endoscopy or colonoscopy would be in order (basically checking things out both ends).  I’d also see if you can start recording any types of trends with symptoms.  Like if he eats one thing and it makes it worse or time of day when he’s having problems.  


I’d also ask for suggestions for relief from the doc until you can get in to see him.  I’d be worried about hemmoroids which wouldn’t make any of this any easier.  They have creams and such for that, so hopefully they’d be able to give him some potential relief.  

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Buzzing bee
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@Miss Joker:  I have food allergies and have had similar experiences in the past. Has he been checked for food allergies, you can grow into them at any time. I hope he starts to feel better.

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@Miss Joker:  

How old is your hubby? When was his last colonoscopy. These are impt questions to ask when thinking about colon cancer and it is usually slow progressing and unless his previous colonoscopy had shown some problems- then this would be lesser of a concern. I assume that you went to your GP and they had a low concern of this? A colonoscopy is something relatively simple to order and does not require a GI specialist.

Also- has anyone looked at his anus? If he’s having diarrhea- it usually shouldn’t cause pain the same way straining/hard stool does. If there is pain, a general practitioner should be able to have a look and you can also buy some cream OTC to help with that. 


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Bumble bee
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@Miss Joker:  Nurse bee here.


I can understand why you are so worried! Please just remember that he is MUCH more likely to have something else going on than cancer.


Does this happen intermittently? Are there days where he doesn’t have diarrhea? He coudl have a form of IBS.


Have they done parasite screens? (I assume so) and Cdiff. I had cdiff once and that lasted a month WITH treatment.


It could be Crohns.

Does he have diabetes or thyroid problems? This could cause it.

Just throwing some stuff out there.


I’d want a rectal exam, colonoscopy, CT abdomen.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I’m not a doctor, but I wanted to send you some virtual hugs.

that sounds like a terrible ordeal for you and your husband.  

I feel like he might be caught in a vicious cycle where he’s not consuming enough actual food to make a proper bowel movement at this point (3 english muffins isn’t much).

hopefully the GI turns up something.  

Have they ruled out Chrons/Colitis (Or is that what the GI is for) I know one of FH’s friends ended up hospitalized a couple years ago with similar symptoms (from what I’ve been told) and it turns out he has Chrons.  He was diagnosed at 30.

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My first thought was C-dif. I was diagnosed with it about 7 years ago. My parents went nuts having tests run and the C-dif test actually came back negative multiple times before coming back positive.

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Helper bee

@Miss Joker:  I have IBS and when I was figuring it out I had pretty much constant diarrhea. And I very quickly became malnourished because I didn’t know what would and wouldn’t set me off so it made it worse and worse.

I’m not diagnosing him because it doesn’t sound exactly the same, but he’s probably malnourished for sure. Get some ensure shakes and see if those make him feel better, he probably needs the vitamins. They’re actually not recommended for IBS because they cause constipation, but at the point I was at, ANYTHING was better than diarrhea. And after one day of drinking them I felt better, it was amazing. 

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First of all,  have they done a thorough blood test? My husband went thru two years of similar symptoms and a million intrusive tests with no change until we finally changed doctors. He did a blood test to find out it was something as simple as low testosterone. Not saying that’s what I think his problem is but I am saying that if they have not started with the basics make them. I asked for a blood test right when my husband got sick and the doctor was condescending about it and never ran one. Now I wish I had been more forceful about starting with the basics. I’m finding skipping the basics to be common practice anymore, not sure why but it is. 

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Not a nurse or a doctor but I have Crohn’s disease. I’d ask the doctor for a colonoscopy, abdominal/pelvic CT scan, rectal exam, C-diff, blood work, gallbladder ultrasound,  possibly an upper endoscopy (it can be done at the same time as the colonoscopy) and/or a barium swallow MRI. If those all come up negative, it may just be a bad case of IBS. 

I hope he gets some answers. Best of luck to you both. 

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I had this issue a few years ago And it was affffwullll. I went to the emergency room and they did all the standard tests..all came back neg. i dropped a lot of weight because it seemed anything i ate went right through me. I thik i had a parasite of some sort, and a lot don’t show up on tests. I had a friend of mine who is a doc, order me a super strong antibiotic given to girardia patients, and my issue seemed to improve a handful of days later, and then subsided all together.


best of luck!



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Blushing bee

Okay, I’m studying Nutritional Medicine so without reading what’s been posted above I’ll tell you about a recent case we studied in class hoping that it might help you.

A patient was having significant bowel troubles, pain in the sides of the body that would ‘move’ at times, lack of energy, sick a lot, and craving bread. Lots of bread. Rings a bell when you mention english muffins and gatorade. 

A stool sample was taken and tests were done – looking at the spectrum of bacteria and it was found that the patient had an overgrowth of klebsiella spp as well as an abnormally high reading of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut. In a normal person this should not be the case. You also have to specifically ask for such a test and it is less invasive than a colonoscopy to check for cancer (which they probably will do anyway to be sure…)

The patient had a severe episode of food poisoning that my teacher pinpointed when this started. The patient contracted klebsiella and because of certain conditions, the bacteria multiplied and she could not get rid of it – and they ‘fed’ the bacteria with diet. A specific antibiotic and adjusting her diet eventually got the patient healthy again.

Your case will probably just be trial and error until you find out what it is. The case above proved to be a last chance resort because doctors didn’t think to check for this – but a nutritional medicine practitioner did. I hope you find an answer soon and let us know how you go!

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@Miss Joker:  I can’t help you in terms of diagnosing it.  BUT I have had major issues with food intolerances (not sure if it was allergies or IBS or what, I basically ate peanut butter and cucumbers for a whole summer until I figured out how to fix it).  I just wanted to suggest the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet.  Its for healing the gut and encourages the growth of proper bacteria.  You basically eat a TON of broth with vegetables to start and kefir (a drink like yogurt but with more bacterial cultures, the good ones) and then re-introduce foods one at a time.  Its a big commitment but might be able to get some good nourishment in his body.  (Hint: Asian restaurants will sell you bone broth for super cheap which eliminates alot of the work)

Here are some links to introduce the idea to you: 


UPDATED! Our story about the GAPS diet.

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