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I’m currently on my way to losing 75 lbs (I’ve lost 25 so far).

Things that worked for me:

1) Giving up on the gym. There’s too many excuses you can pull out to not make a trip to the gym. Instead I use Daily Burn (subscription service for video workouts). I love the trainers and the community so it’s absolutely worth the $15 a month, plus it’s a lot harder to talk myself out of working out when I can do it at home. Plus, you can always use free workout videos on YouTube if you don’t want to pay for something like Daily Burn

2) Tracking calories using MyFitnessPal. Weight loss isn’t all about counting calories but it gives you a good look at just how much you are eating and what kinds of foods you are eating. 

3) Meal Plan. You won’t stick to any diet if you are constantly having to go to the store to be able to make dinner that night or are trying to think of something healthy with whatever happens to be in your fridge. Pre-plan your meals for the week!

4) Bullet Journaling, especially having a habit tracker. Bullet journaling is a stress reliever for me but it’s also a great visual for how well you are keeping up with a habit, I get a strange amount of satisfaction just from being able to check off that I did my workout that day. And journaling  about the process is helpful for me too. It helps me remember why I’m doing this.

5) Set realistic goals and reward yourself when you achieve them (but never with food). Lost 5 lbs? Awesome, treat yourself to a massage. Worked out 3-4 days a week for a month? Yay, get that new pair of shoes that you want. 

6) Don’t buy junk food. If it’s not in the house you won’t eat it.

7) Buy a big water bottle and make it your goal to drink lots of water through out the day. Honestly, never drink your calories. Any drink that has calories in it, cut out completely. Stick to water, coffee, and tea.

8) Workout even when you don’t feel like it. It’s a mental game. You won’t wake up every morning wanting to workout. Most days I don’t want to workout but you’ll never regret doing a workout.

9) Get active in fun ways. Go hiking on weekends and for walks or bike rides during the week. Use it as time to reconnect with your SO and get healthier together.

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meal prep.  DH does our food shopping and cooks for the week on sundays.  we always have meals ready to go.  no excuse not to pack a lunch and dinner we just heat up as well.

he usually makes 2 proteins, 2-3 greens, 2 grains/startches.

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I follow 21 Day Fix diet and exercise program. It is the only thing that has worked for me. I’ve lost 40 lbs total and am much stronger than I used to be. I work out at home and prep my meals ahead of time. It might seem like a lot of work at first but it is better once you get into the habit. With 21 Dear Fiance eating plan you actually eat more (because you are eating so many veggies). It is amazing how much better I feel and look. I’ve been following this program for 2 1/2 years. I’ve been at close to the same weight for the last year (with some fluctuations). It is possible to change. 

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Blushing bee

I might get some heat for this but I think the easiest way to lose weight is to be on your feet somewhat during the day and to skip or go very light on dinner. Having a more substantial breakfast and lunch helps. After college I lost 25 pounds of college weight this way…kind of unintentionally. I would get a big lunch with coworkers and just not be hungry for dinner. I think your body “misses” the dinner calories less because you aren’t going to use them as imminently as your breakfast or lunch calories. For me, dinner is more about relaxing at the end of the day, which I found I could accomplish with a small glass of wine and some cheese and crackers just as well as with a huge meal. The weekends are a different story 😇

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I had the same issue.  Here’s what I did

1) I joined ILoveKickboxing with my fiancee.  We started going 1x a week and now we are up to 4x a week.  It’s great to have a community to work out with, and people are at all different weights and skill levels.

2) Meal Plan: I only prep my lunches for the week, but I plan my meals for everything else.  I have a weekly calendar on my fridge that I write everything down on as I make my grocery list.  Also by meal planning, I have no excuse to grab food while I’m out.  If we are going to eat out, it is planned on the schedule that we are eating out (and where, so I can look at a menu ahead of time)

3)Meal Prep: As I said before, I prep my lunches-which are usually salads with some sort of protein and avocado.  I don’t like to prep the rest of my meals because I’m picky about leftovers.

4) Track your food:  I don’t track my food to obsessively calorie count, as much as I do it to make sure that my macro’s are right.  I can’t be too high in carbohydrates, so tracking my food helps with this

5) See your doctor.  I saw my doctor because I had gained quite a bit of weight, and it turns out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.  Knowing this, I was able to get on the right medication for my body.  

Doing this, I have lost nearly 30 lbs and feel better.  I’m still nowhere near where I want to be (probably 100lbs to go), but I’m in a much better position than I was in.

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Honestly, don’t over think this. The body is very simple, its just a math equation- you have to burn off more calories than you consume (sounds easier than it is…i know) BUT, my advice to you is to stick with a gym regimen and change your diet (most important is your diet). I used to make excuses all the time for not going (not enough time, too tired, bla bla bla). Now I go to the gym at 5:30 am before work and that has worked WONDERS for me because I have more energy to go before work than i do after work. If you can’t go to the gym, try walking outside and then gradually increase to jogging then running. Or like PP said buy workout DVD’s. Do anything you can to keep your body moving!

Also- Prep your meals ahead of time. NO MORE FAST FOOD and also think of the money you will save by cooking meals instead of buying every night. Go on pinterest and look up healthy recipes. They have soooo much stuff on there and healthy dinners that actually taste good. What also helped me was to give up red meats and processed meats. So no more steak, beef, ground beef and sausages of any kind. Also, no desserts of any kind. If you NEED a sugar fix after dinner opt for a bowl of special K or a yogurt. Breakfast- try eating oatmeal…what I do is I mix original quaker oats (unflavored none of that sugary stuff) with a little honey, blueberries, cinnamon and almond milk. Its delicious and will keep you full until lunch time. If you have to snack, try for healthy snacks like carrots, grapes, apples, bananas or a fat free yogurt.

The biggest thing you can do to help lose weight it to change your diet. You can workout hardcore at the gym every day but if you’re eating fast food (which is awful for you) all of that hard work is for nothing.

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Busy bee

While I’m not out of shape I defintely want to tone up before my wedding in May. I don’t have advice on how to loose large amounts of weight as I’ve always been tall and naturally thin but I’m what you could call “skinny fat”. I started keeping a food journal and it really really helps. I cut WAY down on snacking simply because I was too lazy to write it down. I also cut out sugary drinks and I force myself to drink a gallon of water each day. I also bought myself a fitbit and that was the answer to my prayers – it’s literally what got me moving. If I don’t get 10,000 steps in a day (around 5 miles) I feel like an absoulte fail. It really helps when you have something that keeps you accountable (even if it’s just a device). I’ve always heard that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, so my best advice would be to change your eating habits and then work on the exercise bit. Also, STOP eating fast food! You are literally dumping garbage into your body! I’m not saying this for weight loss reasons but for health reasons. I never eat fast food, but once a few months ago I felt like Taco Bell so I binged and then spent hours puking. I think I’ve eaten fast food maybe twice this year and both times it made me feel soooo terrible. 

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Water! (and coffee/tea in morning). Whether I have a soda or water, I’m going to eat the same amount of food, so might as well have water and skim off 150 calories without changing what I eat.
Bonus perks! Saves $2.50 a meal eating out when you have water instead of soda.
Another perk is that it has made my skin so much better since I started drinking a lot of water. I also find myself getting less hungry.

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My mom is really into this JJ virgin diet. There is a lot of other diets that are based off hers, like paleo and the keto diets. Her protein shakes litterally are the bomb. They are beef based, vs. the plant based stuff. She and my step dad lost a ton of weight just having those shakes in the morning with veggies and fruit. They keep you full because they are beef based. Google it and see if it seems like something you can do. It’s not just shakes, but cutting out a lot of crap that’s just not good for you.

Motiviation for the gym- I joined the local Y. It’s more money, but they have group fitness classes which I find more motiviating than just going and doing some boring routine on the treadmil/elliptical. I do spin class 2-3x’s a week and then do light walking and weights inbetween. Also going STRAIGHT to the gym from work really helps. If I go home, forget it, I’ll be like nah I’ll just have a beer and watch Netflix.

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In terms of getting into a routine, I’ve gotten “back on the wagon” MANY times in my life and find the third workout is always the hardest for me. It’s when I’m most negative mentally, and feel like just throwing in the towel. After my fourth day working out is when I breakthrough, feel those good endorphins, and genuinely look forward to my next workout. You just have to be patient with yourself and keep repeating “mind over matter”. Short term discomfort for long term benefits.

The PPs recommending meal prep are right. My advice is don’t get discouraged by staring down the barrel of 5-7 days worth of food. Our meal prep time only takes an hour on Sunday. During the week, I search meal ideas on Pinterest and make a grocery list which only takes 15 minutes.  Through this process, I’ve discovered Boyfriend or Best Friend is a spoiled widdle baby about eating leftovers, and I’ve had to reinforce that we eat for fuel and nutrition, not for pleasure. (That’s what cheat day is for) When you’re focused on getting fit, you have to just suck it up and eat the same things over and over because your body needs it. Frankly, I have no problem finding lots of tasty options. 

The best way to make it stick is to do things that are fun. Or at least, not miserable. I used to hate running. I enjoy it now but I still wouldn’t recommend it to people as anything other than a free way to burn fat quickly. Swimming, pilates, yoga, barre and rock climbing are my faves. Minimal sweaty and maximum toning 😉

Blogilates on YouTube is my favorite (free!) workout. Cassey is such a motivating trainer and her routines are fun, with good music. At first you might want to punch the screen because she’s so ridiculously happy, but it’s easy to fall in love with her for distracting you when your thighs are BURNING because she’s talking about nail polish shades! The exercises typically don’t require anything more than a mat and are ~10 minutes long. It’s easy to go through a few videos without feeling like you did a hard workout. 

Best of luck bee, you CAN do it! 

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JosieeBee :  One option that works for me is instead of cutting foods start with adding healthy foods. I find it works better to add in say a nice bunch of l leafy greens to the side of a burger to start than say no more burgers ever. I found several healthier items that I actually like. For example the other day I had healthy breakfast lunch and burger dinner. 

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Bumble bee

No fast food ever. If you’re in a pinch, get a side salad somewhere. Focus on how much better you’re feeling and remember that moment when you’re tempted to cheat on your diet or skip the gym.

When it comes to working out, just get moving. Do anything. Do a wall sit while you’re brushing your teeth for two minutes am and pm. Stretch in bed in the morning. Take the stairs. Go for a walk or run. Even when you don’t feel like it, tell yourself you’re just going to go out for 5 mins and can turn around after 5 mins. Most of the battle is getting out of the house so once you “go out for 5 mins” you will probably walk or run a little farther.

Think about your routines. Do you go to work and then plop down on the couch and order take out? If so, when you get home from work make sure you start cooking dinner or doing chores around the house. Once you plop down on that couch you won’t get up!

Also, consider adopting a dog or dog sitting for friends or relatives. If someone else’s happiness depends on you going on a walk, then you’re more likely to do it.

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I personally use intermittent fasting to maintain low weight, also to cut pounds quickly. The window of time in which you eat is signicantly smaller than the amount of time your body spends digesting and burning fat reserves as energy.

At first it will feel like you’re starving yourself, because you are. That pain happens from your body wanting you to eat to maintain its current weight and appetite, so yes, you’re forcing your body to accept another state of being.

I like tea a lot during the time I’m not eating. Right now I like genmaicha and Bigelow vanilla chai black tea (smells so yummy of vanilla, but isn’t sweet and tastes like a full-bodied black tea.) I also like mint gum whenever I feel like I want to eat more.

I eat a lot of spinach, broccoli, asparagus, pepperjack, chicken, tofu, etc. , and just change the spices I use.

And I still do eat yummy foods, but they go into the day’s calories. Veggie chips and quinoa puffs are great.

As exercise, I use a set of dumbbells and do squats, leg lifts, half push-ups on my knees, really anything with some resistance during an episode of a show I turn on the background. It acts as a timer. Girl Code/Guy Code episodes are great 20-minute sessions. Really funny lol

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