(Closed) Sick of political apathy and forced equalizing

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i think there’s a difference between being sick of hearing about “politics” and sick of hearing “campaigning”.  I’d venture to say the average person in a lot of other countries is at least if not more “politically aware” than Americans, but we have waaaaaay less overt campaigning.

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@SapphireSun:  +1. It’s pretty ridiculous. 

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There is a difference between hating political posts and thinking it’s silly to get involved in politics. I’m always keeping up to date on politics and make sure I carefully research candidates and the issues, especially before an election…but I’m still annoyed as heck with all the political posts clogging up my FB news feed. If you want to think less of me for it, that’s your choice, but it’s pretty darn judgemental of you based on one sentence that I haven’t even explained.

One, I just don’t feel that facebook is the place for political arguments – you may disagree with me here, I know some people like to debate about it and want to talk with others about it, but again, I just don’t feel it’s the place. I like to use it for catching up with family and friends about our lives, not our political opinions.

Two, I’ve found most people posting about this stuff online have super extreme opinions and just want to bash anyone who doesn’t agree completely. They don’t truly want to discuss it, they just want to tell you that you’re a moron living under a rock if you don’t agree (and then you have the lovely people like my Father-In-Law who can’t post anything political without also being racist).

My third and final point, many people saying they’re sick of it are talking about the political ads on TV. And those do drive me nuts – I mean really people, do your research, don’t pick your candidate based on a 30 second TV blurb, that’s just insane. If we could take the millions of dollars used in political campaigns and put that towards more important things our economy and country needs, I can’t even imagine how much good it would do (yes, I realize where the funds come from and that such an idea is impossible, but still, it’s a nice thought).

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@SapphireSun:  i agree with the campaigning…having it go on for a year is what most people are probably sick of. I agree with the OP that people SHOULD be aware, they SHOULD care.  People shouldn’t be ignorant and aloof about who they are choosing to vote for to run their country.  I feel that anyone who doesn’t vote, can never bitch and complain about who’s running their country.  You dont’ get to hate on your President or Prime Minister if you didn’t get off your ass to fill out a sheet of paper.

However, here the campains last for minutes compared to what happens in the US.  There IS a difference between being sick of listening to the endless campaigns and the BS that comes with it, and being sick of politics altogether.  I think in Canada we hear less of these complaints because we don’t have time to get bored/tired/annoyed with the entire situation.

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@Bebealways: Some of us too are very upset about the decision that we have to make because we don’t like either candidate.  Many of us agree with more moderate view points or a third party candidate but we’re forced to choose between two because our current election process favors the two party system. It’s depressing to hear about politics when we don’t think that we really do have a say, and we’re instead being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils.

Also, political postings on FB are the equivalent of bumper stickers–people just want to air their opinions, they’re usually not interested in discourse or debate.  And even if they are, it feels uncomfortable because these are people you know in other contexts.

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there are more than ‘two sides’… I’m sick of people being apathetic about that.

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@joya_aspera:  Yes, yes, yes! I am so glad you put that.

So many people are allowing themselves to settle out of fear.

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I’m tired of the politics because I’ve known who I am voting for forever. So it isn’t useful for me. I’m informed. Also? I don’t think political ads or debates are at ALL the best method of becoming informed. It is more a study in deception than an educational opportunity, honestly. And it is more fodder for people who are not informed to parrot back what they heard for 30 seconds x 20 times a night with no understanding of what the truth is. And that is freaking obnoxious. 

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I am sick of it. I researched. I thought. I voted. Campaigns are dirty, and I’m sick to death of the ads. I’m also tired of all the political posts BECAUSE they are rarely well-researched or intelligent. I love a good debate and new ideas that can tell me something I didn’t know or make me see something differently. However, all I get on Facebook is:

“*Candidate* is the worst person that existed in the history of ever”

“No, *other candidate* is.”


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@CorgiTales:  yes, this exactly!

I took advantage of early voting and spend a long time poring over my ballot at home, looking up all the issues and researching everything, even the judges I voted for. So I am tired of hearing about politics because for me, the election is already over. I voted!

But I agree with you that I think less of people who do not vote. It is so important! And honestly it is almost more important to vote in local elections because I think those impact your life more directly and on a daily basis. And sadly, those are the elections that are most often skipped.

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@zerlina:  Exactly.

I’m not sick of political posts because I don’t care, or because I’m uninformed- I’m sick of them because they are often uninformed & misguided. I also don’t like either candidate, and I’m sick of listening to both of them lie during campaigning, so you can bet I can’t wait for the election to be over. Now…if we were going to have a different voting system set up in the US, I’d be all for it, but, as it stands, campaigning & elections suck & I’m just kind of tired of it. 

ETA: I’m also a little confused about the “they are wrong & we should be free to point it out” part of your post. Clearly you have never heard of relativism? What exactly are you referring to that is intrinsically “wrong”, here? 

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Most of the time it sucks to live in a state where you know your vote is never really going to matter because they are never going to vote for a democrat.  Also another reason to do away with the electoral college. 

However, we get hardly any campaign ads for presidential stuff here, so that’s nice. 

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This thread is exactly why a lot of people are sick of hearing about politics.

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