(Closed) Sick with a cold… What are your cold remedies?

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Ugh, it sounds like you have what I had two weeks ago!  You must be absolutely miserable. 🙁

I drank hot tea with honey, which soothed my throat some.  I really couldn’t find much to help with my congestion.  I tried Sinex – I think is what it’s called.  It’s a NyQuil type product with a de-congestant.  That helped me sleep a little.

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Definitely tea with honey for a sore throat. I find that oral decongestants don’t do anything for me, so I try to time the worst three nights with a spray decongestant (can’t use it for more than 3 days) so I can sleep.

I also find that using a humidifier at night helps.

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i like to drink hot tea with honey and lemon when my throat hurts.

a lot of people swear by the neti pot, but i’ve never used it because the idea of pouring water in my nose isn’t very appealing, haha. 

you could also try zinc lozenges.

hope you feel better!

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I drink hot lemon ginger tea with fresh sliced lemons & ginger with a bit of honey. I also take shots of the herbal tincture echinecea- it boosts the immune system. In my experience it’s best when used as a preventitive (take it early on when you first feel a little off & generally I don’t get anything) but it has sped up my healing when I miss that window and take it when I’m already sick. 

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Ohh I started having these symptoms a couple days ago, and I’m already feeling back to normal. I have lots of remedies which always seem to help me. 

Lots of hot tea with honey (2-4 cups per day). The tea can be green tea or peppermint tea to get the best effect, at least in my experience. In a pinch, any tea works. Make sure you use plenty of honey. 

2 packages of Emergen-C per day (I love the raspberry flavor). If you don’t do this, try to eat a lot of foods with Vitamin C in them, but Emergen-C is the quickest and easiest way to get it in. I just had another one this morning to make sure my cold is gone. 

A heating pack made of rice with some eucalyptus oil on it for sleeping with


Cold-Eeze lozenges 

Sleep with a humidifier in your room with a little eucalyptus oil in it 

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@Beasha:  Poor thing! I hope you feel better! Honestly I drink toooons of green tea with honey. And make a big batch of chicken soup and eat that with rice. TheraFlu helps me a lot, whereas other cold medications don’t really help. OH but if you can afford to sleep, NyQuil is my bff!! Sleep tons 🙂  For a sore throat I gargle with either or both: (1) mouth wash mixed with peroxide (seriously kills the germs!!); (2) salt water.

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@Beasha:  I am currently very ill with that you have described. I usually “tough” my colds out, but this one has been wicked! I am taking the Walgreen’s brand of Sudafed PE (AM and PM). I am taking them every 4 hours as directed and it is keeping my grumpiness at bay…..I still feel pretty terrible. I put peppermint essential oil in my nose this morning. Hot showers help. I am always diligent about my multivitamin and a dose of zinc everyday, but I would suggest doing that if you aren’t already. 


Feel better soon. This is an absolutely terrible feeling.  


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Raw Honey and Cinnamon has helped my husband and I get a little immune system boost when we’re sick. (see here for more info)

I usually take Zinc Tablets too.

I also like honey and tea when my throat hurts.

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I’m still recovering from a cold and it sucks!

Nyquil helped me sleep at night. Mucinex and Sudafed are great decongestants. I have used a neti pot and I love it, but I can see why people don’t. It works though!

I used to take cold eeze (zinc), which helps to shorten the duration of a cold, but the taste is so bad that I would honestly rather be sick, but I’m dramatic like that. I really like drinking peppermint tea when I have a cold/sore throat, it makes me feel a bit better.

Feel better soon!

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@Beasha:  Not exactly medicine, but something that ALWAYS makes me feel better when I have bad congestion is Vicks for when I sleep. Also, I LOVE the puffs kleenex infuzed with Vicks with lotion, so it opens up your sinuses and doesn’t make your nose red and irritated. I swear on the stuff. Sorry you don’t feel well! 🙁

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Fifth of whiskey and a good man in bed. I do not know if it will cure the cold but you will feel better!

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I have a whole routine when I get sick, it’s like I’m preparing for war, lol.

  • Extra rest (Going to bed earlier and taking naps when possible.)
  • Hot salty foods (Soup is the best choice.)
  • Honey for a sore throat (I swear by honey, and you don’t even have to put it in the tea, just eat a spoonful and your throat will feel better almost instantly.)
  • Hot showers (Opens up the sinuses and helps them drain.)
  • Sinus massage (You have to do it for a while, but I feel like it really helps.)
  • Fight the urge to sniffle and always blow your nose (Get all that bad stuff out.)

I know this seems extreme to have a laundry list, but I’ve been dealing with bad sinus infections pretty much my entire life.

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