(Closed) Significant Weight Loss Stories? I'm trying to motivate myself here….

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    @Sweet_Tea:  I have a successful weightloss story. I started out at 170lbs and size 12 — I’m not quite sure how I went from 130ish to 170 in a few short years, but let me tell you I wasn’t happy about it! So in January 2011 me and my sister decided to do something about it (she was looking to lose weight too.) And I think it really helped having a buddy to do it with, we would encourage each other & it almost made it like a friendly compition.

    We started really by just watching what we were eating & counting calories. I cut my calorie in take by about 1/2.. no exercising in the beginning. Once the weather got nicer I started walking outside, that was it, just walking. Slowly but surely the weight started coming off & I was losing about 2 lbs a week. I was walking on average 3 miles about 4 times a week. Once the summer ended I joined a gym, I was afraid if I stopped walking I’d gain it back. The same time I joined the gym I started using an app on my phone to track my calorie intake and my exercise. I lost 11lbs in the first 3 weeks I started at the gym & using the app!

    I just kept plugging along doing that.. watching what I was eating — portion control was a huge thing too! I would literally bring my measuring cup to the dinner table with me and portion things out, my fiance thought I was crazy but it worked!

    It took a long time, but after about a year and nine months I had reached my goal weight (actually 5lbs less than my goal) & was happier than I’ve ever been about my appearance! Now I’m just working on maintaining this weight. I’ve been back & forth 2 or 3 pounds, but I don’t let that bother me. I’m happy at 120lbs and size 4 now.

    It’s a lot of work, trust me it is.. a lot of time is spent counting calories & planning meals & dragging yourself to the gym. But it’s worth it. I didn’t bust my butt like crazy in the gym 7 days a week, or train to run a marathon.. I just simply became aware of what I was eating and added some exercise into my routine a few days a week. 

    Best of luck to you! It sucks while you’re working hard to lose it, but it’s so worth it in the end!


    before & after

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    Read this book:

    Push: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin’ Body, and the Life You Deserve!

    A friend of mine who is a personal trainer recommended it to me.

    In my honest opinion:

    It was the spark that started my ignition. My 30 days ended yesterday and I am 15 lbs lighter than when I started. I’m also consistent on a 10 minute work out routine that I do first thing in the morning. I’ve also begun cooking with vegetables!!! (GASP).

    Honestly, I hate sounding like an infomercial, but this book made me focus on LIFE goals and not just weight goals.

    Basically, Push is a 30 day workbook that gets you thinking about your current habits and how they translate to who you will be in exactly 1 year from now. The author is the lady who started TurboFire, Chalene Johnson. The only qualm I have with the book is her picture on every other page smiling up at you like some sort of excessively cheerful election poster.


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    I went from a size 24 to a size 12/14 and lost 170 pounds.

    I made the decision to eat healthy and embrace a fresh/healthy way of life versus a diet mentality (which isn’t necessary permanent). I also invested much time into being active and exercising. I started walking, then jogging, got back into hiking and after a four year hiatus started playing volleyball again. Now I do Powerfit and play volleyball again (along with coaching).

    Honestly the hardest thing to do is get started. Breaking those food addictions and habits are difficult for about the first three months. I gave myself a cheat day (Saturday) to eat things I was craving without guilt. Eventually after again about three months I didn’t need it anymore. I have amazing willpower and really that is what it takes…you want to be thin you have to be determined. I also eat four smaller meals each day versus three large ones.

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    Do it!!  7 years ago I was a lean mean machine (115 solid muscle; size 0) then got pregnant.  gained 50+ lbs by eating a six pack of cupcakes for snacks.  I lost my job, got married & relocated and never lost the weight.  it was a wake up call when my doctor told me I was obese & prediabetic in Sept 2012.  All I heard was you are going to die!  the next day I dusted of my sneakers and never looked back.  honestly, during my first run I thought I was going to collapse; but I hung in there.  Today, I am down 30 lbs, wearing my old fancy clothes. My husband loves it because I feel sexy Kiss. My boss loves it because I am more confident and I love it because I feel healthy. I now eat very clean, which my whole family is benefiting from.  Look for healthy, clean recipes online.  I do cheat on the weekends, but I don’t go overboard because in the end I know come Monday I am going to pay! What you eat is 90% of the battle.  When I went back for my physical in December, my doctor couldn’t believe it!  She thought her assistant made error on my chart when she noted my weight.  She said she is not used to her patients following through and ends up prescribing meds.  I now use free app- fooducate.  it can help you track calories. including fast food rest. and it even tells you nutritional content and if gmos.

    CONGRATS to all that have posted!

    YOU can do it too!! I bet on it!!



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    I lost about 50 lbs! I went from 175 to about 126! I’m a VERY proud size 4!

    I stared by JUST calorie counting, and lost 35lbs in about six months. When it got warm, I started walking outside a couple of days a week.

    One thing lead to another, and I discovered my LOVE for running! I lost the rest running. Now I’ve kept the weight off for two years, and I’m training for a half marathon!

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    @Treejewel19:  You don’t even look like the same person!! It’s amazing, congrats!!

    Congrats to the other ladies too!! It’s awesome to read these successful weightloss stories!!

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    @BrandNewBride:  I wish I could discover my love for running.. I still hate it lol I try to do it occassionally, but I find I’m miserable doing it & just prefer to walk (at a quick pace).

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    I am still on my weight loss journey, but so far I have lost 20 lbs. and have about 50 more to go! I started on January 7th this year and am so happy I did! I was a size 16 and now i am at a comfortable 12. My goal is to be at 150 (starting weight of 219) I cut the carbs and if I am craving themm I have a little, but not a lot and definitely not after 2 pm. IDK why not after 2 but this seems to help me. I also go tot he gym 3-4 times a week and walk/jog.

    You can do it! The first month is the hardest!

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    @Sweet_Tea:  I’m doing Weight Watchers Online (no meetings). I started the last week in January and have lost over 16 lbs since starting. I feel amazing and the weight keeps falling off. The biggest thing is you have to start somewhere. I haven’t been hungry or felt deprived. The beaut of WW is that it makes small, attainable goals. You feel success early and it keeps you motivated.

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