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I’m not sure if there was a sign… I asked God to to help me meet someone nice and right for me, and then I did. I suppose I always assumed we would get married, and by the time he gave me the ring then we had been together for so many years that there was no question I would say yes.

I’m also not sure you should always be looking for signs. God is in the little things… not always in the grand gestures, if you see what I mean. What you need to look for is just that bit of kindness every day, I think…

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It’s so cliche but i swear by it “when you know, you just know” it feels so right and there shouldn’t be doubts. I know people always seem to say that but i never actually experienced that feeling until my husband. i had several boyfriends i dated long term and loved and thought about marriage but this feeling was completely different and unmistakeable. just my experience though…keep faith and keep praying 🙂


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Darling Husband and I were already enganged, but I did have a moment with God where he confirmed a promise that he had given me.

Looooooong before Darling Husband and I started dating God had me write a very extensive “list” of what I needed in a husband. I spent about a week in prayer & writing it. I tacked it on my bulletin board & it stayed there for about 3 years.

At the beginning of 2009 God, in my yearly fast, gave me the scripture Ephesian 3:20.

In October of 2009 Darling Husband and I started dating and shortly there after got engaged in November….. considering we had already been friends through our Young Adults Ministry for a couple years this didn’t seem odd at all.

Well, I remember driving home from class one evening just spending time with God & listening to some worship & I clearly heard… “He is your Ephesians 3:20”. It was just so settled in me then b/c I can tell you that Darling Husband literally has EVERYTHING on my list!.. A list that when I wrote it and showed my best friend she laughed b/c there was “no way this man existed”

So… God did clearly fulfill the promise He made to me! =)

As far as “signs” though… I figure most of us our asking for miraculous signs like Gideon so God isn’t really in the “signs giving” business. Or as our Pastor once said… “if you really want a sign tell God to change your chocolate chip cookie to an m&m cookie & make it purple” b/c THAT’S the kinds of signs that God does… never questionable, always miraculous! 😉

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I hear clearly that I am to marry him. I hear it the loudest when we argue or disagree. Right before we started dating I prayed freverently about whether or not to pursue it. It was clear to me in my heart but the heart can be deceitful right? I was scared. It put my faith in God and handed it to Him. Not one sign but confirmation again and again. I would however get overwhelming “yes this is right!” feelings throughout the whole relationship.

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The way that God has us meet, two random people who live 1800 miles apart meeting on vacation and falling in love at first sight. I knew it was His will, because there was no other explanation for it. He helped work out the LDR we have been in for a year now, and we get to close the gap in a month! We knew we were going to get married after 2 weeks together.

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I’ve always attended church and I’ve been a christian since a young age, but like most I went through a crazy period in school.  I never turned my back on my faith and didn’t get to wild, just drinking and partying too much.  During that time, but prayer life was basically non-existant.  I saw many of my friends get into TERRIBLE relationships with stupid, immature teenage boys and I DID NOT want that to happen for me.  God taught me a lesson in faithful praying.  I prayed everyday for God to save me from the stress and strife and send me the love of my life so I wouldn’t have to kiss the frogs before the prince (well….I kissed a lot of frogs and had a lot of fun, but I didn’t get serious with anyone).  As weak in my faith and devotion as I was, God answered those prayers by sending Fiance into my life when I least expected it, YEARS before I even wanted it.  Since then, Fiance and I have helped each other so much and grew so deep in our faith together, its like its not just the 2 of us, but Christ is with us as well.  Its the best gift I ever recieved, aside from my salvation that is.

Since then, the “signs” you are talking about.  SEVERAL times throughout my 7+ year relationship with Fiance, I’ve tested myself by asking God, “God, if this isn’t right let me know. I will end this relationship I need to, for you.  You are the God of my life and I love this man unconditionally…please let me know I’m on the right path”  EVERY time I spoke with God like that, Fiance and I grew closer and and closer and closer with God together. 

God sends people into our lives to enhance us.  God set forth marriage as 2 people becoming one.  Its so beautiful and so powerful…but only with God can that happen.  And now I pray for God to lead and guide us through til the end.

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I think it was the way my husband and I really opened up each other’s potential. It was my Darling Husband who first recommended to me that I could design websites as a job (I’ve been designing and building websites since I was 10 years old, but for some reason it never occured to me I could make a career out of that lol) and with my new found design confidence, and my DH’s development skills, we started our business together which has grown in to a full fledged company! 

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For me, I’m still not 100% convinced because I’m good at arguing myself out of good things and good feelings, but I’m becoming more and more intellectually convinced by what I keep noticing.  It think it’s a case of “by their fruits…”

1.  He (who “believed” but was essentially areligious after childhood) pushed me to go back to church with him.

2.  I am peaceful and calm when I am with him (by nature I am high-strung and somewhat hyper with a strong strain of anxiety when under stress).  My soul has longed for someone to “fall back into” and he is that person–the first I have ever met who made me feel that way; he makes me a better person in a way that doesn’t change me but that gives me the peace and confidence to be my very best outgoing self.  He’s like a calm center around which I can spin, whirl and bounce before coming back to touch and recharge… and then spin off again.

3.  My loving, well-adjusted Christian family adores him without reservation.

4.  Even under strain and exhaustion or anger he has never said cruel or hateful things to me, but neither has he let me walk all over him.

5.  He has been so patient and tender with me that it has healed my heart after a lifetime of pain and distance-creating on my part.

6.  The first time we prayed together (the first he’d prayed aloud since childhood), the words of this quiet, cool/calm and reserved man poured out in a fluent and unhesitating river of heart-bursting thanks, love and gratitude to God for bringing me into his life.  I was in awe.

I still don’t trust my feelings all the time (that’s my issue, haha), so I can always momentarily argue myself out of accepting how wonderful things truly are.  But as I look at how he treats me and everyone around me, at what a good and honorable man he is, and at how wonderful he makes me feel when I just let go and “be” with him… I know that it is a miracle that we met and that we are blessed by God.  It’s the only explanation for how something so wonderful could happen, considering what I (and anybody who would want to love me) are up against…

I hope this helps someone…

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I knew when I met him that he was my gift from God. He was the support and the security I needed. Now 3 1/2 years and rough roads later – I realized that God was planning for us from the beginning. God has a plan for me and he wants me to be happy. He knew what each of us needed and when. He moved us away and forced us to grow up.  – We really needed that! And he challenged us everyday. Every challenge made us stronger and looking back I realize how strong of a love we needed to withstand all that.


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God showed me my husband in a dream.  I was getting ready for a job promotion and a major move.  The night before I was promoted, I had a dream that I was standing on a hill next to the man I knew would be my husband.  I didn’t see his face in the dream.  4 months later, I was promoted, in another state and standing on a hill next to the man that is now my husband and has been for 16 years.  I know not everyone gets this kind of a prophetic dream, but for a reason that only God knows, I did!  My faith grew from that and is ever stronger since.  Many blessings to you and your Fiance

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