"Signs" from loved ones who have passed

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check out the pennies from heaven stories, dear abby posts them alot.

sorry for your loss.


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loden :  My Mother-In-Law tells me often of the story about when her mother passed. She was ironing at night and the room filled with the smell of her mother who lived overseas and hadn’t visited or stayed in the house for 6months. She called my husband into the room to ask if he could smell it. He did and suddenly a wander(monarch) butterfly flew into the room. It was night time and winter and not something that would typically happen. My mother in-law cried as she knew instinctively knew her mother had died. Her mum loved butterflies and loved to visit the botanical gardens every time she came to visit. She particularly loved watching the wanderer/monarch butterflies fly from one flower to the next. My Mother-In-Law called up her family overseas and they said that her mother had passed away 15 minutes before.

I’m sorry for your loss bee and I hope your grandfather makes himself known to you in the coming weeks to offer you the comfort you wish for xx

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Cardinals. I live in Northern Minnesota and cardinals usually leave us early spring. However, I had the same one visiting me up into June. The saying is that a cardinal is a visit from someone who has passed. I had a miscarriage in February and had not seen that bird prior to the miscarriage but saw it many times after that. Hoping it was the baby visiting me.

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My ex-FIL who I was very close to passed just over a year ago. He collected arrowheads his whole life. Since he has passed his loved ones have found arrowheads in several random places. My mom found one on my wedding day and showed it to me not knowing the story and it made me feel so happy to know he was watching over because I know he wanted to be there. 

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I desparately wanted a sign from my husband after he passed away and was upset that I never felt I got one, honestly.  But the thing is, there were some very vidid dreams that I now realize were more than dreams and other little things too, like songs on the radio and specific times.  I think the signs can be subtle but they are signs nonetheless.  I hope you get one soon!  So sorry for your loss.

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I had a friend who committed sucide a few years back. There is one song that when I hear it, I always think of him. This song is “old” now and is never played on the radio anymore and hadn’t been for a long time before his death. While he was in a coma, I heard the song on the radio! After he eventually passed away, I swore I kept hearing it, no matter what radio station I was on.

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Not weird to me at all. This stuff happens all the time to me. My grandmother who I was always very close with passed away, we thought she had more time, she was supposed to leave the hospital the next day but instead passed away overnight when we weren’t there. I still have guilt I wasn’t there. I have found a picture of her I keep in my bedroom turned to face different directions. My dad who lived with me (also lived in my grandmother’s house) passed away some years ago. Being alone in my room at night I would feel someone poke me in the back. I’ve also gone outside at night, alone, and get the same poke in my back or shoulder. That time my back was up against my house. 

Last summer I was in my house with my mother and we heard the front door open. We were in the next room. We thought it was my brother walking in but the door shut just like a person would close it. It didn’t slam. The dogs also ran into the room excited thinking we had a visitor. No one was there, no one was outside, there was no wind or breezes that day. 

I also have very vivid dreams all the time where my dad is still alive, and we talk. Dad is proboaly in my dreams 4-5 nights a week. It’s almost like he never left. I take comfort in that for sure. I also have had dreams where I’m with family, who are still alive, and we all meet up at what is like a busy airport, train station, etc. As we’re walking around, we usually end up bumping into dad. He’s always happy to see all of us and says he’s been waiting for us for a long time. 

I think loved ones defiantely still reach out after passing. 

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loden :  I was very upset about my grandmother’s sudden death in March. Especially when one of the doctors in the MICU told my mom that it was preventable (we’re working with lawyers). Anyways, the day that she passed, I said something about God that my grandma would not have liked, as she was religious. Well, at 5am the next morning, I woke up to our livingroom TV. I asked my husband if he had left it on, but he was totally knocked out, and he’s never forgotten to turn the TV off before coming to bed. 

When I went out to turn it off, I saw that it was one of my grandma’s favorite pastors on tv giving a sermon. I didn’t think about it until I had fully woken up later (I’m not my best at 5am!). My sister looked up which episode was on since I didn’t stop to watch it and told me that it must have been a message from Gram, and I believe it! That’s just one of the few weird things I’ve encountered. 

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loden :  Things happen when you don’t expect them. And they can be so small they maybe missed.

On my wedding day there was a double rainbow over our venue. A few miles away there wasn’t one because my cousins sister was also getting married. I just smiled knowing it was my grandparents. A cardinal perched on my window while I was getting ready in the hotel room on my wedding day. My mother made mention of it and for a quick moment I saw it before he flew away.

Dreams can sometimes bring us messages from beyond.

Smells as another person said are a way for the dead to let us know they are around.  I was in my laundry room and suddenly smelled a scent I assoicated with my Italian grandmother that I did not know well. There was no reson for it to be in my laundry room but there it was.

Sometimes you can just feel it. I woke up one night and there she was…grandma standing beside my bed)the grandmother I was close to). I didn’t turn around…I couldn’t because I was too afraid of seeing her, but there she was.  

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We always said my grandmother and great grandmother visit us in the form of dragonflies. Any major moment in my life, a dragonfly has flown by. When I was first offered a teaching job, a dragonfly landed on my car at the exact moment it was offered to me via phone call. On the first day of school, two dragonflies followed me from my car all the way to the front door of the building. I ended up working for another district this year, and on my first day, a dragonfly followed me once again. I know they’re there with me and it’s hugely comforting to find the signs. 

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I had this friend that was really into paranormal stuff. When my grandfather died, she told me that he would visit me. I’m really scared of ghosts, so one night,while I was alone,  I asked him not to visit me.  Years later, my two sisters confessed that they both had dreams where he said goodbye and that he had told them that he wasn’t visiting me becouse he knew it would frighten me.  I had never talk to my grandfather about me being afraid of ghosts  before his dead.  Maybe it’s nothing, but maybe he listened me.


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loden :  I’m sorry for your loss. I too was very close to my grandfather. When he died I hadn’t seem him for about 2 years as he was in Cuba. Since then I have had quite a few significan dreams with him. For example when my son was born I had a dream where he came to see me and he told me I’m here to meet the baby. More resently I had another dream where he told me I was pregnant and I said no way! That day I went and bought a pregnancy test and it was positive! I feel like that is the way he stays connected to me. I’m happy to hear you got your sing! 

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I had a really amazing experience just last week.  It all began with planning my elopement that took place on September 5th, directly across the country from where I reside.  I had come upon a photographer online and just knew she was it! I literally planned our elopement date around her availability and was so excited to work with someone who I deem to be a true artist.

Well, our big day arrives and come to find out our photographer works along side her husband.  My Darling Husband and I totally vibed with them.  We had an uncanny number of coincidences, similarities personality wise and common interests.  Come to find out just a couple months prior they were on the East Coast where we live to explore the area because they intend on relocating there in 2018.  This all made our experience all that much better.  My Darling Husband and I felt we spent our special day with friends not strangers. We even celebrated after the ceremony by having dinner and ice cream with them.  It’s was one of those universe aligning with the stars kinda of experiences!!

Now back home a week later I see on facebook that it is my photographers husbands birthday. I publicly send him wishes on his page and say how neat that he shares a birthday with my brother.  To which he responds “Awesome!! I hope he is younger than 41”.  To my disbelief I responded saying that this made the coincidence even more special and told him I would message him privately to explain.

My brother was born on September 14, 1976, the same exact day and year as my photographers husband.  I had lost my brother in 2000 to a heroin over dose. My brother was 23.  I was incredibly close to him and on his birthday each year I hold him dear to my heart. I mean, what are the chances!?  I literally cried happy tears.


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