(Closed) SIL Violated My Privacy w/ Medical Provider & I'm LIVID!

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gilsgirl:  But if I understand correctly, it’s the doctor’s office – not you – who decided to ban her, and you even said they didn’t have to. So I don’t see how the ban is your fault in any way.

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Maybe you should proceed with pressing charges against your SIL. Let her see that this wasn’t just an overreaction and you were extending her a major courtesy by *only* informing the doctor’s office. You are much better than I am, I would have marched over to her and told every single person who was listening what exactly she did to get herself banned from the practice. 

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gilsgirl:  Ah, I love when people do stupid shit, then spin it and suddenly they’re the victim! Uh, no! You’re response is 100% what a normal person would do. I’d just ignore her. She obviously knows she’s done the wrong thing and instead of being a grown up about it, is taking the immature route and playing the victim. If she continues to text you, get your Darling Husband to respond to her and tell her to back off. You don’t need the extra stress in your life right now! 

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gilsgirl:  Your reaction is normal – I would have been livid also at the invasion of privacy.  Impersonating you is *not* normal behavior.  I’m glad the Dr office banned her.

She’s right about the “one stupid woman” – it’s HER!!!    

Take good care of yourself and do what you need to in order to lower stress in your life.  *hugs*

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Nope. You’re not being a big baby at all. Her inconveience is her own fault. The simple act of minding her own business could have saved her a lot of trouble. But the fact that she’s speaking that way about you and to you, makes me think she’s not really worth fixing the friendship. 

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That bitch! I would have cut her some slack eventually but after her stunt at church I would be cutting her off completely. What kind of psychopath does what she did and then tries to guilt YOU about it??

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Reading through all of this makes me so furious!!! Cut her from your life, file formal charges and see where that takes her. What an awful low bitch. Sounds like the moment she did something that you said you didn’t agree with and told her off that she turned her back on you… I say dont talk to her for six months and if shes still acting like a bitch then just cut her from your daily life and do other things with other people. You don’t need someone like that in your life i assume, your husband should do the same, if one of my SIL’s treated me like that I wouldn’t even have to do anything he would handle them and make sure everyone knew what they did and make them pay. She is in the wrong 100%!

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yeah.. my previous post was going under the assumption that she truly felt terrible about what she did and understood that it was terrible and that you have the choice to not only ban her from the drs office but take legal action.  

If she’s gonna be a bitch about it… 

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gilsgirl:  I’m so sorry, OP.  Has she ever done anything like this in the past?  I ask because sometimes when we look back on things after something like this happens, little memories stick out as red flags. 

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Oh God, I would be livid. She way overstepped her boundaries – it would seriously cause me to question her way of thinking, this is so outside the norm of what is acceptable. Sorry that you’re dealing with this on top of health issues 🙁

About the HIPPA violation – that’s on your healthcare provider and you should definitely inform them ASAP about what happened. Legally, it doesn’t matter that she tricked them; it’s their responsibilty to keep your information confidential and something failed on their end. Filing a claim against her won’t do anything – HIPPA only requires that health care providers keep medical information confidential, not relatives. You may be able to press charges against her for impersonating you on the phone, but I would really question whether that’s the right move. It could mean the end of your relationship with her. You should definitely talk to the office about what went wrong, and, depending on how that conversation goes, file a claim against the office, though.

Again, sorry you’re going through this and hope the tests went ok!

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Another big WOW from me, she’s got some set of balls on her. How dare she!  I’d be soooooooo pissed also. 

Now she’s acting like the victim?   What did your hubby say?     

How old is she not to realize what she did was so wrong?

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Please press charges so everyone will know who the ‘one stupid woman’ is – your SIL.

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You have more restraint than me…I would have walked right up to Mother-In-Law and the church friends and thrown SIL under the bus.

“Yes, SIL felt the need to impersonate me without my knowing and trick the office into giving her my test results over the phone. It seems they do not want that kind of patient in their office.”

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You certainly are reacting the way any normal person would. I’d be livid, too. I can’t believe SIL is not still groveling, but I don’t know what you should  expect from someone who would do this. She’s family, so I would not have thrown her under the bus or reported her.  I would be upset and cautious about confiding in her in any meaningful way moving forward.

As for the doctor’s office, I can see that happening where I am. It’s only after something like this happens that people open their eyes.

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With her attitude I would press charges 

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