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  • poll: If your SIL wasn't your SIL, could you be friends?
    Yep, we're practically besties. : (23 votes)
    14 %
    Yep, we're less than besties but I enjoy her presence. : (53 votes)
    32 %
    No, we tolerate each other but we wouldn't be friends. : (62 votes)
    38 %
    No, I'd never choose to associate with someone like her. : (21 votes)
    13 %
    Other, whatever that may be. : (6 votes)
    4 %
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    My Fiance has 4 sisters and I get along with them all great, however I do feel closer to the two sisters that live near us, but I think thats only because I haven’t had the opportunity to spend time with the others since we only see them once or twice a year.

    The two that live near us I do go out with without Fiance sometimes 🙂

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    My Future Sister-In-Law says at least once a day that I am “her mini-me” which makes me want to shoot her. She is so loud, which I cannot stand. She yells everything she says, brags about every breath she takes, but somehow she tells everyone i’m just like her. If this is even halfway true, God help me.

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    My FI’s sister is a mega pain in my rear, and not a nice person. I know this sounds super harsh, but her selfish and childish conduct has gotten the better of me on more than once. On her brother’s (FI’s) birthday, she called him at 10 pm our time to chew him out that he hadn’t been a good enough brother to her, because he waited more than 12 hours to reply to a text of hers.  Not once did she manage to wish him a “happy birthday.” Yes, this is a singular instance, but there are a whole mess of these situations. This woman is kind of a train wreck.

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    I have a SIL (my brother’s life partner/girlfriend/whatever) and a Brother-In-Law (DH’s brother). My SIL…. heck no. She’s hardly tolerable for the time I do have to deal with her. She’s rude, abrasive, overly outspoken, condescending and treats everyone around her like they are a moron. She has absolutely no filter and doesn’t care if what she is saying will hurt your feelings or not. I think she just likes the sound of her own voice, honestly.

    My Brother-In-Law. We would probably be friends even if he weren’t my Brother-In-Law. He’s a super nice guy and really easy to hang out with. We also have some of the same interests, so we can usually find things to talk about.

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    I hit the jackpot with my SIL because she is the sister I always hoped for. My brother could not have picked a more wonderful person to marry.

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    i have 3 SILs and they are all lovely nice people (my brothers wife i adore and thank the gods she is my niece/nephews mom) and we are friendly but i wouldnt classify them as friends

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    I love my Future Sister-In-Law but I’m not sure we’d be friends if we weren’t family? We went to high school together and were on the periphery of each others’ social groups– had some mutual friends but never hung out outside of school.  We have lots of fun together, now, though! Definitely thankful that we don’t argue. 

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    I have a SIL and I adore her. Unfortunately she lives in NC, so we mostly just talk on the phone, but it’s like 3 times a week. And when we are in the same room it’s just so comfortable, it doesn’t even feel like we live hundreds of miles apart.

    My other brother has a long-term girlfriend who I CANNOT stand. And that is saying something because I get along with everyone. I can usually find something good in everyone and am able to make a friendship out of that. This girl I cannot. She is crude, does not give two thoughts to anyone else and is just such a rude person. She told me once that she believed anyone born with special needs should be aborted before birth. A) She’s dating someone with Asperger’s which is a special need, and B)I work in an Austism classroom for a living and am a Special Olympics coach. Wrong person to tell that too. Ever since then, we just don’t talk to each other. Mostly because I snapped on her and partially because she called me a “prissy b*$&ch.”

    Mr. D has a sister and we have always been friends, despite her being 4 years younger than me. He also has a brother that is 6 years older than me, but we aren’t close or anything. Just friendly.

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    My SIL (husband’s brother’s wife) is a lovely, warm, and kind person.  I have nothing but nice things to say about her.

    But we have approximately zero things in common. We talk about family stuff, and sometimes about TV, but I don’t think we’d ever be friends indepenently – not because of anything bad, just because we’re very different people.

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    Disliked my brothers ex-wife but absolutely love my other two. They are two of my best friends.

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    I adore my fail….but i tend to openly mock her ‘type’ the super sweet 16- jerseyshore-snookieesque attitude and dress . I love her but occasionally I tell her to put some pants on.

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    We get along, but she’s not the type that is really close with anyone.  DH says she’s never really had any friends, she’s never had a significant other any kind (26yrsold), and she can’t hold a job. She also still lives at home and has no plans to ever move out. We’re just very different. 

    She is nice though. Going out to dinner with her is always fun and she’s always very helpful when we need things (babysitting, house watching, etc). I wish that she would open up sometimes, but I have just accepted that’s not who she is.

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    Don’t get me wrong.. I love my Future Sister-In-Law and we get along great. Would I choose to be friends with her if she wasn’t my Fiance sister? Hell no. We are different kinds of people but we both have so much respect for Fiance that we make it work. We have found a lot of common ground and we have become good friends, but I never would be friends with someone like her if I had a choice. 


    I know that sounds bad, but we come from completely different worlds and it can be hard to relate to one another a lot of the time.. We just tend to focus on commonalities as opposed to the differences. We make it work and I’d say the effort we have put into our relationship has made it a rewarding friendship that I can really appreciate. 

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