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@Hippos:  Hey did you ever order from SilkflowersFactory.com?  I was contemplating ordering silk flowers from them.

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@Hippos:  Thank You, it looks beautiful!!! I feel a little better about ordering from them!!!

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Do not order from here!! Especially If you don’t llive in the states I  chose USPS and they sent it ups 

doesnt seem like a big deal at first but I never ever ship with ups because they charge brokerage fees on top o customs fees which are abaurd and very high. I always always choose USPS. Ups maybe be cheaper for the company but I was charged for shipping USPS. Upon numerous emails and live chats ( they do not have phone support. Iffy to start with if I hred realized that I would not have ordered in the first place as what legit company doesn’t have phone support when requested?) they told me they could only refund the difference in ups and USPS fees. I have yet to see that refund. They also belittled me, saying I was wrong and I didn’t know how USPS worked and my order was no able to be shipped via USPS Due to size. I have Recieved much bigger packages via USPS with no issue whatsoever. I am accustomed to paying customs fees. This is normaL. USPS does not chargbrowser age fees, they’re likely added in to their shipping charges up FROnt. I was also told that it was

no big deal and i ahould be happy becasue my prder would come

sooner.i was also told that the shipping department was too busy to inform mme of the changes that they needed to make! How can someone be ttoo busy with your money? But the point is, that is not what i ordered and pay for. I printed out all the live chats so I have proof in ink. When to i told the customer service rep I was printing, she disconnected me in an attempt to prevent me ffrom having proof. I reconnected and saved every time she spoke. She disconnected from me several times. 

Then I get my order. 

I ordered cream carnations. These were so yellow they were as if I had purchases their yellow carnations. Exactly likE the Yellow carnation picture. Bright. Yellow. The rose petals I bought, the two tonEd white and blue ones, were solid blue.

no white At all! I emailed them again. They like me they would only give me 15% of what I didn’t like in oorder to keep my order. A paltry 15%. For things I cannot use. I’m very sure that since they chose a different shipping option without my knowledge and consent, they sent me the wrong flowers also without my consent. 

no offer of return or sending right flowers. They sent me the wrong flowers. And they are unwilling to correct their mistakes being standoffish. I explained this to a managers email and I haven’t heard a response from a manager!!! Not a single one!!! No on identified as a manager!! Remeber folks its your money until you get what you pay for and are satisfieD. Your event is your event and you should get what you expeyou when you pay for it! I have lost all faith in these people to correct their mistakes and I am filing a BBB complaint as well. Shoddy business practices like these cannot be tolerated and that’s coMigg from a business owner! 

( sent from my phone, please look through the aautospell mistakes! ) 

i hope this has warned enough people to stay away! DDo not order! Go someplace else!! Anyone who wants to see the emails and print offs,

or have any question, please feel free to reply. 

I hope this doesn’t hhappen to any of you. 

Thank you 

 PPlease note I am cross posting this said its
 tons t type and everyone should be warned! I hope this is ok 

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