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I want my stupid Starbucks frappachino. But even though I think they’re still open, I feel too guilty going cause all non-essential corporations really should be shut down and I don’t wanna encourage them to remain open. And I’m an extrovert so I’m just going crazy without meeting friends and family. 

But, as you said, we are definitely counting our blessings at the end of the day.

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theweddingunplanner :  I booked a flight through Expedia for 5/15 – 5/21 to Washington, DC for my friend’s graduation. Of course, the graduation has been cancelled as of last week. 

Now, I cannot get in contact with Expedia by any means to get my $400 refunded, which is bullshit. They’re a billion dollar company and had no problem taking everyone’s money for jacked-up flight prices, but now that we need them to return to us what is owed, it’s an insurmountable problem.
With the economy slowly tanking, that $400 would make me feel a lot better if it were in my savings account in case things go sour with my current employer. But instead, it’s comfortably lining some millionaire’s pockets probably just so that they can afford gas for their yacht. 

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theweddingunplanner :  Same with wanting to be outside in the sun more… hopefully you have a balcony/yard to soak up a little sunshine! 

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dobby98 :  YAS…. frappuchinos 🤤 

My family is healthy and my husband still has his salary income for now… counting my blessings… but: 

1. I had applied to my dream job back in February and I’d made it to the final round of interviews. Due to the virus, they have stopped all hiring and now it is all so uncertain. After graduating from my master’s (see below), I will be completely unemployed with no career-type job prospects.

2. I am graduating from my Master’s program this June and classes have been moved fully online for the remainder of my program and graduation isn’t likely happening. I was really looking forward to wearing the cap and gown, the long Harry Potter sleeves and hood that master’s graduates wear… I am also the first in the family to graduate with a master’s. 

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My baby is due for a vaccine at the end of April. In my country the vaccines are free if you go to a state clinic, the downside is that most people use this service, and so the clinics are usually busy. There are private clinics that administer the vaccines at various different prices. 

The vaccine he is due for needs to be taken at the right time as it’s the 3rd dose and if not, there is a catch up plan. I really really really don’t want to go to a state clinic and put ourselves at greater risk, where I can book an appointment to be in an out at a private clinic, though it costs over 1k in our currency, which is a lot of money. 


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happiekrappie :  I was on their website yesterday. They say don’t contact them if you’re trip is more than 72 hours away. Maybe by then you’ll have more luck. 

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I was very close to getting my dream job but recruitment was postponed/canceled due to this. I still have a job so I should be grateful but I was really looking forward to handing in my notice with a big F U along side it.  Better keep that thought inside for now!

Also McDonalds is closing in the uk.  No more hash browns breakfast deliveries, what is the point in living. 

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Thanks OP for creating a space to get things off our chests in a way that doesn’t detract from other threads focusing on the really hectic effects of this pandemic.  I so feel you on SAD and looking forward to being out OP!!! 

my thing that’s been annoying/worrying me is this: we have to move into a new apartment on Sunday. (We just moved to London a few weeks ago from the states) we are staying in an Airbnb type situation at the moment. The one smallish issue I have is not being able to buy all the stuff you usually need to set up a new home (like cleaning products, pantry essentials like salt, spices, etc etc) because so many shops here are empty and then even if I could find things, I’m going to loom like a hoarder. I’ve already been “abused” (ie shouted at by a stranger in a supermarket when I bought groceries for us and our elderly neighbors so it looked like a medium/large amount of food but actually just a week’s shop for two families (4 adults and one baby).

The other thing is that our airbnb landlady said that she thinks it will take around 2 weeks for us to get new internet set up at our new place. And she said her estimate was going off of experience and not accounting for additional corona-caused delays (ie shortage of workers etc). 

Finally, our boxes with our household items were shipped incorrectly to the Netherlands and is now in some warehouse somewhere being detained. It might take weeks to get our stuff. (We travelled with just our clothes). 

so, we’ll be living in a flat with no internet, no houseware and initially very little food and cleaning essentials. At least it will only be for a few weeks but still. What fun.

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My sil who lives with my in-laws next door is refusing to practice social distancing.  She is not working so she really should be “sheltering at home.” However, she has been driving back and forth between here and her hometown (two hours away in New York) every other weekend generally. And now more often to help out her various relatives there but also to visit.  I love that she cares about her family and wants to help them, but this behavior is endangering her family there, my in-laws and us here, and everyone along the way as she shops and gets gas etc. She just returned yesterday from a three day stay and I put my foot down.  We’re not having any contact with her or my in-laws while this continues.  At a minimum, no contact for two weeks since she’s supposed to be self isolating.  My in-laws, who are very vulnerable, are in denial of their own danger and are accusing us of overreacting.  She has siblings who can help her parents, so this isn’t necessary.  But if it were–pick a place: here or New York, and stay there!  They all deny that lung damage happens with this virus.  I can’t even get to the subject of kidney damage. 😡

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zzar45 :  I was really close to getting a new job too! Had just had my second round interview and they were due to call me back but then we all went into lockdown 🙁

And I also just need my eyebrows waxed but everything is shut down! I’m going to come out of confinement with a unibrow! 

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I’m annoyed today after reading lots of judgement in the news for ‘selfish/idiot’ people crammed into the London tube.

Er, half the trains have been cancelled due to coronavirus and others have fewer carriages. It doesn’t take a genius, surely, to work out that that will just result in all the key workers who HAVE to go to work being crammed into those remaining trains?! Not their fault?!

If you want social distancing, keep the same number/size of trains going for those key workers to spread out in!

I’m also getting annoyed about the UK government’s wishy-washy instructions. Please just give us a list of exactly what we can and cannot do. 

I booked a hotel with Their website says not to call, due to overwhelming call volumes (and it’s also a premium rate number). But if you go online, and try to cancel there, it says you can’t, and you have to phone….


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My rant is I just feel so lonely which I know is the point of socially isolating yourself…. to be isolated and not social, I get that and I am not even a social person  normally but I already miss being around people and my family. 

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I miss going on date nights with my husband. I miss babysitters lol. 

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dobby98 :  My rant…

My school is online for the rest of the semester. I can’t do my school online because it’s hands on in the medical field. So I’ll be getting incompletes until we can go back. We don’t know what’s happening as none of our professors have reached out yet. They had to cancel our white coat ceremony.

We’re suppose to have clinical rotations this summer. Hospitals are dropping non-essential staff, aka students, to save PPE. It’s understandable, but extremely frustrating. Outpatient clinics are considered non-essential, so they’re being closed or dropping students due to low volume of clients. Again, understandable but frustrating. My overall graduation will likely be pushed back 4 months. That’s 4 more months of student loans, not being able to take boards, and not having a job/making money.

Fiance is currently here, but he’ll be headed to a war zone shortly. It would have happened regardless of what’s going on with the virus, but with the virus outbreak it just makes me feel more worried about him.

I’m also worried about our summer wedding…

End rant.

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Im over people not minding their own damn business during this shutdown!! There I said it. 

I had to go to 4 stores just to look for milk and by the time i got to the 4th store I was deflated as anything stand in line waiting to pay. Yes I had to drag my child out with me cause childcare in my area is shutdown. Then proceeded to get told by some women that I was a horrible parent for bringing my kid outside during a health crisis and that im part of the problem.!!!

This women also had 6 pounds of meat and bread and a crap load of other junk in her cart. Well jeez Karen! If it wasnt for you hoarding food i wouldnt have to go all over town looking for this sh*t ! 

Stop hoarding food! And be kind to others! 

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