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Mine was purchased from Zales, and was in the standard size 7.

I took it in that night, it was sized down to a 4 in three days.

I was warned that if I wanted a wedding band with diamonds in the band, I would need to order in my size.

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It really depends on the ring style… and the jeweler. I have a friend whose ring needed to be sent to NYC, from MN, to have it resized and it took 6 weeks. BUT, I used to work for a jeweler who would do new engagement rings as a priority in their shop and it would usually take around 4 days. The jeweler should have made a mental note about how the rings were fitting and a good one could get pretty close to your size. 

If I were you, I would stop into a jeweler when you have time and get your finger sizes. Since you’re looking at rings and talking about marriage, your Boyfriend or Best Friend won’t think it’s crazy if you casually mention your ring size to him (or bluntly do it in an email). 

My fingers are 5.45/6 and I don’t consider them tiny and my husband bought the stock size, a 6. It’s a little big but I don’t feel like having it resized. SO, my point is that he shouldn’t buy the stock size. 

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Congratulations and welcome to the bee 🙂

I think the general size of rings in a jewelry store is a 7. If you want to wear your ring right away, I suggest getting your finger sized. You can go to any jewelry store to do that. It really depends on the jewelry store as to how long it will take to get it sized. Some jewelers can size in house right away; others have a backlog and it may take a couple of weeks and still other send their jewelry out to get worked on, so it could take even longer. Getting your ring sized smaller won’t ruin the integrity of your ring; however, if you are continually getting it resized, then that will eventually ruin the entegrity of the ring.

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I got my e-ring and my wedding ring from two different places, and both came a standard size 7. When we purchased my e-ring, we just had to wait an hour for it to be sized (since the jeweler happened to be there that day), and when we purchased my wedding ring, we just had to return back the next day after 7pm (because that’s when the jeweler would be finished with the sizing.)

However, like the PP said, some rings shouldn’t be sized and should just be ordered in the right size. So it really depends.

Just mention something to your Boyfriend or Best Friend about getting your finger sized so that he can order your ring in the right size or get it sized right off the bat. Also, the jeweler would let him know if the ring he intends to buy is “size-able” or if it should be ordered in the right size.

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I’d highly recommend going to get your finger sized. Is there some reason you can’t go back either with your Boyfriend or Best Friend or by yourself?

Most rings can be resized without a problem, but you’d be without your ring while it’s being done! I don’t know about the other bees, but you’d have to pry my ring out of my cold dead hands for the first few days I had it. Well, now too, but especially during those first few days! It’s absolutely worth getting the right size.

Rings with side stones or pave bands are trickier to resize, and some styles can only have one or two sizes added or subtracted before you risk either crushing or loosening the stones. Tension settings are especially difficult to resize, and often a new setting must be made from scratch.

Read this article: http://www.professionaljeweler.com/archives/articles/2005/feb05/0205bdq.html

It shows you how different types of rings require special handling so as not to affect the settings themselves.

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whoa whoa whoa.  Go in ASAP and get yourself sized!!  Just go by yourself!  The reason that you should order IN your size is because if you get a band, say with lots of pave, then sometimes it will be VERY difficult to size the ring down too much without deforming the shape and messing with the diamond mounts.  If you have a size 7 ring and you want to size it down to a size 4 ring (say you’re smaller than you think you are), that circle is going to look AWFULLY OVAL by the time they’re done with it.  Because all they do is chop out a couple millimeters of gold at the bottom, bend the ends together, and meld.  So you can imagine how that would deform a circle if you had to take quite a bit out.  And again, with pave stones, the way they’re mounted in there, the more you bend that band to come in, the easier it will be for those stones to pop out.  You risk losing some bling there.

So please, go get sized! 

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Definitely just jump into any jewelry store and get sized, then let him know what size you are before he finalizes anything with ordering the ring. Easy fix! 🙂

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I would just pop in and get yourself measured.  If you’re openly looking at rings together, your boyfriend shouldn’t have any issues with you telling him your specific size.

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I would definitely recommend getting sized too. For some reason we never got my finger sized so Fiance had my ring sized from a 6 to a 4… the ring barely went past my knuckle! I had to wear the ring on my pinky for the rest of our vacation. We went to have it resized right away when we got back home, but it had to be sent to Tacori to be resized to a 5.75 and it was the most painful 6 weeks ever. If only we knew what size my finger was… 

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like the pp say, go get sized. It is so worth it. Some sites have a measuring tool, pieces of paper you print out and wrap around your finger, but I don’t trust them. If you can go to the jeweler he will buy from, have them start a file for you or write it down on a card if they don’t do that and try to try something on in the width you are looking for. A thin band and a thick band will wear differently and you should be sized with those things in mind. The last thing you will want to do after getting the ring is give it back for it to be sized. My sisters had to be shipped out and took 6 weeks. Good luck and congratulations!!!!

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When we were ring shopping I had forgotten to get sized by the jeweler so I just went to a Walmart by work one day on lunch and got sized there. They also have print out ring sizers on most jewelers websites but those things are kind of a pain in the ass. I would definitely go get sized so that you don’t have to wait a few weeks after your engagement to wear your ring. I’ve had friends who had to wait and it sucks! Fiance did have to get my ring sized but it was done before he popped the question so that wasn’t an issue.

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My husband got my ring at a 7.5 because thats what he thought I was! I am actually a 5.25 and it only took 2 days to get my ring sized!

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Maybe he already knows. My hsuband didn’t have my ring size but he was actually with a .25 size! He had my ering made in a 4.75 and my ring size is 4.5 🙂

The other thing is if you going to a place like Zales/Jared everything there is generally the same size. If you want a specific size it’s generally more $$$, I think.

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I got my ring sized down from a 6 to a 4.5 in one day (and my ring has pave side stones they had to make sure to reset since the curvature of the ring changed).

Until I got it re-sized, I had a piece of plastic tubing around the bottom (like a ring guard but home made) to keep it from falling off because I wanted to wear it for a bit before having it disappear for resizing.

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