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Helper bee

I obviously want to be engaged for all the ‘right’ reasons, but I have some pretty silly reasons as well.

My silly reasons for wanting to hurry up and get engaged already:

– I’m tired of being hit on, please go ahead and put a ring on it so guys stop it already! As someone previously mentioned there are still guys who will hit on you whether you are engaged/married or not, but atleast if I have a ring on it and someone hits on me, I am 100% justified to call them a creep and tell them to get the hell away from me.

– This one is REALLY silly: I can’t wait to get rid of my middle name, it’s horrible! Getting engaged means I’m that much closer to getting married and then I can bump that one out of there to make room for SO’s last name!

– I want someone to throw ME a freakin’ party for once. I’m so worn out on other friends’ bridal showers and baby showers lately (there’s been TONS of them). Can I have a day where people celebrate ME and buy ME gifts? Please?

– I want some freakin’ health insurance. I don’t have health insurance with my job (they offer it, but they want a RIDICULOUS amount of money for it, and its not even that good insurance) so I haven’t been to a doctor in FOREVER. SO has GREAT insurance with his employer, and he’s always talking about how great it would be or will be when I can use it. Okay… well go ahead and marry me then!!!

I think that’s about it, lol!

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Blushing bee

I’m also in the “looks young” boat! I’m 23, but look like a teenager. I actually had a group of teenage boys come up to me the other day and ask if I wanted to “hang out” and that one of their older brothers would “buy alcohol” if I wanted. I laughed my butt off once I shooed them away!

My second silly reason is I want to be the FIRST and ONLY fiancee then wife my partner has ever had. I can’t be his first love, first girlfriend, first kiss etc, some other girls claimed those, but I can be the one he commits the rest of his life to.

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Busy bee
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I, of course, want to be engaged for the right reasons. That being said, my silly reason is my cousin started dating her now fiance right after my SO and I started dating, and they’re already engaged. I was supposed to be first! That, and I don’t want to feel like a freak for having my wedding dress already. AND, I don’t want people I haven’t seen in a long time to look down at my hand after I say I have a daughter. People can have kids wihout being married! Is it ideal to be married first? Yes. But don’t judge me because I wasn’t!

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Honey bee
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@ohmybears48:  Me too! I also wanted to set up a “wedding board” on pinterest! A lot of my single friends even have them but I always thought it was kind of strange…

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Busy bee

My silly reasons are:

Because I am nearly 30

Because I am sick of people asking why not/when it’ll happen/is he not the one etc

Because I want to know I’m not wasting my time with him (ouch! but sadly true – I worry I’ll wait forever and no ring and therefore no marriage and no kids)

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Busy bee
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My reason is because we want to have a baby but not of the human variety. We want to buy a french bulldog puppy! Also, his younger brother is married and about to have his 1st child. My BF grandmother is giving us the 3rd degree about marriage.

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Helper bee
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@miss narwhal:  yay for your puppy!!

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@edub:  Mine right now is called “pretty parties” lol

I am so ready to be a fiance rather than just a Girlfriend at my age.

Also, I’d love to be engaged when I see so many engagement announcements on facebook so I don’t get tempted to feel jealous. The first two posts in a row were engagments today, gahh!

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Bumble bee
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(1)So my mom would stop harrassing me about it. We are moving back in together this summer, and my mom refuses to support our relationship if we cohabitate (again mind you) before we’re engaged. (2)So the people in my life would take us more seriously as a couple.  We’ve been together 3yrs, and everyone acts like it’s just a fling.  My sister recently made a comment that pissed me off. I was looking at a bridal magazine and she’s like: “I thinks its so funny that you are looking a wedding stuff, just b/c he’s a regular F**k doesn’t mean he’s gonna put a ring on it.”. (3) I’m tired of the girlfriend title. It sounds so highschool. (4) I want something sparkly.

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Blushing bee

My Silly Reasons I want to get engaged

#1: to practice writing his last name

#2: so we can move in together so I can start seeing his gorgeous face every morning (it really makes a big difference in my day) 

#3: to go grocery shopping and make him buy healthy versitile items vs. microwave dinners

#4: I want him to make my finger pretty since he burned it baking at Christmas and its now permenatly discolored and funky looking. 🙁 


Oh and like practically every other Bee out there, to make people STOP ASKING ME WHEN. Shesh. 

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Sugar bee
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My reasons were:

a. so I could call DH ‘fiance’….I hated the word boyfriend.

b. so I could wear my pretty ring. 


ETA: whoops, see this is for waiting bees. Sowwy. I don’t check tags this late at night and +1 rum&coke.

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Helper bee
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@hisgoosiegirl: Don’t say that, everyone can play! I don’t like to feel that the WB is segregated 🙁


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@SincerelyShe: That is shocking. Have you told your SO what she said? I don’t think men know what crap we get given! Honestly, just ignore her, she’s clearly jealous.

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Bumble bee
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@Mrs.SleepyKitty:  I will never tell him that.  There is already a little tension between them & I’d hate to add to it.  That comment would probably push things over the top, & I’d never get them in the same room again.

& Men clearly have no idea what crap we are given.  I love the SO to pieces, but he can be so clueless sometimes.

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Worker bee
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This is so funny…I thoght I was the only one who doesn’t like using the word boyfriend!  I also don’t like fiance, I don’t know why, but it feels very 80’s to me.  I am looking forward to referring to him as my husband.  Another silly reason I am looking forward to being official is because my neighbors are old ladies and I will just feel better about living together once we are married. 

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Helper bee
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I agree with so many of you ladies on the silly reasons! Here are mine: (aside from the right ones)

1. Definitely for a creep repellant! Used to wear a fake when I’d go out with the girls and it worked like a charm!

2. I also HATE the word boyfriend. My 16 year old sister has a boyfriend… I have a serious, committed relationship and I’d like it to be titled as such.

3. I am the assistant director of a daycare and preschool center, yet I’ve been asked by several of the parents if I’m still in high school. What?! 

4. I nanny occasionally on evenings and weekends and the number of dirty looks I get when people see my bare finger is ridiculous! I end up getting embarrassed (for no good reason!) or just upset.

5. And okay, okay, I just want the ring too!

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Bee Keeper

So we could start talking about concrete plans re: wedding and babies without feeling like we were either dancing around the issue or “spoiling the surprise”. It’s silly because I shouldn’t have felt weird about trying to discuss these specific plans with him before he asked once I knew he was going to ask and he knew I was going to say yes, but somehow I did because it hasn’t officially happened yet. I guess I feared “killing the magic” of the actual proposal, which was silly in retrospect.

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