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Future Mother-In-Law is always blurting out whatever is on her mind…usually very loudly.

Taking a walk yesterday with the family “Hey have you lost weight?!”, Well I haven’t really been trying and while its probably meant as a compliment it’s kind of awkward.

She once asked Future Brother-In-Law if he thought I looked pretty (in front of me and other family), well again kind of awkward. Why not ask my FH that instead.

Also, Fiance likes to tease me a lot and Future Mother-In-Law always catches on to this and asks what is going on, what’s wrong etc..and will keep asking us why we are both laughing or why I am giving Fiance my “Cut if out!” look. I really try and tell him not to tease me or tell inside jokes around family but he doesn’t always think people are listening.

I guess back in high school Future Sister-In-Law came home with a new boyfriend and the first thing her mom said to her was “Hey Future Sister-In-Law, you’re really putting on weight now huh?”, she ran up to her room and cried while her poor boyfriend just stood there…

Lastly, Future Mother-In-Law has already let us know she will be late to the wedding. So we can plan to tell her to show up earlier than she is needed, bettering her chances of being on time.

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My Future Mother-In-Law told me not to get discouraged working out because we all know how I am and I’m not that active. 

She likes to point out all the time that Idon’t get to know about the bridal shower and how it must be driving me crazy. 

She also used to makeit a point to get up in the middle of dinner and make FI’s dinner for that night/the next day. (Yes I live with them, I have no choice 🙁 my Fiance was working overnights or afternoons) she’s consta tly saying stuff to us. 

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I’m married, but whatever. I’ll play. OP, at least you have the advantage that the older brother had set his cap on you in high school (of course, I don’t know if you’re 10 years out from high school or only 3 or 4 – that would make a difference). It’s a little uncomfortable, though, when that’s brought out in a public space in front of a mixed crowd, and it can easily come off as a slight toward the sister-in-law.

Before my husband and I were engaged, I swear my mother-in-law had it out for me in a passive-aggressive sort of way. Once we were engaged, she seemed to resign herself to her fate and started issuing me compliments to an uncomfortable degree.

“I approve of everything you’ve ever done,” she recently told my husband, “Including your choice of wife. Especially that one.”

“You’ve lost so much weight! You are rocking it, girl.” This was extremely uncomfortable, as it was said in front of her very childish, very attention-hungry, very pregnant daughter, who proceeded to glare bullets into me over the rest of dinner.

There are other things like that. It gets over the top. If she had always been like that, I wouldn’t find it so odd and strange and…weird. But, here we are!

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Right before our wedding we had a get-together with some of his aunts and uncle and they asked if we were going to leave for our honeymoon right away or wait and Mother-In-Law says, “They are going to be having too much newlywed sex to have time for a honeymoon right away!” Oh the horror on all those poor people’s faces…

Now if she could still be that “charming” that would be great. Just recently:

Mother-In-Law: They are having [DH’s cousin] birthday part the first weekend in July.

Darling Husband: Yeah, we won’t be there. That is our 1 year anniversary. Besides, her b-day isn’t even in July.

Mother-In-Law: Yeah but she is going to camp so she won’t be here for it. I told them it was your anniversary but grandma wanted me to ask anyway. She is going to be really hurt…

Darling Husband: I don’t care, mom. We are doing something together.

Mother-In-Law: But it’s her sweet 16. You really can’t go?

Apparently sweet 16’s are more important than 1 year anniversaries. And yes, I would LOVE to spend my anniversary with my Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law *shudders*, DH’s gradnparents, aunt, and uncle. No thanks.

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I’m married too, but I’ve got some real doozies from my Mother-In-Law.

Yesterday, we were over at their house to pick something up, and when we were saying goodbye, my Father-In-Law comes over to give me a hug. Mother-In-Law says “Don’t worry, he just has to get his perv hugs every time he sees you!”

Awesome. My Father-In-Law has to get his “perv” hug with me.

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This one always comes up and I really don’t want her to give a speech at our wedding because she will probably tell this story again…

My Fiance and I met during our first week in university, actually we met on the very first day we were living in residence.  It’s a nice story, but Future Mother-In-Law ruins it by saying how my Fiance called home that week and told her how he “met a girl and she’s REALLY CUTE!” *cue sickening giggling*  He definitely did not say anything remotely close to that (I don’t think he’s used the word “cute” in his life).  Anyways it drives us both crazy because it makes him sound like such a girl!  She has told it numerous times since we got engaged and it’s so annoying.

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