(Closed) Silly: What are some of the funniest things your fiancé has said in their sleep?

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Bumble bee

I’m usually the sleep-talker (I occasionally wake myself up because I’ll laugh so hard in my sleep that the noise startles me), and I’ve said some things that freaked my partner out, but my partner once announced, “The packages are on the way…they’re on the spaceship!”  Then he rolled over and started snoring.

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Helper bee
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Fiance: I’m sorry babe.
Me: Why are you sorry?
Fiance: I can’t reach the things on the top of the RV.
Me: That’s ok, but what’s on top of the RV?
Fiance: All of our things, I can’t get them.
Me: That’s ok babe, we’ll get them in the morning.
Fiance: Ok.

(We dont have an RV, nor have we ever been in one.)

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He’s talked a few times in his sleep that i heard.  The funniest one that we still joke about is:

“Nom, nom, nom. Go on girl!”

He claims he doesn’t remember what he was dreaming about. 

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I keep his ramblings in a stickynote app on my phone.  My favorites are (and I have no idea what they were about, just random and funny):

– “You didn’t want to stir a mixed pot a lot”


– him: “Please don’t end that movie. I want to see it”
  me:  “see what?”
  him: “the fire marshall will know”

and most recently…..

– “thats not the wedding package up. that includes desserts!”

if he wont talk to me about wedding planning while awake, at least I know he’s thinking about it in his sleep haha

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mrshesstobe:  his funniest thing he sleep said was: Don’t tell Pop we bought another elephant. We already have two plus the rhino. 

We don’t own a rhino or elephants… Well we have a stuffed animal elephant… Weirdo lol

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I’m the sleep talker in the relationship lol like a lot of PP Fiance tells me I laugh in my sleep occasionally. 

Best story I have is one night we were spooning. Fiance had one arm under my head and out in front of me. He woke up to me nibbling on his forearm. He pulled his arm away.

Fiance: What are you doing?!

Me: I’m sorry, I thought you were a sandwhich

He still knows the easiest way to make me smile if we are disagreeing is to say “I’m still your sandwhich” gets me every time lol

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Honey bee
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DH talks all the time. He’s also laughed and screamed. Two incidents that really stick out to me:

DH (tugging on my arm): You have sit up!

Me: What?

DH (still tugging): You have to sit up! Sit up!

I groggily sit up.

DH: You have to sit up or the magic won’t work!


This one scared me a little-

DH (in a really low, creepy voice): It’s coming. It’s coming soon.

Me, half awake: Huh?

DH (same voice): It’s coming. Are you ready little girl? It’s coming.


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Busy Beekeeper

Ooh I had one just last night.  Around 4 AM something fell on our floor (I’m thinking the cat fell off the window sill).  It startled me awake and I said “what was that?!”  Husband replied loud and clear “It must have been a bee.  It knows it’s dying.”  I responded with “a bee?” and he continued but I can’t remember, something about other bees following it.  what a nut.

Also this isn’t sleep talking, but several years ago he had a nightmare and leapt out of bed, which resulted in his crashing into the wall (very close to the bed) with his heel and popping a hole in it!  That was fun for him to patch up.

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Busy bee
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My fi always says the ‘F’ word in his sleep.  It’s hysterical. 

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Helper bee
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My husband is an avid sleep talker.  I usually get him revved by continuing the conversation while he is sleeping.  The best thing he had ever said “well I guess I’m a pimp”, lol that night when he was a mere 19 years old he traded his broken down car for his dream car… A mustang lol I guess he was still enjoying it while sleeping.  I never let him live that down and we’re 30 now.  He often talks about crunching numbers and the stock market, hes told me “you know your an f’ing biatch”, to which he swears he must have been dreaming about work.  He often curses out his boss and fellow coworker while sleeping so I know how he really feels about their lackluster work performance.  He’s punched and elbowed me in the face before fortunately I never got hurt.  His sleeping talking tends to increase significantly when he’s highly stressed or irritated from work or he’s extremely tired. 

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dkdm226:  This made me laugh so hard I almost choked on my lunch!

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I’m the sleep talker. He loves to remind be about the time I told him “in the morning you need to ask me about how I organize my Skittles.” In the morning I had no idea what he was talking about. 

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Honey bee
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These all are REALLY funny…

one time he said, “sunny. 70 degrees.” 

And another time which was horrible, he woke me up by shouting the question, “YEAHHH?????” I was like WHAT THE FUCK! To which he woke himself up and asked ME why I shouted at him I was like, U woke urself up by asking YEAH? Really fucking loud… He was like Oh oops, laughdd and went back to sleep and I was wide awake cuz he scared the SHIT out of me…

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Sugar bee
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Fiance: I’ve already seen that post-it

Me: What post-it?

Fiance: Fucking Karen. I’ve already seen it!

Me: What are you talking about?

Fiance: I’ve already seen those post-its Karen. Calm down. Where’s the castle?

I still wonder til this day who Karen was, and why she kept showing him the post-its. Oh, and if they ever found the castle.

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I had a really awful dream and woke him up because I was scared

Me – Wake up, I had a really bad dream

Him – huh?

Me – I had a terrible dream.  Someone kidnapped me and kept me in a cabin.

Him – Did you get out?

Me – yes, eventually

Him – then you’re okay

He rolled over and went back to sleep   


I should add – he doesn’t talk in his sleep.  But he does make a biting motion like Iceman in Top Gun.  Scares the heck out of me  

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