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Helper bee
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I am not passing mine off as real I am happy to tell people that it isn’t a diamond and it is because I specifically told him I would kill him if he spent that kind of money on something that just looks pretty. To me it is the meaning behind it that matters and even though he wanted to buy me a diamond I cannot fathom spending that kind of money on a piece of jewelry. I don’t care who knows that I am the one who is a tightwad lol

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Busy Beekeeper

I got a moissanite because I like moissanite. I never intended to pass it off as a diamond. I couldn’t possibly care less if someone wishes to say “Yes” if someone asks if their ring is “real.” Who cares!

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Bumble bee
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I do not try to pass my Asha simulant as a diamond, nor do I allow people to assume my moissanite is a diamond either. To the naked eye, an Asha looks like a high quality diamond, but I’ve always been baffled by those who try to pass of something that was not created to be a diamond simulant as one (such as moissanite).

Granted, I’m irritated in general by a few things. One being people rude enough to ask “Is that real?”, and two being people associating the word “real” with “diamond”.

I loathe how people are made to feel as if their ring is inferior because it isn’t x when they chose y. People can be so petty and cruel, so I don’t blame anyone who wants to try and pass of a simulant or a moissanite as a diamond in hopes of avoiding being put down by others, because so many people want to feel superior over something that they don’t care the target.

On the other hand, I get so discouraged when someone states they chose “________” over diamond/mined stones/whatever for ethical reasons, yet plan on passing it off as one! Where is your backbone? If you feel strongly about something, you should be secure enough in it to tell the world as appropriate. To me, not letting those close to you (and as situations appropriately permit, people you come in contact with who are curious about your ring and not just giving you a compliment to which you should just say “Thank you”, unless they specifically compliment your “diamond”, and then a “Thank you, it’s actually a gorgeous _____ gemstone!” is all that need be said) know the truth is just as bad as having purchased whatever it is you were so adamant about not getting in the first place. LOL, can you tell I have conflicted feelings on the subject?

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Blushing bee

@MrsCassie:  I totally agree with your thought on disagreeing with the diamond industry, but then pretending you have one! It’s a little strange. 


I’ve always wondered though about what one would tell their close girlfriends when showing off a sim ring – do you tell them it’s diamond when its not? I don’t know, I think whatever floats your boat when it comes to strangers, but it seems a little dishonest to lie to your friends about what you have? It’s not like they’ll judge. I would feel so guilty, they’d spot my fibs in a second, lol

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Sugar bee
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I pass it of but I didn’t get my asha for ethical reasons (it is in a diamond setting).  Only one person has ever asked and they are super catty all the time to everyone.

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True friends shouldn’t care, no matter what they’ll be thrilled over the moon for you.

For me, I showed off the ring and one of my closest friends WAS that girl who went “Oh my god, is that real?!” (she totally didn’t mean it in an offensive way!), which was nice for me because they I didn’t have to find a way to bring the subject up, she did it for me and I was happy to tell them all no, it was an Asha, a diamond coated CZ that we went with because I didn’t want him spending all that money while I was in school and I don’t want a diamond, we’ll upgrade to a moissanite later (which we have!).

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Bumble bee
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I currently have a diamond ering, however we are planning to upgrade to an enhanced moissanite or an Amora gem once they are available.

Here is my opinion on passing off other clear gems/stones as a diamond. Do what makes you happy! 

>To close friends and family I will fully advertise the awesomeness that is my moissy or amora.

>If a random stranger asks “is that real” I will simply say yes(it is real they didnt specify what stone)

> If im specifically asked if its a real diamond, my answer may very depending on the situation.

    -If I have the time to go into details about it and they seem genuinely interested I’ll explain about the stone I chose.

    -If I dont feel like going into details or they were asking in a rude manner then I’ll just pass it off as a diamond.


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