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I was there for a few days. I personally would not want to go for my honeymoon, but it depends on what you are looking for! It is a very clean, very organized, highly regulated city. There is lots of good food, shopping, and some nightlife.  For me, Singapore is too much of a “sterilized” business city but some people love it.

I personally prefer places with more local culture, history/sights, and adventure activities (parasailing, diving, hiking, etc). If you are interested in spending time in Asia you could also explore Southern Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, or the Philippines (esp if you like diving) as possibilities. They are much more “local” (less organized and regulated than Singapore) but that adds flavor and fun to me. All of those places have nice resorts that give you the modern amenities of Singapore with a bit more flare and exoticism. 

Whatever you decide will be fun though. Enjoy!

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I spent a month there last summer, and I wouldnt recommend it as a honeymoon destination either. It is more a business hub than a vacation spot in my opinion. My Fiance tagged along on my trip and could never find much to do during the day. Nightlife is OK, but nothing too exciting compared to neighboring countries. Also, I have been there in July, October, and March and the weather was always warm, but mostly gloomy with scattered rainfall.

Another thing to think about, which may or may not be an issue for you, is how expensive it is. I have lived in and been to quite a few different countries (US, Norway, Lebanon, … I currently live in Dubai!) and Singapore was by far the most expensive in terms of nice accomodation (you will want nice for your honeymoon), and food and alcohol. On the bright side, you can get electronics at the fraction of the price! 

This is just my personal experience there. Singapore is in a great location though, so you could plan a honeymoon in any of the neighboring countries indiblue mentioned and stop by Singapore for a few days. You can never go wrong with Asia!

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I may get in trouble for saying this, but I don’t think Singapore is that “cultural.” It’s just too business-oriented, and too regulated by the government. 

How about checking out Kuala Lumpur? That is a big, nice, modern city with still a lot of cultural aspects to it. Lots of shopping, good food, and a bit more authentic than Singapore. Plus you can do trips to other parts of Malaysia from there. 

Bangkok is a really fun city that has tons of culture. It is so fun and neat- with amazing street food, shopping, the water ferry, markets, museums (including nontraditional ones like ones in grand teak palaces) and upscale areas/shops/restaurants.

Hong Kong is another option. It is more like Singapore than the other two, but I think a bit more authentic and cultural. Great shopping and food. Plus it’s on the water so you can take ferries around to different places. I personally prefer Bangok and KL over HK and Singapore because the latter are a bit too Westernized, but lots of people LOVE HK. 

Good luck on your decision. Have a great honeymoon!

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“We’re into learning about different cultures, visiting museums, zoos, shopping, that’s why it’s so appealing. That and the ability to ferry to a tropical island for a couple of days to get away from the city.”

Different cultures? Then I would suggest not going to Singapore. I suggest Kuching in nearby Sarawak, which ticks all your boxes except for the shopping. The museums and cultural things there are fantastic. There are some nice beaches off Santubong nearby, and Bako National Park, whilst not technically an island, is lovely and tropical for a day trip and has nice beaches as well. As far as shopping goes… cultural stuff… lots of it for sale in Kuching. Posh clothes/jewellery etc… not so much. But Singapore is so darn expensive anyway that how could you shop? Kuching is also very central and great for day trips. It may actually be my favoutite city of all time.

My second choice would be Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. Less to do there, and less cultural, but the shopping is a little better (although it is by no means a designer mecca… you won’t get brands there!). Ignore the night market, and visit the Saturday market instead. Also, there are a load of islands just off the coast that you can take the ferry to as part of a day trip. The museums are currently under renovation…

For shopping, you could go to Brunei as part of a day trip from Kota Kinabalu. I have heard that they are better for brands there, as there is a lot of money splashing about. Expensive city though. I have only transited through there, so I can’t really say much about it.

Source: I live in Borneo.

PS If you go to Borneo, avoid package tours… they’re at least four times the price of DIY and you can easily sort out an itinerary yourself for a fraction of the price when you arrive! However, please not that it is far simpler to organise DIY activities in Sarawak/Kuching than Sabah/Kota Kinabalu… and far less expensive!

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LOVE Singapore. Favorite city in the world (well, maybe it’s tied with Rome there…)–I used to live in Indonesia and would go there for shopping vacations. So clean and well-run, like the Switzerland of Asia. However, it does start to feel small after a while. It’s not that it’s a boring place–I mean, there’s Chinatown or Little India, all the old British colonial buildings and history, great performances at the Esplanade, the botanical gardens, Sentosa, and the zoo–but if you’re looking for more of an adventure and less of a city break, it may not be for you. I find it starts to feel cramped after a few days. Have to say, though, that Singapore is a foodie’s paradise. Something for everyone. 

I second the KL option. Kuala Lumpur is certainly more diverse and cheaper, plus it’s like an hour away from places like Frasier’s Hill up in the highlands if you want to leave the city for a bit and take in some pretty scenery. 

Have you thought about maybe taking the train between the two and seeing a bit of both? 

Hong Kong and Bangkok are also fun cities, though HK will put a dent in your bank acct!


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I agree. Singapore is just.. not honeymoon material. It IS nice as a stopover and is so tiny that you can easily combine Malaysia and Singapore or Thailand and Singapore if you are so inclined.

Malaysia (incl. Sabah and Sarawak) has some beautiful islands (although the beautiful ones tend not to have beautiful accomodation haha) if you’re interested in beaches and of course also rainforests and stuff like that. Thailand is also pretty but I always get a little bit.. how should I say ..iritated by all the people selling stuff to me so I prefer Malaysia.

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You know, KL is OK… I can see why people would like it… still Kuching all the way for me though! I spent a month there whilst I was trying to get a long stay research visa… saw semi-wild orang utans about 6 feet away (there’s a trick to seeing the ones in Semenggok close, and only a few people manage it… if you are interested I can explain!), went around some amazing museums (don’t forget the Sarawak Museum’s new wing across the bridge… most people only visit the old wing. I recommend the first floor), ate some awesome food, shopped for crafts… saw some old colonial buildings… went to Santubong (but sadly had no time to find the archaeological site there), Bako (AWESOME), Gadung Gadung to see the Rafflesia flowers… and lots more!

It is a bit more expensive than KL, but it has a lot more of an “unexplored” feel. Seriously, I even have the bus routes to hand… ask me anything about logistics and what you want to see and I’ll be only too happy to share (logistics can be tricky… Kuching is pretty much the only place in Sarawak/Sabah with any sort of public transport at all, and it’s not reliable… but there are tricks you can use)!

I have never been to Singapore, but a lot of my friends have… look on the online Lonely Planet guide/website and they have reviews. A lot of people said that 3 days was really ideal for Singapore… more than that and they started to get bored! More of a city break place, I agree. My Dad said the same LOL. Of course, you should also remember that plane travel is a lot cheaper in SE Asia than here… it shouldn’t be too much to fly between places like KL/Kuching etc, especially if you fly AirAsia, or buy tickets during the Malaysian National holidays with Malaysia Airlines! From Kuching you can also fly to Sibu, the gateway to the Rajang river and the Iban area, or you can fly to Miri. Miri is the gateway to the Orang Ulu area I live in at the moment. A word of warning though: as Miri is a minor airport, tickets are more expensive than, say, Kuching to Kota Kinabalu ones.

So… yeah… what’s to stop you visiting several places when £100 for a return ticket is an astronomical price for inter-Asian travel (I’ve seen special offer tickets from £6 return within Malaysia… although you have to be lucky to get them!).

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*smiles* Im Malaysian and it warms my heart to see people suggest my country over Singapore as a honeymoon destination.

How many days do you guys have to travel? Is you Fiance into night life, clean (and small!!) cities, easy communication (almost everyone speaks english in singapore, you wont have to go crazy figuring out how to ask for directions) and shopping? Then Singapore is great. But…

“We’re not big nightlife people. We’re into learning about different cultures, visiting museums, zoos, shopping, that’s why it’s so appealing. That and the ability to ferry to a tropical island for a couple of days to get away from the city. Thailand is also appealing, and I think it’s definitely cheaper. Our main goal is to get some culture in, avoid the all inclusives and pre-packaged vacays.”
Singapore hasn’t got much ‘culture’. It was a part of Malaysia until it declared it was its own country. Its population is made up of the same Chinese, Indian & Malays but is on a tiny island where everything is modernised. & um…. what tropical island in singapore? XD

I seriously suggest you consider Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia before Singapore.

Your money will go further.

There are beeeeaaauutiful islands to be found. If you scuba dive, there are some of the worlds greatest dive sites among these countries.

ALOT of culture, museums and historical sites to visit.

Loads of shopping options too. Not to mention, lots of cheap knockoffs if you want to buy any (though they wont last long :P)

And while the zoos may not be impressive, you can go visit jungles and forests and spot animals in the wild.

Alot of people speak some english so you will still manage to get around.

If you really want to visit Singapore – take 2 days and explore. I guarantee you can see more than half the touristy and non-tourist sights. 🙂

Good luck! & if you visit Malaysia, do let us know. I would love to hear about it!

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