Single guy having a dog

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Well, if you take on the responsibility of a living creature entirely depending on you and you plan to do right by it, then it will need attention and to be let out and walked regularly, played with, loved, etc. So, yes, that will affect ALL of your life because your life will no longer be just about you and what you want when you want it. Dating falls into that. 

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Busy bee

The only thing I could think of is if the person you are dating doesn’t like dogs/pets which in that case run (jk..kind of) or if they already have a pet that doesn’t get along with yours. But you can’t predict the future so I say go for it.

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A dog would not turn me off from dating a guy unless the dog was not properly cared for or extremely aggressive which would likely go back to not being properly cared for.

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Don’t get a dog at all unless you are prepared to walk it twice a day, pay lots of vet bills and DO NOT leave it for hours alone. It is a creature to love and care for for it’s own sake.

Dating is neither here nor there – unless you mean you’d leave it alone overnight….in which case, double don’t do it. 



inspector1285 :  

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Yes, it could for reasons others have mentioned. Get a dog anyway. Single people do not need to put their lives on hold until they are married. 



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As a dog lover I appreciated dating men who demonstrated care for their dog and lost respect for men who didn’t. 

If I didn’t like dogs I might not want to be with a man who had a dog. If you’re a dog person then you’re a dog person and you probably don’t want to be with a woman who doesn’t like dogs anyway.

Do you have the time and resources to care for a dog? If so, this is your life now–enjoy the many advantages and responsibilities of a dog life. Who knows, perhaps you’ll even meet a fellow dog-lover at obedience class, walking your dog or at the dog park. 

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I was a single woman with a dog. Now I am a married woman with a dog. I do believe that there was some dating between those stages…

By all means get a dog. Makes those lonely nights less lonely and loads of people to meet at dog parks. 

But a dog is responsibility: it costs some money and mainly it costs loads of time. They don’t come ready made usually. They need time and training and love. If you have that to spare then you’ll get the best and most loyal friend ever. 

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Bumble bee

I appreciate an animal lover. But having a dog means you have to bring it with you everywhere… that can cut Into date options

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It depends on how many options in dating and life you want to leave open at this point. Let’s say you go on a date and want to stay out just talking for hours, or you decide to spend the night somewhere; having a dog will limit those possibilities. If you want to spend a weekend (or vacation) away, either with a date or family or friends, you will need to either bring the dog or have someone take care of the dog while you are away. If, like many single men, you do laundry less often than is generally recommended, you may find that your clothing either smells or looks (shedding) like the dog you own. Oh, and women who are either allergic or not dog lovers will likely be out of the picture as far as dating possibilities. 

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Bumble bee

Maybe but it’s worth it.

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inspector1285 :  a dog is like a baby…attracts people like crazy! Get a puppy and everyone will gush over it when you walk it. Buy a small cuddly dog and watch em swoon. Seriously though, I’m always #teamdog #teampet. Nothing better than the sounds of little paws in the house. ♥️♥️♥️

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When I was single, a guy owning a dog was a huge turn on to me. As long as you’re prepared to properly care for it, get the dog! It will probably help your dating life, if anything.

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I always joke to my husband that I was very glad we were engaged before we adopted our first dog, because he’s so cute that he would’ve been the best ‘chick magnet’ – people stop us on the street all the time to gush over the dog. 

But seriously, if you love dogs and are willing/able to take great care of it, absolutely get a dog. (I have a friend who’s single & has a dog and two cats, haha.) As a pet fanatic, I personally wouldn’t want to date anyone who was turned off by my pets! If you don’t think you’re able to take on the responsibility of a dog on your own, then I’d wait.

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How a man treats his dog shows everything I need to know about him! Dated a few that were bad dog owners aka didn’t put the needs of their pet above their own. Walking, playing with, letting out, staying out all night. Quick and easy to see their true colors and say next! Also easy to see who the good ones were, who took there dog on a jog and to the park before going out and who had to leave by a certain time to take care of their pet. 

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