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Squats, squats and more squats! Also, I started doing zumba in Jan and have noticed a huge difference! Creams don’t really work – the ones with caffine will tighten up your skin for maybe a few hours, but it isn’t permanent sadly.

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1. “Cellulite can be removed.”

Cellulite is the result of the particular physiology of most women. It’s part of a pattern for how we store fat. Anyone who tells you they can remove cellulite either doesn’t know what they are talking about or is abandoning truth for profit. We can reduce the things that predispose its development and delay its appearance. We can improve the appearance of cellulite by removing fat, and some of the herniated fibrous columns that cause the dimpling as well as tighten the skin.

2. “I’m going to get rid of cellulite with exercise.”

Sorry, but you could exercise 24/7 and not get rid of cellulite. You can reduce fat but this doesn’t affect the herniated fibers that cause cellulite. It’s been proven for decades that you can’t spot reduce fat, so doing massive amounts of squats or lunges just means you’ll have great muscles…with a layer of cellulite on top. In fact women who complain the most to me about cellulite are often thinner women who are in great shape. It doesn’t seem fair that you can work out like a crazy woman and still suffer from cellulite. For thin and fit people it isn’t the fat so much as the herniated fibers that cause the dimpling.

3. “I’ll go on one of those special diets and lose cellulite.”

While good balanced nutrition and exercise can reduce fat and therefore take the pressure off the fibrous columns that contain your fat, no diet can resolve cellulite. If you are younger, staying active is a great way to both postpone and reduce the appearance of cellulite. But the statistics show you still have a 90% chance of developing cellulite if you’re a woman. No diet can change the structure of your body.

4. “This cellulite crème is cheaper and says it gets results.”

Whoa! Let’s think about this, even nanoparticles bigger than 40mn can’t penetrate past the stratum corneum, the top most layer of your skin. (A nanometer is a thousand thousand times smaller than a millimeter.) Those topical applications can’t possibly get down through the epidermis, then the dermis and then to your subcutaneous fat. These creams supply some temporary relief by dehydrating and tightening the surface of the skin. No cream can do anything about the herniated fibers that cause the rimpling and dimpling associated with cellulite. The analogy I use is if you have a headache you wouldn’t try to get relief by putting an aspirin on your head now would you? Of course not. That’s not the level where the pain is. The same is true with cellulite. If you want to affect its appearance you have to penetrate to the level where the 3 causes of cellulite are active; which is below the dermis to the subcutaneous fat layer.

5. “Liposuction works wonders on cellulite.”

Over the years I’ve been treating cellulite those who opt for liposuction to remove fat often come to me for their cellulite. The scientific literature is pretty clear that liposuction doesn’t work on cellulite and has actually been shown to make it worse.

6. “Cellulite is just fat.

Cellulite is a combination of four factors. The natural storage method of fat in women which in itself is not a problem, but combine excess fat and herniated columnar fibers that hold it in place and you have two of the major ingredients for cellulite. These fibrous bands thicken and swell, causing the dimples, and finally you get the last ingredient; a loss of skin firmness. As you mature your skin thins as you produce less collagen and you see the irregular topography of dimpling and rimpling of cellulite even more. To reduce the appearance of cellulite you have to deal with all three problems.

7. “If your Mom has cellulite you will too.”

Women have a fat storage pattern that predisposes them to cellulite but other conditions have to be met like sedentary living, tight fitting clothes, poor nutrition, yo-yo dieting, and high levels of estrogen. All of these contribute to the appearance of cellulite. Statistics indicate that 90% of women will have cellulite but if and when you develop cellulite and how noticeable it is, is not a function of your Mom or you sister’s genes.

8. “You can get rid of cellulite with massage and body wraps.”

Cellulite body wraps offered at spas only temporarily compress cellulite. Massage whether by hand or using a machine also only provides temporary relief.

9. “You have to be older to get cellulite.”

Wrong. Cellulite can start showing up any time after puberty. Women in their teens can have trouble with the appearance of cellulite.

10. “I’m skinny so I won’t get cellulite.”

Cellulite is a natural fat storage pattern. While good nutrition and exercise may help prevent the appearance of some cellulite, actually skinny people complain the most about cellulite.

11. “Drinking water improves cellulite.”

Sorry, but even if you had a hump like a camel you couldn’t affect cellulite with water intake. You can’t “flush” cellulite out that way, all it will do is make you go to the ladies room more often.

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I second the girl who said squats – they suck but they work!

I am only 25 and fairly small (5’5 and 110 lbs) and I have recently noticed cellulite and STRETCH MARKS on my butt / upper back legs. It is soo digusting and makes me never want to wear a bikini or shorts again. Gross. I feel your pain.

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I don’t know if there is any scientific proof for this, I’m only speaking from my own experience.  I don’t get/have cellulite even though I’m definitely not fit/in-shape, but I did horseback riding as a kid and I still love it.  I think the important thing to realize is, we all have parts of our body that we don’t like/want to change (my trouble area is my belly); but no one is perfect.  You just have to learn to be happy with what you got.

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I know ladies, it sucks!! I didnt have cellulite really when I was 120lbs at age 18 (I’m 5’5) Now at 25 I weigh 140 & I def have cellulite. I HATE it. I just cant seem to get down to that 130 Im hoping for though.:( Sigh.

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I had cellulite since my teens. It blows. I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is though, especially if you are just noticing it now.

You can try to tone up your legs – I realize the post above says that exercise won’t get rid of it, which may be true, but I believe that firming up can help reduce the appearance.

But don’t let it change your life or keep you from enjoying the summer. I realize I’m in my 30’s so older than you and I’ve come to be a lot more comfortable with my imperfections than I was in my early 20’s but it’s really true – don’t miss out on having a good time and LIFE in general because you have a couple of dimples on your leg. You will regret it when your 20’s are over, and you will look back and think “what was I thinking, I looked great in that bikini why was I so worried?”

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@Treejewel19:  +1

Everyone has cellulite.

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I’ve had cellulite from my butt to my knees since I was 12. At 112lbs to 186 lbs, the same degree. I’m talking full on, looks like someone stuck their finger into cream cheese a bunch of times cellulite. No amount of exercise, creams or magic fairy dust worked for me. It’s even starting to form on the back of my arms. My stomach has zero. It’s just the way it is. My doctor mentioned to me that some of her other patients have had really good results with cold sculpting, but I’m not prepared to pay that much to deal with it. 

I say we embrace it and have some lumpy love. 

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Just embrace it.  I have some and I regularly go on 7+ mile runs and am pretty active.  Not much you can do about it.  I do know that staying in shape (for me) will help to reduce it (somewhat) because obviously the less fat you have, the less cellulite you will have.  So if you replace some of that fat with muscle it could help.  Mine’s not really bad at all but a little is there.  Who cares?!! Smile

Some of it may be genetic, one of my friends is overweight and she has nicely toned legs with zero cellulite (doesn’t work out either).

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