(Closed) Sister wants to be a wife with kids, BUT

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happiekrappie :  ok maybe I wouldn’t use the term Slut or how but how about a bitch does that work. A women could sleep with 500+ men (or women) that ain’t the problem but why does she have to sleep with a married or taken man or woman if she knows he is taken that makes her a shitty person to. I bet if a man were to sleep with a woman knowing she is married the responses on here wouldn’t blame solely the women but the man would be labeled a sick and a massive jerk for ruining a poor women’s marriage. This isnt about a women’s right to have sex I’m all for that right but have sex with a man who isnt taken and while yes he is the one who owes the loyalty to the gf or wife let’s not sit here and act like the women is perfectly innocent either because sleeping with another women’s SO is still shitty. Just because he is willing to do it doesn’t mean she has to go along with it using everyone’s own words it’s 50/50.

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soexcited123 :  I 100% agree with feeling animosity towards a woman who purposefully seeks out to sleep with men in committed relationships. I do believe that the man in the relationship who is actually cheating holds more blame than her, but that’s not what we’re discussing so I won’t derail with that commitment. But the sleeping around/cheating aspect was not what I was commenting on at all. My frustration was based on that person comparing a woman who sleeps around, be it with single men or the collectively-frowned-upon sleeping with men in relationships, is NOWHERE NEAR comparable to the criminal activity of rape. That’s all I was saying. It is concerning to me that a person—a WOMAN, at that—would try to make any comparison between a woman being a “hoe” and the men involved in #metoo who are actual freaking rapists. 

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alexisbumblebee :  

“….and sorry, if you’ve been with over 100 men and gladly own it, a hoe is an appropriate word” . 

No it isnt . Apart from  the ugly sexist judgemental aspect,   a ‘ho(e)  , is a word short  for ‘whore’ ,  ie another term  for a prostitute, who sells sex for money or some other currency Nowhere in your diatribe against  your sister  do you say she actually does this .. And I  feel sure  you would if she did. 

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awholenewbee2019 :  “Trigger warning maybe* all these dudes that got ME TOO’d & are being treated like CRIMINALS, but a woman whoooo sleeps with 100 dudes isn’t a hoe?”

Oh my god I actually can’t cope with you.. did you really just go there and make that comparison? In real life? And then pass it off as a “Trigger Warning” that anyone that reacts to it is the unreasonable one..?

Im pretty confident at this stage, based on this and other posts, that OP isn’t a genuine person/poster. Unfortunately you are..

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Samantha Jones would be all over this. 

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The OP’s sister might be sleeping with a lot of guys. Who cares. Plenty of people have lots of partners, and they go on to have great relationships. She is making lewd comments around people – have a conversation with her, if you care to. 

The problem here is not your half sister. The problem here is you. Yeah, I wouldn’t want someone around who was making lewd comments and flirting with guys all the time – it’s annoying. But the way you speak feels…almost sociopathic to me. I might get annoyed about your sister, but your hateful, condescending attitude towards anything you don’t understand or agree with is much, much more concerning. 

Stop worrying about your sister and work on your own issues. 

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You are coming across as being pretty unhinged. Thank you for proving my point. 

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OP, you clearly “give a shit” about people having one night stands. The whole premise of your OP is that you give a shit about your sister engaging in a lifestyle that includes having one night stands. If you didn’t give a shit that she behaves this way, you wouldn’t have posted at all. 

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alexisbumblebee :  I feel sorry for your sister and sincerely hope she knows better than to trust you with anything.

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I’m happily married too (you seem to think that can’t co-exist with a history of one night stands) and about around college I sort of acted like this. Didn’t flirt with everyone, but had an active sex life and sort of owned that as my identity. I knew it was a “strength” of mine, so why not play it up? 

It got old eventually, my self esteem improved, and I found my husband (who you might call a “hoe” too, or maybe not, because he’s a man). We are great together because we don’t shame each other for our pasts. 

I am not threatened by other women, even those who have an active sex life. There are many attractive and sexy women out there but I trust my husband so it’s a non-issue. And if my husband did do something shady or cheated, then I’m going to have a problem with him, not the woman. She has no obligation to me. He’s the one who said vows. 

It sounds like your sister is being put into a box by people who know her, including of course you. She can definitely grow and change and have what she wants, and there’s no shame in changing your mind on what you want in life. But it’s going to be an uphill battle if everyone in her life treats her like you do. Best of luck to her.

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