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I noticed the lexus right away.  Very economical choice.  I feel sorry for the housewife who’s stuck taking care of 12 KIDS by herself all day, every day!  She wouldn’t be able to get licensed as a caregiver in California with that kind of adult to child ratio.   I always thought one of the major goals of poly marriages were so the women could stay home and jointly take care of the home/kids.  Seems kind of weird that 3 out of the 4 adults work full-time.  Not really the kind of traditional family life followers of fundamental mormanism are urged to follow.  Realistic, yes, but kind of defeats the point of that kind of lifestyle, in my opinion. I don’t think I worded that as clearly as I could, but I think you all will get what I’m saying.

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@lezlers: I dont think she takes care of all 12 kids during the day since most of them go to a private school specifically for polygamy families. Plus there are a few older ones to help out when they are all home. But I do see what you’re saying.

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I watched it last night and was actually pretty astonded at how honest and real they were.  To me, they were much more relatable than the Dugger family and seemed to be educated and aware of the reasons they choose to be in a polygamous marriage.  Interesting to note, all of the women grew up in this practice.  I think they are very brave to open up their doors and allow us to see an example of a different lifestyle.  I joked with my husband that I wanted a “sister wife” for Christmas that liked doing laundry!  I can’t imagine sharing my husband, but sharing the housework, that I am all for.  I guess a maid would be a better solution for us!

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@Pugsandkisses: Actually, one of them didn’t, I think it was wife #2?  She was friends with wife #1 and her family, if I remember right.

I do have to commend them for opening up their lives, and I did find it somewhat informative.  But, at the same time, something just felt a little bit…off.  Scripted, probably.

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i wish i could find it online! i really want to watch it out of pure curiosity. 

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@PinkPinstripes: I so agree with you.

Their marriages might be healthy and normal for them, but I don’t think it’s fair, not love, and an extremely bad situation to be in as one of the wives. I can’t imagine my husband having another wife and being ok with it. I would have to be really insecure to let him and have really good fake confidence to allow that to be ok. I know they have a right to their lives and their opinions, and I can respect that. But for me, I just can’t imagine it and I worry about anyone who lives like that…including the kids.

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@scissors: it’ll rerun about 10 times this week.

I think it’s very brave of them to go on tv and spill their whole life style. But like others said, they seem too happy(If they are really that happy then thats awesome) and a little too scripted. I do wonder what would happen if one of the wives asked to take on another husband. Hey, maybe it’ll happen during the season! Doubt it though. Even tho the husband can take on more wives i doubt he’d allow another husband. Can we say double standard? But what we may think is double standard the “sister wives” think is normal and perfectly fine with it. I dont get it but if it works for them more power to ya!

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FLDS (fundamentalist) does not equal LDS.  I watched the previews for this show since I now live in a town where it’s not unusual to come across polygamists.  This family seems pretty happy, and if it works for them, I’m cool with it… The guy does seem a little cheesy though, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.  (Well, I won’t see it unless they stream it on Hulu or something– since we don’t have a TV!)

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My only concern about this program is the image that it’s sending regarding polygamy in general. Yes okay the family on the show might be presenting a nice image, but the truth is there are a lot uglier stories behind polygamy.

I think this show distracts from the many terrible instances of polygamy that cause abuse, neglect, sexual assault, inbreeding etc. I’m not saying that all polygamists are evil, I’m just saying that this show makes the whole situation look “casual” and “normal” when in the majority of cases it is not.

Unfortunatley the average under-educated individual who is watching this program will see this and think, “ahhh polygamy isn’t as bad as it’s cut out to be..”, but the truth is many innocent lives are being ruined and adversly affected because of this type of life style.

I completely believe that everyone should have the freedom to live their life the way they want, but my point is what kind of message is this sending? I understand that there are plenty of the “20/20” type specials on polygamy, but the chances of those same viewers being the exact same ones watching TLC is not very high. The negative aspects of polygamy can’t be ignored and I think this program sort of “sweeps” those negative images under the carpet for the sake of good television and the “next big hit” for those execs to rake in the dough from.

I’m not meaning to offend anyone with this comment. I simply believe there are bigger more important issues regarding polygamy that need greater attention on before we exploit the issue into good ratings…

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I just watched this on DVR and even though I’ve been trying to not be on WB too much, I couldn’t not come see what all you girls thought!! I agree with many of you. Here are my observations:

1) They seem like they think for themselves, which is great. I especially appreciated the comments they made about their kids not having to be polygamists. I think its easy to generalize, and the show does reveal that not all “pligs” live on mind control compounds and that these woman chose this lifestyle for themselves.

2) Still, I feel like there are greater problems involved with polygamy. In many parts of the world (including America but moreso African and Middle Eastern nations) polygamy is used in the name of religion to systematically oppress and control women. I feel like we are more comfortable with this show because they are smiley, white, middle class people and we can relate to them on those levels, but it was a Muslim family, for example, we’d probably be more uncomfortable.

3) I did feel a little creeped out by Cody at times. Why the need for a fourth wife? The three you have seem to have a good handle on things, and more importantly your household has been running this way for 16 years. I feel like it is selfish for him to introduce a new woman and her children. I hope next week’s episode explains why he feels the need to do this other than “love”. In my opinion, he has three times as much love as the average husband so he should feel pretty lucky!

Edited to add #4) I can’t believe I almost forgot the obvious – I could never share my husband! Sex is one thing, but the intimacy of a marriage… I just can’t imagine allowing my husband to share that with someone else and watching it daily and not being constantly hurt by it. I think it would seriously affect my own well-being, because one of the the things that brings me the most joy in life is how special and intimate my relationship with my husband is, and to give that up in order for him to have something like that with another woman would seriously kill me.

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I watched a bit of it the other night and was surprised. They seem normal, except that there’s a 3:1 ratio of wife to husband. I don’t have to “get it” for it to be ok, right, normal, etc., so whatever floats your boat!

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@scissors I know me too! I was tired last night and went to go read in bed instead 😛

I want to watch it!

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I actaully liked this show, but a couple things bothered me:

The fourth wife-the other wives don’t really seem like they’re cool with it and the oldest daughter (Mariah) straight up said she wasn’t cool with it in the “family meeting.” The previews show that the third wife says something like “it really hurt me that he kissed (fourth wife).”

The oldest son (Logan) makes breakfast for his part of the house. He’s 15! He should be sleeping, not feeding and waking up his siblings. If it were really a family type situation, wouldn’t the other wives be helping? I don’t know how they run their life, maybe it’ll be explained in other episodes.

I’m definitely going to keep watching though, reality tv addiction rearing it’s ugly head.

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