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    I just don’t like how the man gets to have as many wives as he wants, but the women can’t have a little something on the side too. Like they all have to share one penis. Yeah. Not cool. I mean, look at it from a bedroom point of view. DO they use condoms? If not, can you imagine having your night with him and you are giving him head and you smell the other woman on him? I couldn’t handle it.

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    Yeah he is prety creepy.


    But this is what gets me the most. ALL they talk about is how the love this feeling of being a big family, and there is so much love etc. They are always defending and explaining their relationships etc.and arguing over the time they get to spend with him

    Do they not know that you can have a loving, full and big family with one guy? Yeah there wont be other “wives” in the house but you will have grandmothers, mothers, aunts etc that make that big family feeling and you NEVER have to argue about how your hubby is spending to much time with his other wife on their honeymoon!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

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    I couldn’t do it myself.  That being said, as long as the relationship is between consenting adults I feel like it’s up to them and it’s their business.  I agree that women should be able to have multiple husbands too though.  I just think it’s a different belief system and as I said, as long as they are adults and they are good with the situation and not unhappy, it doesn’t bother me.  It’s just not for me.  

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    The show disgusts me. The other wives even say how jealous they were of the newest wife. If they want a big family, why don’t they just have loss of kids? (if they can afford it) Like 19 kids and counting. They’re the sweetest couple and I wish I was half as patient as the mother.

    Miss Tattoo: I never thought of that. GROSS! I also would think I have a husband, but why isn’t he sleeping in the same bed as me??

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    I am from Utah so I see this sort of practice a lot. I mean, it’s not exactly main stream, but it’s not uncommon to see your traditional (old fashioned clothing, long braided) type of polygamist sister wives walking down the isles shopping with their kids here. I have a friend who is from a polygamist background and she is super cool. I don’t want to judge anyone based on their lifestyle if they so CHOOSE it. That is the big issue. In several small Utah and Arizona cities located extremely close to where I live, there are a lot of polygamist sects that I do think are incredibly gross. Young women are forced to marry and have sex with much older men and when there are too many young men they get kicked out of the family/sect. They are called “lost boys” and are forced to find a way to make it on their own before they are even 18 years old. It’s really sad.

    However, with the family in the TLC Sisterwives show. These women are clearly willing participants in the marriage and it doesn’t appear that any of the children are being forced into the lifestyle. While I don’t agree on the idea of sharing my Darling Husband with other women, to each their own in a situation like this.

    I just know there is no way in hell I could do this myself.

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    Honestly, I could never do it, but I don’t see why it’s anyone’s business but their’s how they choose to live their lives.  I think it’s stupid that he can have tons of wives and they must remain faithful to him, but they all knew what they were getting into when they signed up, and every one of those women has said MULTIPLE times that it’s hard but they believe it makes them better, stronger people.  To each their own…I’m not going to judge the choices other people make for themselves as long as their choices aren’t hurting me.  And this obviously isn’t.  

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    It’s their life, not mine.  They wanna lead that lifestyle, then let them just as long as nobody expects me to lead it!!! 

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    I watch this show and I find it interesting. I like learning about different cultures and lifestyles. Its not like anyone in the family is being forced into the relationship. It looks like the kids all get along, well, as well as siblings can! In one episode one of the older daughters even stated that while she loves her family she doesn’t think she wants this lifestyle when she gets married. 

    Also, from what I have seen it looks like he spends one night with one wife, the next night with another and so on. Its not like he sleeps with one then goes to another in the same night. 

    Like a PP said, to each their own. Who am I to judge as long as everyone is a consenting adult.

    ETA: None of them are actual sisters. They just call themselves sister wives because they are married to the same man.

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    @Jenni I am learning what i WONT be doing!

    SORRY Fiance I wasn’t given any sisters by my parents, so wont be having any EVER! lol

    I only watch it out of curiousity, as sad as that may be, but I too am taken back by this “arrangement” lol

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    My questions when I see situations like this is “who is actually paying for the 20 plus kids”?

    Since there is only one legally recognized wife, only those kids are recognized legally to that couple.  The other moms are technically in the eyes of the law as single moms, so are they supporting themselves and their kids with crazy Cody, or is Cody (the bigamist dad) supporting them, or are the women getting assistance from the govn’t?

    The biggest issue I see with this situation is also with the kids.  I think it will make them rather (and it’s just my opinion) messed up.  And I know those kids will grow up and have issues.  I know with my son having had a stepmom, it was an adjustment for him (she and my ex/son’s dad are divorcing now) and it was also confusing.  But for the life of me, I cannot understand how kids can reconcile having one dad and four mommies.

    Plus, didn’t the newest wife have multiple kids?  those poor children went thru a divorce and now are instant add-water siblings to over a dozen other kids.

    I’m just a one guy kinda gal.  I like things simple. 


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    @bellenga: From watching the show I do know that two of the women work and I am assuming use that money for their own children primarily.

    I find it enthralling to watch and see how they have made those life choices which are so different from my own. I however wonder how much they smooth over to be on TV and therefore is hidden.

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