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posted 8 years ago in August 2013
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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: May 2013

wait, so she took it out already?


ETA: oh, you mean the old one.  well…maybe if you ask, she’ll take it out if she only did it b/c it was free.

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Worker bee
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I put a post up earlier today and got no love or support hardly either so i feel you. I have tattoo’s and have had piercings including facial in the past, while at the time I liked the piercings I would have happily taken them out for wedding photos and I also would have waited to get a piercing if someones wedding was a week away and I was in the bridal party. She should have been more considerate, I’d be pissed too. Maybe she can suck up the pain during healing and throw in a clear retainer cause even if she flips it in her nose it will probably still show, but I’m sure if it does your photographer will probably be a photo shop whiz and be able to fix it! Good luck with her!

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Busy bee
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@alzell02:  my weddings’s in a week and my bridesmaid could tattoo half her face and I wouldn’t care. It’s her body and her life. I don’t expect my family or bridal party to plan personal decisions like body modification around my wedding and neither should you. 

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Honey Beekeeper

I’ll be happy to give you some support.   I’d be plenty POed too.  What, knowing how you’d feel, she couldn’t wait a stupid week?  Way to think of anyone else but yourself.  I don’t believe that everyone who does facial piercings is all about the attention, but her timing is interesting.

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Buzzing bee

@alzell02:  I understand why you’re not happy. I think it was an inconsiderate thing to do specifically because part of being a bridesmaid is having a certain look. Adding a nose ring right before an event involving looking the way someone else wants you to look isn’t all that reasonable. Luckily, as others have mentioned, she can flip the ring up and out of sight.

I also would like to say that there is a difference between expecting someone’s life to revolve around your wedding, and simply asking your bridesmaid to hold off on making obvious changes to their appearance until after the wedding. This bride is doing the latter, and it sure sounds reasonable to me. 

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Buzzing bee
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@alzell02:  She can get a clear stud for the wedding- or should be able to- so her hole won’t close, but then there won’t be a huge ring sticking out.  I guess things like that don’t really bother me.  They’re wedding pictures, yes, but I don’t judge people based on thier tattoos (I have 4) or piercings- if they are part of my day, I want them in the pictures, walking down the aisle, etc…..

Kinda strage since it’s so close to your wedding that she didn’t maybe run it by you- or wait a few more days, but nothing to get your undies in a bundle over.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I understand you’re upset, but her life does not get put on hold because of your wedding. Could she have waited a week? Probably. But what’s done is done — this was something she wanted to do for self expression and that’s just how it goes.

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Helper bee
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the nice thing about septum piercings that they can be flipped up out of sight.

I think you’re flipping out over nothing. Even if she doesn’t flip it, it will only be obvious in the close up photos. Take a deep breath, a centimeter of metal isn’t going to ruin your wedding

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Agreed with PPs who say that it can be flipped up and out of sight. I have my septum pierced, and there are people I’ve known for 5+ years who don’t know about it. The fun of that particular piercing is that it is so easy to hide.

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Worker bee
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I understand being upset. However, I will say that I highly doubt she will be wearing the full circle ring in a week.


I have my septum pierced, and while I don’t know what her piercer would do, as I’m sure everyone is different, I can speak from my experience and say that my piercer would only use the horseshoe shaped ring (Which allows for swelling). That ring is easily flipped up into the nose & is unnoticable (as I often have to wear my own this way thanks to a dissaproving mother). 


And unless she is brave, I doubt she would change out said ring before the healing process is up. If she is, could you maybe sit down after you’ve cooled off and have a heart to heart about her keeping the horseshoe ring in (And flipped up for pictures) just for the ceremony? 

I also agree with the PP who said it isn’t even noticable in photos unless it’s and “in your face” kind of thing. I doubt it would even been seen if out for candid photos during the reception/etc.

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Blushing bee
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@alzell02:  “Plus she is to pretty to mess up her face with something like that.”

Most of us understand wedding planning. I would imagine that over half of us are planning a wedding…

My Bridesmaid or Best Man has pink hair. It is usually blonde. I have not asked her to change it. Secondly, for you to imply that a woman can’t be pretty because “something like that” has “messed up her face” is inconsiderate to women who think their piercings are beautiful. 

It’s not your face. It is your wedding, however, so if you have such a massive problem with your BM’s piercing, kick her out. 

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Busy bee
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@Miss_Words:  +1 I think my nose piercing and monroe enhance my beauty 🙂


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@alzell02:  “She already has over 20 piercings, gages, and even her nose pierced (all of which I was okay with)”

The girl has 20 piercings including gauges and you’re upset about a septum piercing? Are you sure this isn’t just a stress response.

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Helper bee
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Most of my wedding party have either piercings, tattoos or both.  I also happen to think they’re attractive.  Different perspectives. 

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Busy bee
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@alzell02:  I personally like peircings however i think it was a crappy thing to do not waiting a week its not like u asked her knowing she had it or are expecting her to change for you or something … it would have been much kinder of her to wait a week for it 


its a good thing she can flip it in prob solved 😀 maybe thats why she got it done she kenw she could flip it for you its not like a lip ring or something u can’t hide at least 😀 hang in there 

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