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aussiebride1 :  I’m an aussie and have been to several food truck weddings over the last year or so and all have been fine and not logistical nightmares. I mean come on these food trucks work events and festivals with much larger crowds with individual orders and I have never waited more than 10mins to collect my food from the time I ordered.

I think the table number with name with wait staff running the food is a good idea, better than standing around waiting. 

If it is a laidback style of wedding that you are after then I think it will be fine. Though I do think $40pp is incredibly cheap for wedding catering by Australian standards anyway if you are in a metro area. I will say the foodtruck weddings had better food than most of the other weddings I have been to and would be happy to be invited since alternate drop is the standard here. Just keep the menu simple with limited options to ensure food is delivered quickly.

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Not to sound dramatic, but I get anxiety whenever I consider standing in a festival’s/event’s food truck line and waiting for food. Like 99% of the time I just won’t do it. This is worse than the anxious feeling I have when someone at a wedding announces all tables get up and dish up at the same time. Atleast at a wedding buffet you can eat once you’ve dished it up. I also get “hangry”. No offense, but if this is how things are done where you are from then maybe reach out to others who have done it that you personally know? 

Also wanna add that more than 1 type of food truck does not sound like a good idea. 

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I’m not a stuffy person, but I have to agree that this does not seem guest-friendly. The possibility of having to order my food at a truck window after waiting in line behind 20 other guests, with a likely wait time of a half an hour or more between ordering & receiving my order (because the line will move quickky given that nobody is waiting at the window and people are, instead, going back to sit down… so orders pile up as everyone sits down & waits for the food to be individually prepared & brought to their table…. it’ll be like 100 people flooded into a restaurant and all ordering within 5-10 minutes. The kitchen gets backed up.)

I mean, this is the reason why caterers have a head count and every guest usually chooses their dinner well in advance of the wedding (usually when they rsvp to attend the wedding). Cooking 100 meals on- site, to order, while guests wait…. this seems like a disaster in the making. 

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So, I think one thing to keep in mind is the time of day that it will be. If, say, your ceremony is at 3 and the food service starts at 4, it should work out that some people will be hungry enough to order right when the MC calls for it and some will be still full from lunch and will wait. But if you aren’t serving food till 7 or later, you run the risk of everyone being hungry at the same time. 

Depending on the type of food truck, could they possibly do some appetizers that could be put out initially for people to munch on in the meantime? Or some big bowls of salad. You could also order some appetizers (fruit and vegetable trays, etc) from elsewhere. 

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I went to a food truck-catered wedding, and it was fine as we had snacks to munch on prior to dinner (like what you’re doing). Did I have to stand in line a bit? Yes. Did it bother me? Not really, as I got to stand in line with a cocktail in hand and visit with friends who were also in line with me.

I think having a number and a runner will be fine. Also, having the trucks limit the number of food options (or avoid time-consuming things such as cooked to order or fried options) will expedite things–I think we had like 3 or 4 options to pick from at the wedding I attended.

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I went to a wedding with one food truck and ~100 people. As to not overwhelm the food truck a few tables were called at a time to go get their food. Great for the people that were called first and not so great for the last few tables (ie: me!) because it took much longer than anyone expected. Prehaps this could’ve been elevated with multiple trucks but you live you learn. I would also be inclined to have passed apps while people get their dinner, it will help people from getting overly hungry or drunk. 

Food trucks sound like a fun idea but I’ve never seen it executed well. 

ETA: I saw that you’ll have food for people to graze at. That will be very helpful! 

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Helper bee

To me it doesn’t seem so bad especially hearing that you’ll have a table of food for people to pick on. I admit I have no experience with this type of wedding, but I wouldn’t be too annoyed to wait in line a little. 

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I’ve never heard of this where I live BUT I think it sounds really cool! I’d just be nervous with the amount of people though. If it was a small wedding of 50-80 people I could see it working out fine! And like some of the other bees said if there’s a fav food truck that’d have me a bit worried too since they are only catering for 70. Not in any way, shape or form judging here because as I said I think it sounds very neat and very You! I like that you’re expressing yourselves through your food! I just personally couldn’t do it because I feel like it’d leave a lot up in the air and I’d need a plan B and C and be worrying about it the whole time! Lol! 

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How much food are they preparing for each person? Is it enough for a dinner, or is it like regular food truck serving sizes. I’d hate to wait in line and only get to eat an appetizer size meal. If it’s really just casual and small bites, then I would make sure to let your guests know that isn’t a full dinner.

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So, I hired food trucks for a corporate event and it was kind of a hot mess. I had way more trucks than I ‘needed’ but it still didn’t matter. When you think about it, a food truck is SMALL and they only have a very small number of people inside working. It’s just not practical to assume that they can pump out 50 burgers or 50 pizzas or 50 tacos made to order, in a timely fashion. There WILL be a wait. People will be hungry and they will be kind of annoyed. 

I think it’s inefficient to have your guests stand up, walk out to the food trucks, stand in line, give their flag, walk back to their seat, wait in their seat and get their food within an hour. In your head, it sounds fine…everyone will have a cocktail, mingle, chat, NBD. In real life, people sit around and bitch that they’re still waiting 40 minutes for their tacos and prob have too much to drink on an empty stomach. 

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I’m Australian and I will say that food truck wedding are uncommon here. They are not unheard of, but traditional receptions and cocktail weddings are far more common.

It’s annoying to wait ten minutes for your food if the people around you have already gotten there’s, let alone up to an hour. I would definitely be lining up for food as soon as possible and I think that others would do the same.

Sorry bee, but it seems like a logistical bomb waiting to go off. It could work, but it could also blow up in your face. If guests are hungry and frustrated they won’t remember the other awesome stuff in your wedding.

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