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Another vote for moissanite here. Men often respond with the “I’m not getting you a fake diamond” line when moissanite first comes up. If YOU think you’d still be interested in it, though, don’t give up on talking him around. It sometimes takes a hell of a lot to get a man to shake the diamond = love/engagement ideology. After a lot of consideration, moissanite for my SO and me is the most ethical and affordable solution for getting a stone that is actually just as good as a diamond (http://diamondssuck.com is an interesting website, though I’m not knocking diamonds – I already have a lot of those pretty little suckers!). Good luck in your decision whatever you choose.

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If your man’s objection is that he doesn’t like the idea that moissy is lab-created, another option you may want to consider is getting a different natural gemstone. A lot of ladies nowadays have sapphire engagement rings (if you still want a white stone, a white sapphire is an option, but a lot of people are getting blue sapphires because of Princess Diana and Kate Middleton). There are a lot of threads on here about other colored stone rings that often cost a lot less than a diamond yet are still very beautiful. 

A lot of guys are afraid to agree to alternatives to diamonds because they think that all women actually want diamonds and that it’s some kind of test if we say we don’t. If you did want to try to convince your guy that it’s ok not to get a diamond I would suggest having him read Have You Ever Tried to Sell a Diamond?, an article that explains how the diamond market has been totally manipulated by DeBeers. Diamonds are not rare and have very little intrinsic value, but the market for them is totally out of whack so that retail prices are way higher than they need to be. If I were going to buy a diamond I would definitely buy it secondhand instead of from a retail store. 

I would also suggest asking the people on http://www.pricescope.com to help you find diamonds that are a good value. The people there know a lot about diamonds and can tell you if a diamond is overpriced for what it is. 

My own ring is moissanite with sapphire side stones. The entire ring cost $825. To get a loose diamond of a comparable cut, color, clarity, and size would have cost around $4,000. 


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I know there are a lot of advocates for Moissanite on this site, AND I think it is a great stone BUT I think it is only fair to reference the differences between a Moissanite and a Diamond from an owner of both. While Moissanite is “double refractive”, claiming to have 2x as much sparkle as a diamond, the sparkle is different than a diamond. It sort of has more like little tiny bursts of colorful sparkle whereas a diamond has longer, whiter beams of sparkle. If you are trying to pass the moissanite off as a diamond to anybody who “knows” diamonds they should be able to tell the difference easily. Also, there are many lightings that moissanite will not sparkle and sort of just lay flat whereas a diamond won’t. I prefer a diamond and recommend you look at the site idonowidont , that’s where my bf bought my ring!

By The Way, we will be selling the moissanite set we originally bought. It is a 1.5 carat round moissanite in a yellow gold 14kt band with wedding band for $600.

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Well they all turned out huge and I can’t make em smaller!  They are from Kay, Zales and Shane Co. And all under $2000

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@reedch:  A DIAMOND (or moissanite) RING IS NOT AN INVESTMENT.  Seriously, get that out of your and your man’s head RIGHT NOW.  Buying an engagement ring is like buying a car–the moment it’s yours and you leave the shop it will be worth 50% or less than what you paid for it 10 seconds ago.  You want something made well that will last for the lowest price you can get.  That was one big fat reason I was so adamant about not spending a lot.  Spending a lot of money on a diamond (or moissanite) ring is a bad financial move, especially if you can’t afford to take the loss.  

I had to talk my dude into moissanite.  I tried to talk him into CZ but he was not having it so we compromised with moissanite.  Another thing to think about is getting a moissanite now and switching it out for a diamond when you can afford it if you still want to. I can tell the difference between a diamond and a moissanite if I’m comparing.  But no one is going to be looking at it like that.  They see clear stone, left hand and think diamond and don’t even consider questioning it.  

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I personally don’t thinly mossiys are a great option for people who want a diamond. It’s not hard to figure out what two months salary would be (give or take) and that there is no way you could afford a 1.5 or 2 carat ring. That would imply your fiance makes $100k+. Even if people don’t say something to your face, they probably guess that its not a diamond. If you are fine with that or are open that you are happy it isn’t a diamond, it is great, but I know my friends would talk about it being a “fake ring” behind your back.

Here are some good options:

http://m.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/shop_bystone/bridal_collection/bridal_sets/PRD~594297/14k+White+Gold+1ct+TW+Certified+Diamond+Ring+Set.jsp' defer='defer

http://m.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/shop_bystone/bridal_collection/bridal_sets/PRD~986956/14k+White+Gold+58ct+TW+Certified+Diamond+Ring+Set.jsp' defer='defer

http://m.kohls.com/kohlsStore/jewelry/shop_bystone/bridal_collection/bridal_sets/PRD~687200/14k+White+Gold+1ct+TW+Diamond+Ring+Set.jsp' defer='defer

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@Pollywog:  While I think that it’s true if you are going to try to pass it off as a diamond, you should realize that people are going to question it if it’s more than you could afford, also realize that most people really have NO clue what the cost of a diamond is. Also, as is the case with BF and I, some people save up for a long time to afford the ring they want. We have been together for over 8 years, so it wouldn’t be weird if he got me a 2 carat ring. Just some food for thought.

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Have anyone tried pawn shops? You can get a ring almoust for only the gold+diamond price? In the normal jewel store there is even up to 50% of air in the price , so ofcourse its value goes down the moment you take it out of the store.

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I was in the same boat. I wanted a ring for under $2k, not because we couldn’t afford it, but because I take issue with jewelry store markups and I don’t like car or jewelry sale tactics. I visited 10 different family owned jewelry stores to look at only the stones. I wanted the perfect stone, and then I’d worry about the setting. I ended up falling in love with a .68 F SI beauty at $1900. It was a little more than I wanted him to spend, but they bargained with me and took the amount of sales tax off since DH paid in cash. I think it ended up being about 2500 with the thick banded cathedral (think Lucida) setting and that was when gold was sky high. I also considered Moissy…and was almost at my breaking point looking at all those stores. But I already have a huge pair of ascher moissy earrings. And I knew when I found my diamond, it was love.

One thing I need to mention about my diamond is that the cut is wider across the top than is considered ideal. So it looks much like a full .75 or a little bigger. Most jewelry stores, will try to tell you this takes away from the brilliance, not enough light passes, yadda yadda. But I love my diamond and it is fiery. It had a tiny inclusion under one of the prongs that looks like a gray pinhead. You’d never see it unless you had a loop. Just make if you find a nice one, that its eyeclean or something you can live with. The C’s are important, but jewelers use them as a ploy to get you buy a more expensive stone.   

Some tips I learned…call ahead and be firm with them. “I’m coming in today to look at loose stones. I am looking for loose stones in this range of the C’s, this is my budget, and I am only concerned with the stone. Do you have any available you can show me.” When you arrive, if they push you into looking at stuff out of your range, leave. Also, I looked at several pawn shops. I just didn’t find anything good. The pawn shops here sell the nice stones to the jeweler…go figure.

Find a pretty stone, you can put it in any setting you’d like. Craigslist is good too, just be careful. You’ll find something in your budget, you just have to look really hard.

Good luck.


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