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I started taking Perricone total body vitamins (you can get them at skinstore.com- they usually run a 20 percent off promotion). They’re pretty expensive and have to be taken twice a day- but I have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin after taking using them for two months. I also use a clarisonic brush and bliss vitamin C moisturizer- my skin feels a lot tigher if that makes sense and my pores are smaller.

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I use Boscia’s black mask weekly — I think its helped shrink my pores and clear our dead skin and dirty pores! 

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I have enlarged pores, red marks, and general redness from past acne (or mostly in the past acne). I just went to the dermatologist and she recommended IPL/fotofacial for the enlarged pores and redness and a stronger laser for the individual red marks (not sure what that one’s called). Maybe it’s because it’s Beverly Hills, but she didn’t look at my like I was crazy at all and my skin is not even that bad (easily covered with tinted moisturizer, just not great looking bare). She seemed to think it was totally normal for a bride to come in and even wrote my wedding date in my chart! If you are willing to spend the money on lasers/peels/etc, I’d recommend finding a cosmetic dermatologist you specializes in these kind of treatments. In my experience if you go to a derm you mainly treats skin cancer, they will look at you like you are crazy for even wanting an acne treatment!

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Estee Lauder—-

In the morning— I wash face with Perfectly Clean Foaming Face Wash 

After washing  I apply Idealist (Pore redefiner and minimizer) 

Then Daywear Lotion (This is the ONLY lotion I’ve EVER been able  to put on my face, I have the same problems you described above too) 

At night—-Night Repair (for age spots, redness, scars, you name it)  (you WILL see  a difference with this stuff!)    Then Daywear Lotion at night also

This stuff is a bit pricy, but if you’re like me  (I’m 27, have always had bad skin, have tried everything, even dermatologist) then you know it’s worth it to find something that actually works.


I have used this for 3 months now, my skin is better than EVER.   I have always struggled with large pores, redness, acne, etc….   I was very skeptical of this product as it was recommended by an estee lauder consultant (of course she’s going to tell me it’s liquid gold, right?)   She was right!!  It is liquid gold!

you can never get rid of pores, but mine definitely with out a doubt look much much smaller and less noticeable!  I rarely ever get a pimple anymore, I wear my hair up more often and wear much less makeup than I use to feel like I had to to cover my flaws.  I am soooo happy with it!   The Night Repair is simply amazing….I have had a rather large dark spot on my cheek for years (tried scarzone and drm. recommended products, nothing really worked)  I swear after maybe not even a week I noticed the darkness fading…it’s completely gone now after 3 months!!

I really hope you get a chance to try it, like I said it is way more expensive than I ever thought I would spend on a skincare regime but it works, so I’m willing to pay for it.  The bottle that I got was only a one ounce…and I’ve been using it EVERYDAY for 3 months and I’ve still got some left.  You can do your whole face with a pea size amount!


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You might want to check out Kandee Johnson’s makeup blog, she has great skin care tips!! You can just search her blog for “clear skin” or something.

kandeej.com is her makeup/skin blog…




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I’ve had a lot of luck with my Clarisonic Mia and Aqua Glycolic products. Aqua Glycolic contains AHA and I use the cleanser, toner, and lotion. I have pretty oily skin so I didn’t have any issues with dryinh, but I would recommend gradual use in the beginning. My pores have shrunk, my adult acne has cleared up and my skin looks the best is has in years. Aqua Glycolic can be purchased on drugstore.com and in some local drugstores. As someone who has suffered with adult acne I highly recommend them.  

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Your dermatologist won’t look at you funny for asking for a peel or laser at all.  You’re not looking for a face lift or wrinkle filler! Those are two of the best treatments for exfoliating (a light med grade peel) and reducing acne scarring (the laser).  A peel will help get rid of some of the skin around your pores, making them a little less deep and also making them cling to what clogs them less.  The difference in the pores my nose after just a couple of peels was really evident.  Both can reduce acne, if you still have any.  IPL basically erased my numerous broken capillaries.

If your skin is clean and moisturized, there really isn’t much that an OTC cream is going to do to improve your skin texture.  Even a lot of the AHA/glycolic stuff is buffered to a pH where it doesn’t really have a medical effect anymore, even if the % of it sounds good.  You can spend as much on placebos as a real treatment in a hurry.

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I have had problems with acne since I hit puberty! I know what you mean: it’s not like having a pizza face, but I’m never had just radiant, beautiful skin. I have Retin-A to clear up the acne, and I use an apricot scrub. I need to start using an astringent, though!

I make sure to drink a lot of water, and that really helped me. I know you said you do that, though. Exercise really helps flush out gunk that’s in the skin, too!

Other than that, I have no advice. 🙁

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I’ve found dandelion (in pill form) was great for my skin. It helps clean the liver -I believe its also a dieuretic (but I’d have to verify). Its very safe, but obviously check with a Dr. or pharmacist if you’re on any meds or anything because you’re going to be taking it for long term.

Do you ever use bentonite clay masks for the black heads? I use one once weekly and it really helps, but if your skin is sensitive you might have to use it less. It obviously won’t help with previous scarring, but will improve overall look.

I am sure if you told a Dermatologist you’re getting married they would be ok with a light chemical peel or laser. There are lots of medi-spas in Ontario that specialize in these things, but obviously its buyer beware with some.

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Oh also, a good make up primer will hide some of the uneveness if all else fails! MAC has one I’ve used and liked thats very light. I don’t know I would wear it daily as I think the main ingredient is silicone which can clog pores.

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I have been using an at home microdermabrasion cloth.  It is inexpensive and really effective.

You will notice an immediate difference in the tone of your skin.  I have been doing weekly treaments for over a month now and it has definitely improved the uneveness of my skin, the red marks I have left from breakouts, and also older scarring.

You can buy a great kit from this ebay seller:


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