(Closed) Skinny dog–any ideas why?

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aw! he is a skinny boy! my dog is also skinny and he has food allergies so i have to get him food that costs the big bucks – but if he gets in the trash all progress is lost for like a week. Good luck and I would only get super worried if his energy level gets very low


keep in mind im no vet but I have a sensitive pup 🙂

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Oh he looks so sweet, but he’s so skinny it makes me sad!! :((  Since he’s been to the vet and checks out ok, not sure…is he a mixed breed? Maybe he’s part whippet or other super slim dog? I guess his metabolism is just super high. If he’s not already fixed, you can try getting him fixed. I’ve heard dogs/cats usually gain some weight after you do that. Good luck, keep us posted on how your fur baby is doing!

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Is it possible that your dog has diabetes? Weight loss is a common symptom for that, but that should include fatigue and excessive thirst. You might have your vet check that next time you are in.

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You could have the vet run thyroid test (though thyroid problems in dogs usually cause weight gain, not loss) and a full blood workup.

One of my dogs is pretty skinny as well, skinny enough my trainer was concerned about him not keeping weight on. I took him to the vet to have him checked out, the vet said no need to worry, he’d rather have them a little underweight than to be overweight. He’s 3 year old and FINALLY starting to come into himself and fill out.

I had a dog that had been sick as a puppy (I don’t know what “sickness” she had, I was a kid when we got her), but her entire life she looked emaciated.



If you want to try to put weight on him, “satin balls” work great, you can feed these either with or between meals:

Recipe 1:
This recipe is one for putting weight on an animal quickly, as some use it for putting a couple extra pounds on a show animal prior to the big day, or an animal that may have been ill and needs a weight gain program.  It has also been reported that this recipe will help with some forms of hair loss, such as when your dog(s) blow their coat, to keep the coat healthy and shiny.  This recipe is intended to be fed raw.
        10# hamburger meat
        1 jar wheat germ
        1 lg box of oatmeal (uncooked)
        1 1/4 Cup vegetable oil
        10 eggs
        10 sm pkgs unflavored gelatin
        1 1/4 Cup unflavored molasses
        A pinch of salt
        1 lg box Total cereal (2lb’s)
(You may also add a pinch of garlic powder to add flavor)
Mix all ingredients together well, much like a meatloaf….put into separate freezer bags and freeze, thawing out as needed.  It puts weight on in a very short time, not to mention the gloss in their coat.  You can use it every day  when they have a show to do and it does not produce diarrhea.  It can be fed  alone or with kibble.
This recipe was originally received from Dianne Carreon

Recipe 2:
I don’t like the Satin Ball recipe b/c of the sugar- laden Total Cereal.
        1 lb ground beef
        1 8 oz pkg cream cheese
        1 jar all natural peanut butter
        1 jar (smaller of the sizes) wheat germ
        1 doz egg yolks
        1 cup or so of flaked oats soaked in heavy cream
Mix up, form balls, freeze, feed as treats or food supplement.

My recipe, a combo of the above:
        1 pound raw ground beef (80/20)
        1 8 oz pkg cream cheese
        1 jar all natural no-sugar peanut butter
        6 whole eggs (shell included) – put through blender
        1 cup oats soaked in whole milk
        1/4 cup wheat germ
        2-3 tablespoons molasses
        2-3 tablespoons olive oil
I mixed it all together like meatloaf and froze it into ice cube trays so it’s easy to portion out.

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@MightySapphire: Ditto your last comment! ..And now I can’t get Pete’s Schweddy Balls out of my head!

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LOL, I honestly have no idea where the name “satin balls” comes from!

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For now, I would switch him to a different puppy food and keep a close eye on him. Large breed puppy formulas are designed to deliver all necessary nutrients with less energy than small or regular puppy diets. That’s done to prevent them from growing too fast, which has been implicated in the development of orthopaedic diseases. Your dog may not need this energy restriction and do better with more calories.

Please do not feed your puppy raw hamburger meat. If you absolutely must feed him raw meat, buy solid chunks and sear the edges before feeding. Ground meat has a LOT more surface area and is pretty much a petri plate for bacteria. If your pup has GI issues that could exacerbate it. 

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Maybe you could give him Ben and Jerry’s Schweddy Balls Ice Cream! 🙂

  • vanilla ice cream with a hint of rum and is loaded with fudge covered rum and milk chocolate malt balls

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When we got our dog she was skin and bones, she was fighting off parasites and parvo (she had been abandoned) so I fed her a raw egg or two with each meal, it really helped her put on weight and she loved them. I would also try feeding your dog raw meat (whole cuts are best) your dog may very well have an intolerance to regular food and may not be digesting it efficiently. Diabetes and thyroid should be checked. Other than that, I know some dogs look very skeletal while they are growing, my friend is raising a great dane for show and the puppy always looked skinny even though she was well-fed, until my friend put her on a raw food diet, now her body condition is much better.


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I looked up something about a dog that drinks a lot of water & is skinny, this is what a response was (from http://www.justanswer.com/pet-dog/0mle0-dog-drinks-lot-water-really-skinny.html)

Diabetes, Cushing’s disease, or kidney problems. These are the Big Three of those signs, of which I’d vote for diabetes or kidney problems first.

Diabetes causes it because the high sugar in the blood makes the kidney produce urine to attempt to dilute it. Drinking is in response. Weight loss is because the patient has trouble utilizing glucose for energy and is metabolizing his body fats for it.

Kidney problems are because the kidney is losing it’s ability to concentrate urine, thus saving body water, and is passing more water through into urine, instead. Drinking is an attempt to keep up with the losses.The weight loss is because, along with the loss of water, kidney problems also lose a lot of protein through the urine, and the body is breaking muscle down to maintain the blood levels of proteins.

Cushings causes several other problems. It is a condition of the adrenal glands and results in excesses of cortisone-like products in the blood. Cortisone stimulates urination, and drinking follows to make up for it.

Also, hyperthyroid will cause a weight loss, simply because the patient’s metabolism is turned way up. Excess water intake is not as common a finding. Rather, they usually have very healthy appetites.

I hope this helps. The suggestion is have your vet check it out before it turns into a bigger problem Best wishes.


& then my guess would be any chance it could be worms, sometimes they’re not diagnosed?

Piddles had a combo of roundworms & coccidia… but the roundworms weren’t visible at my vet’s microscope, or at the lab they sent it off too. She was horribly sick & skinny & my vet said it was just the coccidia, they didn’t think it was worms. Took her to a different vet & they saw the roundworms, I got the meds & it was like an overnight improvement (but it took quite some time for her to get fattened up). ALSO my cats had tapeworm (I saw it) when I first got them & they did a fecal test (this is at a different vet) & they said they had no worms. Umm no, I saw it & I know what tapeworm is!

Try a natrual de-wormer called…(see below)

found at this website: http://wolfcreekranch1.tripod.com/diatomaceous_earth.html



Food grade DE eliminates roundworms, whipworms, pinworms, and hookworms within 7 days of being fed daily. Studies that advise this are on our DE FAQ page and elsewhere throughout the internet.  

We always suggest feeding DE for a minimum of 30 days for roundworms, whipworms, or hookworms, due to their life cycle and needing to catch any hatching eggs, as DE does not kill eggs.

Lungworms, including hookworms that have migrated to the lungs for which upper respiratory symptoms would be seen – sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, runny eyes, etc., take double the recommended daily DE dose for at least 90 days.


ALSO: Here is a website that says how to help a skinny dog gain weight: http://www.ehow.com/how_4869623_do-skinny-dog-gain-weight.html

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