(Closed) Skinny/Thin/Petite Girls: How Do You Stay Fit?

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I actually just add a lot of walking or jogging into my normal routine and that helps. As long as I do some kind of toning excersize a couple times a month then the added walking, etc. helps to maintain that. Also diet is extremely important to maintaining muscle tone. When I overeat one week, I can see how I’m getting ‘softer’ all around regardless of excersize routine.

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I also run a lot! I’m training for a 10 mile race in May, and I’ve noticed my legs getting really toned because of it. I found a beginners’ training schedule online and just going at it!

I know I need to get some cross training in there somewhere. I don’t lift weights, so my upper body is blah while my lower body is getting really toned! So if you find things that work for you, let me know!

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I don’t usually work out but I noticed since I got married, I gained about 10 pounds.  I started going back to the gym.  Also, since I’m not that motivated to do it on my own, I have to make appointments to see a personal trainer a few times a week. I’m really out of shape. I may look thin but I am not that healthy. I’m working on it though.

ETA: Oh, yeah, I’m fairly healthy with what I eat, just not with fitness, like you.

Oh, as for exercises, I usually do about 15 min of cardio then different regions each session, like core, arms and legs.

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I eat healthy foods in decent amounts. My snack is popcorn; and I will be less rigourous over the weekends in order not to go crazy with dieting.

I work out 6 days and relax on Fridays.

My workout right now is the P90x (phase 3), and karate twice per week. Once I’m done the P90x, I’ll start running for cardio and cut back on strenght training for a while, just doing basic abs training with what I learned from Pilates and P90x.

I usually switch trainings every three months or so, in order to avoid boredom, and to keep my body guessing.

My biggest challenge is that I might eat too much popcorn; and I like dining out. I’ve put a stop to it though since January; planning my meals with this fantastic free website that plans all my meals for me (gluten free and all). It sends me a 5-day menu every week, along with recipes, grocery shopping list and everything.. I highly recommend it for anyone who, like me, gets tired of wondering what to eat and ends up eating out every time they’re a bit tired… 



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I keep moving.

I walk or ride my bike to the office every day (only 1.5 miles from home to work), I rotate my ankles or contract my stomach every so often while sitting at my desk. I take stairs instead of escalators. I park in the first parking spot I see (regardless of how far away from the store it is, well, within reason). I carry a basket in the grocery store instead of pushing a cart.

I try to run a 5k race every other month to keep me interested in running, but I only run a couple times a week.

I’ve recently started to do Wii Active; so great! And now, since the wedding is a littel over a month away, I’m doing some crunches and leg lifts.

The idea is to eat sensibly and move. : )

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Throughout high school and college I was definitely “skinny fat” – I could eat/drink whatever I wanted, I never worked out, and I was very thin, but not at all in shape or toned.  After college (8 years ago) I started to gain a little bit of belly weight if I did nothing, but could lose it really fast.  An ex, who was a personal trainer, used to tell me that my body was more responsive to working out than anyone he had ever seen.  But I hated to work out, so I would do it for as long as it took to get back to my “skinny fat” self and start all over again.  (We are talking 5 lb. max yo-yo, so nothing terribly unhealthy.)  Now, at 30, my body is *very* different, and I can tell that my metabolism has slowed considerably.  I am now carrying 5 extra lbs. that I gained since college, which is primarily muscle and which I am quite happy about.  But I am also carrying 5 extra lbs. that I gained since the wedding that need to go.  Now.  I can still drop the weight pretty quickly, but now that I am older, I need to be vigilant about my work out routine to keep in shape.

Here is my routine:

  • Monday – Intervals (Run 30-45 minutes + stretch)
  • Tuesday – Intervals
  • Wednesday – Yoga (1 hour class)
  • Thursday – Intervals
  • Friday – Yoga (1 hour class)
  • Saturday – hike, bike ride, run outside, or long walk
  • Sunday – Yoga (1.5 hour class)

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Power Walking alot is a good way to stay fit. There are times I could take the car but I just walk to the local store or take the stairs instead of elevator

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Well, I have really good genes! But in order to not gain a little “softness” I take the dog on a walk every day. If I am feeling extra soft I will start to do yoga and/or pilates. I hardly ever do intense cardio like running because I get out of breath really easily. The most cardio I will do is speed walking or just taking a really long walk. I also eat pretty well (lots of veggies, drink lots of milk, barely any junk food, etc) so I think that helps. I have done P90X and it worked wonders for me but I really hate working out so I couldnt stick with it. My mom is 55 and weighs only about 15 lbs more than me after having 3 kids and all she ever does or has done is take walks!

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I drink a lot of water, drink spinach smoothies, and eat pretty healthy.

I go to the gym 3-5 times a week, and do the elliptical for 8.5 miles each time.

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If you have an iPhone or an iPod touch I recommend Nike Training Club.

Lots of great workouts for toning and shaping, and the longest one is only 45 minutes! The shortest is 15. Highly recommend.

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I have a pretty high metabolism to begin with, but when I do gain some weight I lose it by reducing 100-200 calories a day and doing a bit more exercise.  Strength training is the BEST! That’s the number one way for me to shape up.  Yoga is also fantastic.  I HIGHLY recommend Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown–fantastic results! Cardio doesn’t do much for me–plus I can’t stand it!!!

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I like to run–outside, not on a treadmill. It’s more intense and generally more interesting. I also like to garden and do strength building exercizes in the morning. 🙂

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I eat really healthy and watch my portions, I have oats with skim milk, honey, cinnamon and banana for breakfast. 2pce fruit for morning tea. Either a lean meat salad sandwhich on rye or multigrain or a lean meat salad for lunch, 30g almonds or a protein shake for afternoon tea Lean meat and veg for dinner either a stirfry or meat and salad or meat and chargrilled veg. However I often stuff up like today I have eaten too much 🙁


Monday am – bootcamp

Monday pm – personal training’

Tuesday am – Les Mills body attack at the gym

Wednesday am – bootcamp

Thursday am – Les Mills body pump

Thursday pm – Les Mills RPM

Friday am – Bootcamp

Saturday am – Body attack followed by Body pump or RPM

Sunday – Rest Day.

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I used to do a lot of running but haven’t been able to due to the recent cold snap.  So when it’s too cold for jogging, I play Dance Dance Revolution.  Seriously, it works EVERY muscle in your body, it really helps if you ‘stike a pose’ while dancing and move your arms (for balance haha)

Always stretch beforehand, but dancing is one of the BEST ways to tone your body, and the muscles you didn’t even know you had. 

I’m training up to do Celtic Ceili Dancing with my bf this summer, and seriously DDR is kicking my butt. 🙂

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