Slang words from where you live – like cheeky!

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Helper bee
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I come from northern Ontario Canada so there are a few slang words that aren’t really used in other places. 

Word/slang “Jar” “Jar out”

Context “That’s a jar” “Buddy over there made me jar out”

Meaning Someone made you laugh like crazy or you’re having a fun/good time. No one knew what I was talking about outside of northern Ontario so I tried to drop saying this. 

Word “packsack”

Context “My packsack is really heavy”

Meaning Another word for back pack.

Word/slang “May run”

Context “You doing anything for May run?” 

Meaning The holiday weekend in May. It has something to do with fish runs opening at that time. I would say this when I first started dating my husband and he thought I was talking about running in May haha

Word/slang “May 2-4”

Context “I’m going to the cottage May 2-4”

Meaning May 24th is Queen Victorias birthday and it’s a long weekend. It also references a 24 case of beer. 

Word “snowjob”

Context “Buddy got me so wet after that snowjob.”

Meaning It sounds dirty (haha) but it’s when someone takes snow and shoves it in your face. Southerners call it a face wash. 

Word “rip”

Context “Wanna go out for a rip on the sled?”

Meaning Go out for a drive usually on a ski-doo (sled) or any motorized vehicle. 

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Bumble bee
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milksteak :  rip totally means a) fart or b) verbally assault/abuse c) slash someones face (see also chib – take a knife to ones face)

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Helper bee
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whoswho :   look up the video “Go for a rip” on YouTube. Warning it has swearing. Also there is a strip club up north called Fanny’ s haha 

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Bee Keeper
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When I first moved to England no one know what I was talking about with words/phrases like this

Scundered – Really embarassed 

Craic – Definitely understood in other countries now, but the usually use it in the wrong context or worse spell it as crack. What’s the craic? Any craic? – How are you/any news/gossip? He is no craic – He isn’t any fun

Poke – Ice cream cone

Boke – To be sick

Catch yourself on – Wise up/get a grip/pull yourself together

Hallion – A scoundrel 

Geg – Laugh

Dead on – Either means yes or sounds.  Is three o’clock okay tomorrow? Aye dead on. or He’s dead on so he is – He is sound or a good guy

Buck eejit – moron

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Blushing bee
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I’m from Texas, we have a lot of slang terms.

One is “fixing to” (pronounced fixin’ to), which means you’re about to do something. “I’m fixin’ to go to the store”.

Another is “over yonder”, this indicates a general direction or vicinity.

We also use “coke” to indicate any type of soda. If you say “I want a coke at lunch” this could mean you actually want a Dr Pepper or a Pepsi. 

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Bumble bee

Y’all –  you two, you guys 

“Did y’all see that? How are y’all doing today”

And my personal favorite ‘ all y’all’ meaning all of you guys/group

I’ve learned that I literally cannot talk without this phrase. It covers all the bases. Texas, here 😂

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Bumble bee

Wanna root – sex

Arvo – afternoon

Barbie – barbecue

Ripper – awesome/great

Servo – petrol station also where you buy meat pies/ice coffee on road trips

Cozzie/togs – bathers/swimsuit




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Bumble bee
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My mom is from Philly, so even though I grew up in the Midwest I unknowingly adopted a lot of East Coast slang that I didn’t realize was regional for a while. 


in context: “ youse guys want to go to the movies later”

meaning: the Philly version of y’all, essentially. Used in reference to a group of people. 


I don’t even know how to explain the context. It’s a noun that could be used to reference literally any person, place, or thing. It’s a catch all really. 


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Busy bee
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Another Southern one: “What time’s it gettin’ to be?”

I thought this one was completely normal until a friend from Boston was confused by the question.

It’s just a casual way of asking “What time is it?”, but with the implication that time is passing quickly or that it’s getting late.

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Bumble bee

Bail – To cancel plans. ‘Bruce bailed’ = Bruce isn’t going to turn up.

Bloody oath – yes or its true. “You right mate?”… “Bloody Oath” 

Bogan – This word is used for people who are, well let’s say, rednecks. Or, if you like, just call your friends a bogan when they are acting weird

Budgie Smugglers – Speedo

Bludger – Someone who’s lazy, generally also who relies on others (when it’s someone who relies on the state they’re often called a ‘dole bludger’)

Brolly – Umbrella

Bush – “Out in the bush” – “he’s gone bush” In the countryside away from civilisation

Choccy Biccy – Chocolate Biscuit

Crack the shits – Getting angry at someone or somethinG

Daks – Trousers. ‘Tracky daks’ = sweatpants (tracksuit pants)

Dardy – meaning “cool”

Devo – Devastated

Fair Dinkum – ‘Fair Dinkum?’ … ‘Fair Dinkum!’ = Honestly? … Yeah honestly!

Flannie / Flanno – flannelette shirt

F*ck Me Dead – that’s unfortunate, that surprises me

G’day – Hello

Gnarly – awesome – often used by surfers

Piece of Piss – easy

Sheila – A woman

Sick – awesome; ‘that’s really sick mate’

Tinny – Can of beer or small boat

Thongs – Flip Flops. Do not be alarmed if your new found Australian friend asks you to wear thongs to the beach. They are most likely expressing their concern of the hot sand on your delicate feet.

Tucker – Food

Woop Woop – middle of nowhere “he lives out woop woop”


I love slang haha 


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Blushing bee

fran01 :  I remember when I did a boat tour and there were some australians, they asked the guide one morning ‘what should we wear today? are thongs appropriate?’

Whoa whoa whoa!! You can wear whatever underwear you want, haha. 

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Helper bee
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Is no-one going to mention the fanny / pants debacle across the continents laughing

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Helper bee
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Lol I’m a Newfoundlander, so all I speak is slang haha!


“yes b’y”- literally everything.  You can use it to disagree, agree, be sarcastic, show sympathy, etc

“Crooked”- in a bad mood

”skeet”- an unsavoury person

“I dies at you”- you make me laugh

”scoff”- food 


There’s so much more that I’m too lazy to type out haha… there’s enough to fill a dictionary 😂

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Bumble bee
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jillsgills :  I did earlier, i forgot though pants = things you wear under your clothes

trousers – everything else


some more Glaswegian ones


Cooncil Jooce – water, as its provided by the council (makes sense right..)

fannybaws – a term of ridicule, in some cases of endearment (“Ho, here fannybaws, geis a chip.”)

Fud – Vagina 


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