(Closed) Sleep – from CIO to non cry solutions?

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We never used CIO so I have zero advice on that, but I just wanted to reassure you that it is very common for babies his age to suddenly have issues sleeping through more than one cycle.   Most babies will figure out how to self-soothe between cycles in a couple months, regardless of what methods you use.  🙂  It’s really all about what makes you feel most comfortable, and then a little bit of waiting for them to develop/mature.

With DD, I would go into her room right before a sleep cycle ended and shush/pat her in her crib at the first sign of waking.  Sometimes I’d have to pick her up and rock her back to sleep, but most of the time I could soothe her without taking her out of her crib.

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My lil guy is 4 months too. Unlike you though he never slept through the night and was waking often. He started to get a little better giving us a 5 hour stretch then 2 hours after that first feeding when he was about 3 months but then he got a cold and regressed to every 1-2 hours. 

After the cold passed he was waking up 4-6 times a night! We didn’t know what to do, we weren’t in favor of a full out CIO, we tried a gentle form as well where we wold go in every 10 mins then extend the times we would go in, but it made my DS worse, and like your son, he would then be afraid and scream when it was naptime and bedtime. It was so sad. 

My DH and I agreed it wasn’t working for us or him, so we agreed to let him cry for 10 mins and if in those 10 mins he didn’t stop then we knew he needed us and that is what we have followed for the last 2 1/2 weeks and it works out great. Most times now he crys for about 5-8 mins and falls alseep, if he cries past that we go in and either feed or just sooth until he goes back to sleep and it works great for us. The times he hasn’t stopped crying after the 10 mins he either had a ditry diaper, was cold/hot, or hungry so I know we are doing the right thing by going to him if he doesn’t stop because he is trying to tell us something.

I’m sure many people will say what we are doing is wrong but it works for us, I found with the CIO it actually gave my DS terrors. If he did finally fall asleep after crying for extend periods he would wake shortly after SCREAMING, like a terrified scream. 

Naps are tough for us too, sometimes I get long naps sometimes I don’t, don’t totally stress about the naps, they are much are harder to achieve and I think some days your DS is going to be more tired than other days. If my DS takes a shorter nap I just make sure I put him down for his next nap a little sooner. I don’t do set nap schedules, I stick to the 2 hour rule. We start to wind down at about 1 1/2 and by 2 hours he is normally sleeping. 

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Look into Elizabeth Pantley’s No Cry Sleep Solution book. His sleeping patterns seem very normal. Infants need to wake from the night it protects them from SIDS and they only have small tummies. 


You don’t need to resort to CIO or CC they are other ways much safer for bubs

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We haven’t done CIO, but I read The No Cry sleep solution and it’s amazing. I love all the suggestions and the gentle approach. My LO is still sleeping great tho – he’s 2 mos and gets up about 2 time a night wihch is fine with me. I do worry about the predicted sleep regression that comes around 4 months though, it’s very common I’ve heard.

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I just want to say 4 months is still pretty young – a sleep consultant told me not to do CIO until at least 6 months or so. It sounds like non-CIO works better for you anyway. We did have a terrible time getting our son to sleep, and at 6 months we did Ferber and it worked like a miracle for us. But I think your little guy is still pretty little, although maybe different sleep experts say different things!

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