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Helper bee

I’m right there with you. I get pretty tired throughout the day most days but come night time, I’m awake A LOT. I hope the pillow is helpful to you! 

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Lavender essential oil for sure!!! I also took the occasional unisom which was ok by my midwife. 

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One of the worst parts of pregnancy for me – I was such a good sleeper, and almost the second I concieved I stopped being able to sleep through the night. My issue was not bladder (although it is now at 23 weeks), but rather tossing and turning, and every time I would turn over I would wake up. 

I never got a pregnancy pillow, but I would just take normal pillows, and put on under my belly, and one ‘under’ my back, so that I was propped upp a bit on my side. This helped some, but honestly, early pregnancy is doing such insane things to your body, you’re going to be tired, and probably won’t sleep very well for a long time.

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Just wanted to make sure you’re not taking your prenatal vitamin at night… my prenatal vitamin gave me insomnia, which I’ve read it can do for some people – just thought I would mention this 🙂

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KKML125:  girl, I hear you. I’m 13 weeks now and STILL not having a good nights sleep.

I found that laying on my back (gasp!) with a pillow under my knees was the best way to fall asleep for me, which was odd because I’m a strictly side or tummy sleeper. 

Also, make sure you’re wearing something comfortable to bed. I don’t like elastic on my stomach and there were nights that I just wore a giant tee shirt because I was so uncomfortable. 

I haven’t bought the pillow yet, but I need to. I sleep with 3 pillows now just to get comfortable and it takes up a lot of room. 

Good luck! I hope you get some sleep here too!

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16w4d and still not sleeping through the night. I think its just the way it’s going to be unfortunately. You could ask your doctor about Diclegis if you want, I took it for a few weeks in the beginning for morning sickness and it usually knocked me out, at least for a couple hours. Its basically just unisom, which is safe! 

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32 weeks pregnant: Unisom is a lifesaver. Benadryl is another one my OB commonly toutes if it makes you drowsy. I don’t have a brand name body pillow like the Snoogle but my husband bought me this amazing body pillow stuffed with bamboo (It’s thick and memory-foamish) and it’s also a lifesaver.

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Sugar bee
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Oh man, does misery love company? 

Yeah, it’s perfectly normal to be a walking zombie in the first trimester. No one *quite* understands just how tired you are, but you just are and you will be until you make it into the second trimester 🙁 (not only is your body busy building another human, but towards the second and third trimester, you’ll have 30-50% more blood volume and it has to come from somewhere–the bulk of that blood is made in the first trimester, and your body needs a lot of energy to make it)

I wish I could tell you that my nighttime slumber improved–it did a little, but it’s still kind of hit-or-miss, and I’m finding that I’ll be awake for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night before I can get back to sleep. 

But with all things pregnancy, you should ask for pharmaceutical help. Really–I’m fairly granola-crunchy, but I do think that moms too often “tough it out” when there’s really no need to do that, especially if you work 9-5 and really NEED your sleep to function on the job. Call your doctor and explain what’s going on. There are sleep aids out there that are safe for pregnant women–s/he will give you the names of any that are OTC or prescribe you something stronger if needed. 

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Helper bee

KKML125:  Uggh, it only gets much worse. :/ I look forward to having a good nights sleep (maybe?) when the baby comes in a few weeks.

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Bee Keeper
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KKML125:  now that i think about it, my first trimester was pretty hard for me to fall asleep. I imagine that your body is working so hard to provide for this little human you are creating that sometimes you are just so wired! As tired as you are phyiscally, you just can’t fall asleep. This is just my theory, lol

try lavendar oil, really try hard to not think about anything, as hard as that is because the minute you get pregnant you are probably paranoid about everything, especially if its your first time.


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Bumble bee

Maybe instead of taking that nap, push yourself to stay up that exra hour and then get ready for bed, maybe then when you go to sleep you’ll stay asleep longer (hopefully for the night). If you’re just napping on the sofa then just go straight to bed so you won’t have to get up again! I’m 13w and the exhaustion is fading but now I’m restless at night between dreams and my bladder even though I can usually fall asleep ok. While I still had that awful exhaustion I was going to bed at 8:30 and sleeping straight through till my alarm unless I had a particularly vivid dream that woke me. Good luck! sometimes I think it’s just natures way of getting us used to not sleeping so it’s not quite as bad when then baby gets here and wakes us up all night lol

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I am like a hot minute pregnant 4w+3d…and I have been wide awake since my bfp last week. I’m obviously not uncomfortable yet, but  I think it’s nerves and excitement. 

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