(Closed) Sleep paralysis – any other Bees get it?

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Helper bee
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I used to get it all the time, but I haven’t recently. It would always be somebody coming towards me with a knife and I knew I was ‘awake’ for all intents and purposes, but I couldn’t move or scream. 

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Sugar bee
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Yours sounds soo scary! Is that normal?

I actually had a minor one for the very first time in my whole life, about a week ago. I was dreaming, or hallucinating that I heard the door open, and someone walking around my house. So I tried to wakeup, really badly, but I couldn’t move, I couldn’t open my eyes. I literally fought with myself for what seemed like forever to wake up, because I really thought myself and my son were in immediate danger. When I finally woke up, which was very forcefully, I looked around and realized it was all just a dream or hallucination, or whatever. It was actually really scary.

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Bumble bee
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I do 🙁

about 3 times a year. more often when I’m stressed. Honestly the most horrifying experiences of my life.

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Bee Keeper
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I don’t have paralysis, but I have been diagnosed with night terrors and night hallucinations.  I actually had a sleep study done last year after I screamed so loud my neighbor, a police officer, came over because I had woken him up.

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Bumble bee
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I have sleep paralysis sometimes, but it’s usually only when waking up with a nap. I feel like I’m fully conscious, but I just can’t move at all, no matter how hard I will myself to. I even feel like I’m not breathing and my heart isn’t beating. Like it feels like there is no movement at all. Oddly enough though I don’t feel super scared when it happens, even though I feel like I’m not breathing. It feels like it lasts for awhile (like 1/2 hour to 1 hour) but I have no idea how long it actually lasts.

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Blushing bee
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I’ve had sleep paralysis and people say I was just dreaming. I do hallucinate people going around me.

For example, I hate lizards and one time I fell asleep in the couch and could hear my brother saying he had a lizard and I opened my eyes but could not move and I could see my brother with the lizard. It took a whole lot of effort to finally move and scream at my brother. Turns out he caught the lizard to throw it far away because he knew I hated them.

I haven’t experience sleep paralysis in a while but I used to a lot. They are horrible.

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Helper bee
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Yep, it’s definitely stress induced for me. Really is something I would never wish upon anyone. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for me as I get closer to the wedding. 🙁

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Buzzing bee
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I get them, but haven’t suffered from them for awhile. I would hallucinate that a ghost was strangling me. It was weird and crazy. I would also fight to move and couldn’t, I hated them!

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Bumble bee
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Yes! They usually occur when I’m over-tired, so it was almost once a week in college.
Now I only get them once or twice a year, but they’re still awful.Usually it’s just that I’m awake, but can’t move, or talk. It lasts for a few minutes.

The ones in my college days were scarier. I would sometimes see bright white or misty black shapes moving around my room…Surprised

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Helper bee
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My bf has them as part of his awful sleep apnea.  I  didn’t even know it existed until this weekend when he woke up screaming.  I know it was scarier for him but it scared the crap out of me too!

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Helper bee
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I have only had it about 3 times. I remember each time trying to scream at Fiance to tell him something was wrong, but I couldn’t… When I was finally able to I was drenched in sweat and crying hysterically 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2010

I get this almost every time I try and take a day-time nap… hate it so much that I only take naps when I really need one and forget about the possibility of sleep-paralysis.  Nothing really scary happens in the dream, but when I know its going on there is nothing more I want than to get up… and I hallcinate things like Darling Husband coming home from work early and me trying to scream out for him to wake me up, and then getting out of bed and falling down… I’m always trying to touch things around me and I become convinced I can actually feel the book on my side table or whatever it is, even if its not there in real life.  More recently I have loud auditory hallcinations… last time I was convinced my next door appartment neighbors who I never ever see or hear from in real life were having a huge party with booming music, and I always hear the phone rining and the door buzzer.  So frustrating and scary to feel like you can’t wake up when you want to wake up, not to mention my head full of noise.  Bah!

But, a couple of ways to deal with it…

-Sleeping on my stomach… I only seem to have sleep paralysis when I’m on my back.

-During the paralysis, sometimes concentrating on blinking helps wake me up.

-Instead of trying desparatelyto get up, I try to drift back to sleep to get another chance of waking up properly.

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