Sleeping, lotions, soaps, showers and pools with jewelry

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Worker bee

i literally cant stand the feeling of jewelry on me when im home just hanging or sleeping. Once im in PJs or comfy clothes i take off all my jewelry. ALSO jewelry gets dirty throughout the day so your just dragging all those germs into bed with you.

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Helper bee
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I have a platinum and diamond set and I take it off for all of that. I put them on in the morning, and take them off as soon as I get home from work. My rings are not super tight on my finger so I would never risk losing them in the shower/pool/bed/etc.

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Busy bee
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I rarely take off my ering and wedding band. I always remove my diamond earings every night (actually before I get undressed). 

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Busy bee

I only wear my platinum band, no e-ring. I leave it on all the time. 

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Helper bee

I only got my engagement ring two weeks ago, so I am still trying to find a system that suits me! I have only been taking it off before I shower. I am curious–if any other bees have gold prongs? I read a lot of these comments and saw that a lot of people have platinum prongs. Do gold prongs need special care? But I do think that regardless, at the end of the day, it is your own personal opinion and comfort.

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Sugar bee
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I take my rings and any necklaces off when I sleep because I find them uncomfortable. I also toss and turn a lot in my sleep, so leaving rings and things on is almost guaranteed to result in me scratching myself at some point during the night. I leave my earrings in, but I generally wear studs or small hoops that don’t snag on anything. If I’m wearing other sorts of earrings, I’ll take them out or swap them back to my normal ones.

I take all my jewellery off when I shower (except for stud earrings) because I just feel more comfortable that way – I don’t like feeling like it’ll get snagged on my hair or something. My mum has also made me a little paranoid, as she lost one of the diamonds in her e-ring because it fell out whilst she was in the shower and went down the drain before she could stop it. When swimming, I take rings and necklaces off but leave my usual earrings in.

I never take my rings off to wash my hands, I’d be more worried about losing them and don’t feel that a little soap and water is going to do them any damage.

I try to remember to take my rings off when applying lotions, as I don’t like them to feel gunky afterwards. I usually apply lotions before bed, so I’ll take off my jewellery for the day and then apply them. If I apply lotions in the morning or during the day, I take my rings off and put them back on once it’s all rubbed in.

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Bumble bee
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Eh maybe the pool out of that list. But that’s mostly just because I would be concerned about possible chlorine damage. I don’t really baby my rings though other than not wearing them to the gym or doing some super heavy chores like moving things. Other than that they get worn through everything, including cooking and most cleaning. Gloves are my friends lol. 

I’ve shared before that I pretty much just make sure they get a checkup at the jewellers every 2 to 3 months instead of once every six so we can catch any issues that may arise before they become a problem. Insurance also is a must. Just in case one day something does bust and needs fixing or replacing. 

My husband gets sad when I take off my rings because he worked hard to give them to me. So I figure I will just wear them. Plus i tend to lose things if I take them off for long so yet another reason to keep them on as much as possible. I lost a gorgeous garnet set once because I forgot I was cleaning it and it got thrown in the trash. So..  yeahhh. Nah. Keeping my jewellery on. But I think people should do what they are comfortable with. And if that means taking it off for everything but light wear, then they should do so. Everyone has a different tolerance for risk 🙂

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Like PP, I also lost a ring…my engagement ring! Took it off on the beach and put it in my pocket so I could put sun lotion on my baby. Went to put it back on and it was gone. Now the only time I ever take my replacement and wedding band off is when I’m cleaning them.

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Bumble bee

I take my e-ring off for all those things. Keep my earrings on as they’re only cheap, if they get destroyed I’ll just get another pair.

I put my ring in a soft pouch that came with the purchase. I just put it in the pouch when I get home so I can relax and not worry about knocking it on things when cooking and sleeping and cleaning etc. Put it back on when I leave the house in the morning. I simply wouldn’t wear it to be beach or into a pool, either leave it at home or put it in the pouch. If you have one place that you always put it, I don’t think it’s any easier to lose it, rather than just taking it off ad-hoc and put it in your pocket / bag where it can just fall out.

For reference my ring is quite big and is morganite so a softer stone. So I want to be more careful with it.


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I’m quite careful with all of my jewelry but it’s not that big of a deal if you just leave your ring on while applying lotion, I guess. I’d just recommend cleaning it regularly to avoid any build up. But I’m a bit concerned about wearing your engagement ring in a pool because of possible chlorine damage!

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Busy bee
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I wear small micro pave diamonds hoops, a platinum necklace with a matching diamond pendant, two Tiffany bracelets and my wedding set consisting of a wg Tiffany style solitaire, a matching platinum band and a platinum shared prong eternity band. I never take these things off. 

I’ve been doing more than you listed including snorkeling, surfing and hard core partying with these pieces. 

My rings fit me perfect and I don’t experience much change in finger size. 

I do get the chlorine thing though. I just recently moved to the US and when I first went to the pool I couldn’t fathom the amount of chlorine in there! I don’t get it… i have naturally blond hair and after 5 weeks of summer my hair is completely white in some places… I understand why one might wonder about Jewelry in chlorine. Still not taking it off though 😉 no place as safe as my finger. 

But I agree. It all depends on the setting when it comes to your bridal set. Mine is sturdy and simple and I don’t work with my hands a lot. Also I have this rule when it comes to house work. If it doesn’t destroy my manicure it won’t destroy my ring. If it endangers the manicure then I wear gloves which protect my rings and my mani. 

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Busy bee
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I “baby” my ring quite a bit, but part of it is because I’m paranoid with my setting. My ring is in a setting that’s shaped like a rose and has many “petals” (very thin sections of gold) that I fear could be easily bent/damaged/etc if I banged it around too much. They also are prime spots to collect dirt and gunk if I were to do anything messy!

I take it off to shower and sleep, and most of the time when cooking (depending on what I’m doing) and cleaning. I have yet to go to the beach or a pool since my engagement, but I know not one but TWO people who have lost their rings in the ocean! So I don’t plan on ever wearing mine to swim.

I think it all just depends on your own personal outlook/experiences, and maybe your ring too, depending on the setting!

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Blushing bee

I only wear a plain gold ring 24h/day and do everything in it. Other jewelry, especially with stones, l take off before shower, cleaning dishes, pool, sports, sleeping etc. Just because I do not feel comfortable wearing rings when.doing those activities. But I keep rings with stones on while washing hands with soap, just make sure to rinse it really well. 

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Helper bee

I take everything off to sleep or shower or clean. After I’m done with my routine at night, I slip on some of my less expensive sparkles (sterling silver CZ rings) to sleep in. That way I’m never without a ring. 😊

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: August 2018

I take off my ring for sleeping, showering, and heavy duty cleaning or rough labor with my hands.  I’ve tried to sleep with it on but it’s pretty prominent, and my fingers swell when I sleep so it get uncomfortable.

It’s actually slightly too big – it’s already been sized down but was worried about going too far in case my fingers swelled more in warm weather (proposal and initial resize happened in winter).  But now that it’s warm, it’s still slightly too big. So for showering and stuff, it feels like it’s always about to slip off, which is a sensation I can’t stand (same reason I can’t wear flip-flops – always feel like they’re falling off and ugh).  So I take it off for showering.

The jeweler gave us an ultrasonic cleaner, so I’m not worried about it getting grimy from lotion and stuff because it’s easy to clean regularly.

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