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  • poll: How old was baby when he/she regularly slept through the night?
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    My baby slept through the night at 4 months. He did it mostly naturally, although there were a few nights that I let him fuss instead of getting up to feed him because I knew he was waking up out of habit instead of actually needing food. After that, he slept great! Now he sleeps 11+ hours a night.

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    Lauren actually started sleeping through the night around 8 weeks.  (So, two months.)  She just did it on her own…  At first she needed two feedings at night, then one, then the one feeding kept getting later and later, until she was sleeping about 10pm to 5:30am.  She now is 14 weeks and sleeps 11 hours a night, from about 7pm til 6am. 

    I didn’t follow any special regiment, but I do have a bedtime routine for her (low light, diaper change, swaddle, feeding, read a story, sing two songs, and into the crib).  Also, she has been bottle-fed since birth, so I think that helps that she stays fuller longer.   Finally, when she was about 3 months, we started letting her cry for 5-10 minutes before soothing her when she went down. 

    Most night she gets a full 11 hours!  I recognize we’re tremendously lucky! 

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    My son will be 5 months this Friday and we still aren’t close yet.

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    we sleep trained at 4 1/2 months otherwise i don’t think he’d ever sleep through the night!  charlie’s sleep was baaaaaaaaad.

    have you thought about gradually trying to night wean her?  if you’re breastfeeding give her a little bit less time at the breast each night.  if you’re bottle feeding her, give her a little bit less milk each night until she’s getting nothing.  she’s waking up hungry because she’s used to eating at that time.  if you can cut out that feeding, she won’t get hungry anymore and will make up those calories in the daytime.

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    We go through phases of Addie sleeping through the night.  She started at about 4.5 months, and did that for a month before she started teething for the first time.  Teething freaking sucks, and (for us, anyway) it’s weeks/month of night wakings and a generally cranky/fussy baby until the teeth finally break through the surface.  Then, Addie sleeps through the night for a while; then the teething is back and we start over again.  We haven’t done any sleep training, but we do have a pretty strict bed time and bed time routine.

    Right now Addie’s sleeping through the night, again, but she’s also waking up at 5:00 am.  I would SO rather get up once in the middle of the night than get up at 5!

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    LO is 10.5 months and has never had a full week of STTN…we might have to start taking more drastic measures soon….zzzzzzz

    Edit:  I still nurse him in the night, but I think it is the mommy guilt, since I work full time.  Also, I needed to get my supply back up when my pump broke, but luckily now I’m breaking even again.

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    Kayla is 5.5 months and she was a great sleeper (5-7 hours straight) from about 1.5 months to 3 months, after that **** hit the fan…as they say! 🙂  Sleeping was horrible for awhile and then we did some sleep training and she falls asleep pretty well with little to no crying on her own but I’m still waking up twice a night to feed her.  

    We’ve tried “dream feeding” (didn’t make a lick of difference, if she was waking up at around 12:30 or 1 without it she was doing the same with it) so I gave that up.  I have to say though I think she’s been teething for a few months now and finally today I could feel a tooth break through.  She also tends to not sleep as well when she is learning a new skill and she’s working really hard on crawling right now.  We are going to try to let her fuss a little bit in the middle of the night to see if she goes back to sleep.

    She’s also not a long feeder when I nurse her during the day.  She eats every 3-3.5 hours but only for 5 min TOPS on one side.  So I kinda feel like she just needs to eat at night, but I’m not sure.  I wish I had better advice or someone to ask for sleep help!

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    Munchkin was a few months old when he was sleeping through the night…. he would wake up but then would go right back to sleep himself.

    We weaned the middle of the night feeding as soon as he didn’t “have” to have it. And I started to CIO at 3 mths for when he initially went down for naps and at night so about a week or so in to it he was fine in the middle of the night when he’d wake up.

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