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MeandYou :  Too many risks, so no. When mine were newborn they slept in a vibrating chair/bed on the floor beside my bed. This way they were close, and it was easy to feed them and put back down. My kids slept well this way till they were about 3 months, then they transitioned to a crib. 

I don’t care how light a sleeper I am; way too risky to roll over on LO, especially when one is sleep deprived. 

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As a Labor and Delivery/Postpartum/NICU Nurse, I desperately urge you not to sleep with your LO. It is really risky! The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend sleeping with a baby, as the risks for SIDS climbs exponentially when parents sleep with their baby. I know you say that you don’t move around much, but it only takes one very sleep deprived night and one roll over onto the baby to end in disaster. Please, please, please don’t do this! Find a bassinet to put at the bedside to make feedings easier.

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MeandYou :  I never sleep deeply as my body seems to know he’s there and I move very little.

You can’t know that and it’s probably not true. 

You say you know the risks so why are you risking your child’s safety?

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We use one of these right next to our bed.

That way you don’t have to get up and walk the baby to the crib which always wakes my daughter up.

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MeandYou :  It’s so hard because they always sleep so much better on/near you. I will admit that there were nights when my baby was poorly and couldn’t settle that I slept with him on my chest. It was the only way either of us got any rest but it’s obviously not ideal and I was so paranoid something would go wrong. Lots of people do cosleep successfully though, the biggest issuesfrom what I’ve read is the mattress being to soft and them being able to get under blankets and pillows.

I had this bedside crib and I loved it. It was the height of my mattress so he still felt close and I could reach out and settle him without getting up but there was no chance of rolling on to him. 


I had this in our room until he was over 7 months old, though he was definitely too big for it at that point. Even after he’d been moved to his own room if I couldn’t settle him in the night for some reason I’d just bring him back to sleep in that for a few hours. 

I think there are also pillows/cushions you can get for the baby to sleep on that you can have next to you on the mattress but makes the baby a bit more secure. 

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I don’t have children yet but I live in a country where it’s the norm for the baby to sleep with the mother. I’m still on debate with my Fiance who is from here about what we will do if the day comes, and I shan’t get into the rusks as everyone else has, but know that you definitely aren’t alone.

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sensoda :  me too. I’m from South Africa and most parents have their babies in bed with them. No issue at all. It’s considered good parenting where I’m from lol. My mom even recommended it to me saying I was always most calm on her chest… 

Op, you know your baby best so do what’s right for you. Not what people on the Internet say. 

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It is actually starting being recommended to cosleep, but do it safely. There are a lot of benefits to baby’s health to sleep near mom. What about one of those cosleepers? It’s like a padded box with sides that goes in the middle of your bed. So, the baby is right next to you, but with sides so you can’t roll on them.

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eeniebeans :  sleeping baby in a Rock’n Play doesn’t meet the AAP guidelines for safe sleeping either!

The safest place for baby to sleep is on their back is in their own space on a flat, firm surface with no loose coverings / bumpers etc. Having said that, the majority of infant deaths that result from bedsharing in my country involve parents ignoring risk factors such as formula feeding, smoking, consumption of drugs or alcohol and way too much bedding.

personally, I’d much rather see mothers / parents reduce their risk by cosleeping in a bed with a firm mattress, no pillows and natural fibre bedding rather than trying to get more sleep by sleeping on a couch or chair or using a contraption that has been known to cause infant death. I’ve frequently coslept with both my children from birth but ALWAYS followed the guidelines for safe bedsharing.

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There’s lots of co sleeping sites and Facebook pages to help you be as safe as you can be. 

It makes perfect sense for baby to be with its mother. I can’t think of any other mammal that would leave their single offspring alone somewhere separate. 

It must be much easier for feeding and nappy changes too. 

Our baby is due any day. We’ve gone for a bassinest to try out so baby is safely contained but can be pulled over our bed next to us. As pp have said there are various bedside cot options the seem to offer the best of safety and co sleeping benefits. Maybe something like this would suit you both. 

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Chicco next to me sounds like the perfect compromise, it’s a bassinet type thing and the height is adjustable so you raise it to the height of your bed. There’s an option to pull down one side so the baby is within full access and the bassinet basically attached to the bed at mattress level. I think I’m going to get one myself because my moses basket was awful to keep checking in on her and when she spat her dummy out I had to keep my hand in which meant it went dead [email protected]


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