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I don’t think you should feel “responsible” for it. You sound very responsible, like you’ve been eating right and everything. It doesn’t sound like you have done anything wrong, at all.

Did your doctor give any explanation or possible cause, other than to say to eat more protein? Did the doctor say the baby seemed healthy, if a little small?

Try not to stress too much, as long as from the scans the baby looks healthy and his/her lungs and organs are all developing well. I was just under 5 pounds when I was born (and my mom did everything “right” during pregnancy), and am healthy and fine (and was healthy and fine when born). Just small!

You could use this a good excuse to eat a bacon cheeseburger though!! πŸ™‚

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Try not to worry about it too much. Babies come in all shapes and sizes regardless of the size of the parents. My grandmother is 4 foot 11, and all her babies were 10+ pounds! 1 weeks growth isn’t that much, remember babies put on most of their weight in the 3rd trimester, and even though you are a certain number of weeks, only 5% of babies are born on their due date, so if the baby needs an extra week to be ready to be born then he will just hang in there a little longer!

Chances are that your baby is perfectly healthy and being a bit smaller will make the birth a little bit easier for you!

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I was just under 6 pounds and I was fine too πŸ™‚  As far as protein maybe you can keep track on a diet website (except the opposite of dieting πŸ™‚  I’ve been trying to eat healthier too – brown rice, whole grains, quinoa, more vegetables, eggs. Also, weight at birth doesn’t have anything to do with later weight – my mom was a big baby and a tiny adult. You may look not-so-pregnant simply because you’re taller and carry it better than some of us shorter women with smaller bone structure.

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As someone who has never been through pregnancy (yet!!), I must be honest and say I am not too sure what this means overall.  But I am still so sorry this is happening.  It sounds like you are doing everything you can.  Does the doctor seem worried?  I wonder how common this is.  Again, I know nothing, so this may sound absurd…but could your dute date be wrong by a week?  Ok, as I type that I realize how silly it sounds.

Please make sure you tell us how everything goes tommorow. 

Wow, you are both tall!  Looks like you may have some future basketball players…unlike me (5’1″) and Darling Husband (5’8″)!  We always joke that our kids will be jockeys or racecar drivers. 


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Roux makes a great point that your baby will stay in there and cook as long as he needs to so if he needs to get a little bigger, he’ll take the time he needs to do that.  I wouldn’t worry too much.  Your doctor is probably sending you for the scan just to be extra careful which is exactly what you want in a doctor.  My husband was a little baby.. only about 6.5lbs and now he’s 6’6″ and 275lbs so have no fear.. they grow and they grow quick!!

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it. It is difficult for doctors to correctly identify the weight of the baby in-utero and often they are off by a pound or two in either direction. I know several women who were told their babies were “huge” only to have them pop out at 7 pounds. If you’re eating well (and it sounds like you are) and not smoking, then you’re probably fine.

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I wouldn’t worry about it since the doc doesn’t seem concerned. Just eat some more protein as he instructed. One week isn’t a big difference I don’t think.

My co-worker had a baby boy last year and I didn’t even know she was pregnant at 6 mos. because she didn’t really gain hardly any weight. During the last trimester she did, but way less than most women. Her baby was a healthy average size (at least 6 lbs)!  πŸ™‚

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All of my babies measured small before they were born by a few weeks or more. I’m only 5’0″ so I always just attributed it to being a small person. My daughters both weighed considerably more when they were born than expected, though, both in the 6 lb range, which is pretty good.

I had to laugh at your comment about being worried about a big head, bc my husband had a huge lightbulb head when he was born (his mom always says he’s her smartest baby and needed a big head for all those brains!), so his family keeps apologizing to me. They were all big babies, too, so I was a little freaked out when we went for our 3D ultrasound the other day and the baby was measuring bigger than its age at the 70-something percentile.  I’m having nightmares about carrying 10 lb babies to term.

Good luck at your scan! I hope they can alleviate your concerns!

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Breathe easy….my little brother was 2 lbs 11 ounces when he was born…not lying.  Ofcourse, this was an extreme because he was a premie…BUT…He is now a huge 6’2″ 17 year old. 

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Don’t blame yourself for this! You’re doing everything right…just follow your doctor’s orders and increase your protien intake for now. As long as all the vital organs are developing properly, everything will be fine. Do you know how big you were and your husband was as a newborn? That might be helpful to know as well.

Just keep doing what you’ve been doing and have your doctor keep monitoring the baby’s growth. I hope everything turns out ok!

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I don’t think you should worry yet, I feel like if the OBGYN thought there was something to worry about she/he would have told you. Just relax- try and up your protein intake …also I have a link to a nutritionist who wrote a blog about her pregnancy diet which she followed (it is considered the best diet) see if that helps πŸ™‚ It is a lot of organic foods…



Good luck!! I am sure your baby will be healthy & beautiful πŸ™‚

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I’m sorry you’re frustrated and blaming yourself.  I don’t think people realize how much pressure it can be to grow a baby.  I can’t remember if you’ve shared before, but are you 100% sure of your conception date?  Maybe your due date is just off?  Hope the scan goes well tomorrow!

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Lemon measured behind the whole time.  We had monthly ultrasounds to make sure that she was growing and switched to weekly appointments early.  She went 3 days past term.  It turned out that we definitely had some placental insufficiency.

She was 6 lb 4 oz when she was born and remains in the 5th percentile now with a head circumference in the 25%ile.

I did everything I could do for her.  I went on bedrest when they told me and I ate as much as I could.  I still felt inadequate, and I’m sure you heard me say more than once that I was a bad baby house… but I did my best and my daughter is healthy and growing beautifully now!  Trt not to beat yourself up about it!

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