Small/cute things your SO does for you

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He fills up my keurig when it is running low, which he started doing secretly until I once asked if he filled it up. He said if he notices it’s low he adds more water to it so I don’t have to.

We usually always have fresh flowers because when one bouquet wilts he brings me home another. He also has lots of small gifts and trinkets he hides and gives me randomly. He is so thoughtful and I am so lucky 

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So I love our Casper mattress. It’s the most comfortable bed. Each evening, I like to have me time and lounge in bed and be on my phone or watch something on tv. FH will get the bedroom prepped for me while I take off my makeup, wash my face, etc. He turns on the string lights on our headboard, gets me fresh ice water on my nightstand, turns on the bedroom air purifier, and pulls back the bedding for me to crawl in and relax.

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He sends me random text telling me that I am his “everything”

When we go to bed and he things that I am sleeping he kisses my back, and pulls me close.

In the weekends we hangout in the mornings after my run on the couch drinking coffee, even though he doesn’t really like to drink coffee, (he started doing this after I jokingly mentioned that I wish he would drink coffee so we could have our morning coffee together)

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FH does all kinds of super sweet things.  I think he’s more romantic than he would want to admit, lol.  He went and got my car detailed as a surprise last week, he’ll often check on me while I’m working and ask if I’d like coffee or anything, he snuggles me even when he’s too hot, he always picks up the cat food because he knows I hate driving across town for it, etc.  He’s always extremely helpful and is an amazing team member.  I could ask him to do anything in the world and he would jump right to it without a complaint.  Last night we were having dinner and out of no where he said “I want to make a toast.  Here’s to staying madly in love.”  It was so unexpected and he’s usually not one to be overly sappy, but it was adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

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He still writes me love notes and I’ve kept all of them in a journal. 

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He gets up and goes to work very early every morning, often before my alarm even goes off. Even though he kisses me goodbye every morning, he always sends me a good morning text when he knows I’m up and getting ready. It began years ago when he was deployed overseas, and I loved it so much that he continues to do it daily. 

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Oh I love this thread!  ๐Ÿ™‚  It has made my morning. 


he still opens my car door, carries in groceries, pulls out my chair, and reminds me via text (I go to work 4 hours after he does) that i’m the queen of his heart.  It sounds super old fashioned but, i love how i feel as a woman when he goes out of his way to be super gentlemanly.  


He also has this lovely habit of bringing a coffee by the office if his company has anything going on that brings him to this side of town.  It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. 


Two years and I still grin when he walks in a room. 

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These stories are all so cool! Thanks, OP! Your coffee story is great! 


My guy always “kisses the chef” for every single meal (just when I’m the chef, not at restaurants, ha!!). And if he forgets while I’m serving, he’ll get up from his meal to do so. But the sweetest thing is that he compliments me to others frequently. When something I’ve made (craft or food) is complimented by someone, he’ll follow up with how crafty I am or how great I cook. It used to embarrass me so much, but it’s so awesome that he’s so proud of even my smallest efforts. 

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I love this thread ๐Ÿ˜

he always, always opens doors for me. That includes the car. I thank him every time, but I only recently realized with surprise how long it’s been since I’ve touched a public door handle, as I held a door for someone else. It cracked me up. 


We don’t live together yet, but he’s preparing a room that will be my “chick shack” and office. He shows me all the sound proofing he’s going to put up in there, so I’ll have a peaceful space. He left the bathroom with the bathtub for me, because he knows I love baths, and he walks all the way across the house to use “his” bathroom, even when I’m not there. 


Sometimes he shows up with Starbucks coffee- and I’ve been surprised he remembered exactly how I like it. He saved it in his app so he can order what I love. 



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sbl99 :  Aw how cute!?

My Darling Husband sometimes delivers coffee in bed when he wakes up before me on weekends. 

I do all of the cooking and cleaning and any time I get stressed or he sees I’m busting my butt, he stops what he’s doing and vacuums. lol. 

We love to eat so he surprises me with places to go out and eat. 

Lord of the Rings is my favorite book series/tv show of all time. When I have a bad day he will automatically start playing one of the movies ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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I’ve loved reading these. So sweet and uplifting!

Darling Husband takes care of the dogs in the morning so I can sleep in, always holds my hand when we’re out and about, shares his food with me and always saves me some fries, and he is great about cleaning on the rare occasions I decide to take a nap. 

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I wake up earlier than him during the week and make us both coffee. On the weekends, he lets me sleep in and gets up to let the dog out and I’ll usually hear the sound of my coffee grinder going. He makes a terrible cup of coffee, but it’s so sweet that he does it that I keep letting him. 

When I’m coming home late from work and call him to tell him I’m on my way, I’ll often find the driveway gate open so I don’t have to get out of the car when I’m parking. 

He’s not overly sentimental or romantic, but he is really good at adorable little gestures. 

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Love these!

-Brings me two dozen roses about once every month or two “just because” (I am admiring some gorgeous pink ones now!)

-Picks up wine and has a glass waiting for me when I get home from work when he knows I’ve had a hard day

-Takes our dog out almost every morning and night without complaining; when they come back in, he whispers to our dog, “Go give your mom a kiss” (which our dog then does haha)

-Surprises me with slices of the cake from the bakery that’s making our wedding cake 

I could go on and on. He’s the best, and I feel so lucky! 


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He pumps my gas for me.  Sometimes he will even take my car out and put gas in it so that I don’t have to.   He’s also a chef so he cooks a lot which is nice.  

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