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Love reading all your posts. It is a good reminder to show appreciation for the little and not-so-little things that our SO does for us.

My husband leaves for work earlier than I do and gives me a kiss (while I am still asleep in bed) every morning and I love it. When I do have to wake up and leave earlier than him, I do the same.

He grinds coffee beans each night to make cold brew (it sits in the fridge overnight) for me so I have it in the morning (he doesn’t drink it – only I do). He also makes sure I have my supply of salted caramel creamer in the fridge.

He does most of the dishes (I do most of the cooking) and house cleaning and organizing because 1) I hate doing those and he knows it, and 2) he says he likes cleaning and organizing.

When we go out to eat and I order something I do not like, he will readily exchange whatever food/drink he has with mine. 

He’ll let me use his stuff (tablet, phone, car, game console, etc.) and tells me not to worry if I lose/break them because it’s just stuff.

We usually go to bed together and before we fall asleep, we will say 1 thing we like about each other/our relationship/anything that has to do with us (could be as simple as “I like watching trashy TV together”). 

I could go on, but then I’ll just be boasting haha. I love him and so glad he is mine! Thanks OP for this lovely post!

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