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Sugar bee

We have a Pembroke Welsh corgi!

Fi did a ton of research and decided on an apartment friendly smallish breed that you can play rough with. There are other reasons but he had already made his decision by the time we got together so I always knew we were getting a corgi.

They are great, smart, easy to train dogs but OMG do they shed! Dog hair everywhere! I would never trade him out due to the shedding though.  He is 7 months old and is potty trained, knows sit, speak, lay down, spin, shake, roll over, and play dead.

I would highly recommend getting a corgi!

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Busy bee
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I have two small dogs, a beagle and a miniature long haired daschund. I love them both! Our mini-daschund was a rescue, and was abused prior to coming to live with us. So I’m going to mostly talk about the beagle, because we’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old and because what I may have to say about daschunds may not be accurate!

Our beagle is small, she’s about 24 lbs. We chose to get a beagle simply because I always wanted one. I can’t say for sure why, but I can say for sure that we absolutely love her & the breed in general. I always say, getting Lucy was the best decision of my life! haha

Some info on beagles: They’re a stubburn breed. Training is important from the very beginning (although that goes to say for almost all breeds). They like to play, but generally she is a couch potato. She is extremely snuggly, and loves both her mommy and daddy. She is quiet! People think beagles howl all the time, but that is not true. Sometimes outside in the yard she yips when she smells a squirrel or something, and she barks and howls some when playing with us, but overall, she is quiet. 

Here’s my girl! 

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Helper bee
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I have a Miniature Schnauzer. We love her, but she is quite barky. She doesn’t shed, but she does need to be groomed regularly. As long as you can put up with these two things they are wonderful dogs.



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Hi, ive been a lurker for a while but am just posting now.

We have 2 half chinese crested (hairless) pomeranian mix boys named Oliver and Henri. They are funny, smart, dont shed the very little hair they have and dont bark much. They are 7 lbs each.

I guess the con is that they need to wear clothing when they go outside. But its cute that I get to dress them in sweaters, boots, jackets, and if I could find pants, id buy those too!  Oh and in the summer they need to wear sunscreen.

Some people think that they are ugly, but I think they are adorable! (but the Chinese Crested  breed does win the ugliest dog contest almost EVERY year….)

Please consider adoption! Thousands of adorable dogs of all sizes shapes and breeds even puppies get put down every day.

And mutts tend to be more healthy than pure bred dogs.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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How wonderful you two are planning on adding a fur baby to your family. ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats, and good luck!

My husband and I have two small dogs. They are a joy! ๐Ÿ™‚

What breed is your fur baby?

Pom mix and Chihuahau/Boston Terrier mix.

What drew you to this breed?

Nothing. Sophie (Our pom mix) we found at our local shelter. I honestly think she picked me, not me that picked her.

Molly (Our chihuahua/boston terrier mix) my husband picked out, and surprised me for Valentines day.

What useful info about the breed would you give?

Our pom mix Sophie is amazing. She doesn’t need a lot of exercise. She plays a few times a day and after is wore out. After a 30 minute walk she is ready for bed. But she can also keep up with my husband and I while we are hiking. We just make sure to bring lots of water for her and we don’t over do it.

She does shed a lot. So I vacuum usually twice a day. But I have hardwood floors, so it is easy to just vacuum my area rugs. She gets brushed out once a week.

She is very sweet with other animals (cats and dogs, both), and very sweet with children/strangers.

She does alert us when she hears things. Even if we don’t need alerted, for things such as the wind. lol

She loves to cuddle but doesn’t need to be beside me 24/7. Although she does tend to be in the same room as me.

Our chihuahua/boston terrier mix is only 14 weeks old. She is very sweet with people (Strangers) and children. Not so much with cats though. She chases them but we are working on it.

She doesn’t shed much at all, not none that I can even tell. She is hyper but not to hyper. Bout the same as Sophie. A few play sessions a day are good enough for her. We haven’t took her hiking or on any walks yet (not going to until she finishes her shots.) But I realize when we go hiking I will probably have to carry her around during half of the walk because Chihuahuas do not do good in extreme heat or cold.

She likes to sleep right beside me. She loves cuddling and she can get cold easy.

She tends to want me to stay in sight of her, and is a bit needy.

Also where she is super small she can fit into places she doesn’t need to be. So it is good to have a safe place for her to go (AKA her kennel) when I cannot watch her close enough.

Is this a breed you would recommend?

Yes, to both!

If you want a small dog I think both breeds are awesome and I highly recommened them. Remember that smaller dogs can easily get “small dog syndrome” and think that they run the show. It is important to show that you are the pack leader. Show them they cannot be snappy or bite, and that they must listen to your commands.

Here are my sweeties!

Meet Sophie.

Meet Molly.

And the pair. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sophie is 22 pounds. Molly’s estimated adult weight is around 8 pounds.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Also wanted to add that both were easily house trained. We only had Molly for about 3 days when she figured out she can’t pee on the rugs, and she was only 12 weeks old at that time.

Also Molly wears sweaters when it is super cold. It is not a fashion statement. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Busy bee
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We have a rat terrier, named Penelope Emily. ( our children named her).


she is awesome!!! she is small, and is a little over 7lbs. She is not high energy, and loves to be cuddled, and held all day. a bit much actually. She is the cutest and sweetes, and so, so, so good with our rambunctious children (ages 3, 6, and 11).  she is super easily trained…and is just a little love bug.  Let me just add, she is sooo loved our next door neighbor tries to borrow (aka steal) her for long visits.



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Bee Keeper
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@emmyem1984:  Ok I”ll admit the chinese crested on “How to lose a guy in 10 days” made me think those were the ugliest dogs EVER. But yours are super cute! 

We have a Shi Tzu who is almost 8, they live to be 16 or so I think. I can’t speak to  what drew me to him because he came with my husband lol. He’s a very good loving dog, he’s a good cuddler, loves walks and car rides but doesn’t NEED to be walked every day. He doesn’t really shed but does need regular grooming unless you want their hair long like a show dog. They are very mild mannered dogs and good companions. Ours in particular actually  hates kids and barks at them, but I am not sure why and I don’t think that’s the norm. He loves our baby nephew so maybe he’ll get used to the kids thing as he watches the nephew grow up. Oh, he’s about 13 pounds.



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Worker bee

SO and I have two dogs one big one little. Our big dog is a pure breed Boxer and our little dog is a Bug (half pug/half Boston terrier). When we got our little dog (Ruby) they estimated that she would be somewhere around 20 pounds full grown. She is 7 months and weighs around 16. We lucked out and got amazing dogs both times, although Ruby does bark more than our big guy. Sorry in advance if these pictures are massive!!


both dogs:

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Honey bee
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@MRSsrm85:  HOLY CUTENESS [email protected][email protected]$)(!_(+#(@_$

I have a pug.  He is pretty much useless, but he was my husband’s dog.  However… I challenge you to find a more loving, devoted breed.  He is just my best little man and I have grown to love him to death.

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