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I have a Jack Russell Terrier. He’s 14 this year and has weighed around 13lbs his adult life. He’s not a typical JRT though, in that he’s extremely tolerant, doesnt require a ton of exercise and has a very good “off” switch.

I reccomend thinking about what you want in a dog, what you imagine you’re life to be for the next 14+ years (small dogs typically have a long life expectancy,) if you plan on having kids, how much grooming you’re comfortable with, how much you plan on exercising and training. Also, a lot of small breed dogs have problems with housetraining, so take that into account. I’ve heard a lot about chihuahuas, italian greyhounds and miniature pinschers in particular with having housebreaking issues.

If you decide you want to buy a puppy, please dont buy it from a pet store, they are always from puppy mills. Once you decide on some breeds you like, find some local breeders and see if they would let you come to their house and spend time with their dogs, just to make sure its for you.

If you want to adopt a dog/puppy, spend some time in shelters. Obviously they’re never going to have the same kind of dogs everytime, the dogs are all going to have their own personalities. You could go and see what kind of personality and size is good for you.

Good luck!


This is my little man. He’s the love of my life (besides Fiance, of course…)

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What breed is your fur baby? Bichon frise

What drew you to this breed? Nothing! Total dumb luck. We were looking to rescue a small dog with a great personality and happened to find a purebred bichon. I never knew I’d end up being such an advocate for the breed!

What useful info about the breed would you give? I don’t know if we’ve just been lucky or what but our little guy is healthy as a horse. He has a good amount of energy without being puppy-stage annoying and loves to do whatever we’re doing. Bichons are VERY smart and very (in my opinion) intuitive and read energies really well. They are also so, SO loyal and tend to be very bonded to their people, which is great! That’s not to say my dog doesn’t like when we have visitors and to meet new people – he does – but it is no question who he loves most! He’s so gentle and sweet. We’ve had him six years and will be bringing a baby into the mix this spring and are so excited for him to be our son’s best friend. On the negatives, they are smart but can also be very stubborn (I think because they’re so smart). I think this is true for most small breeds but potty training was NOT easy. Granted, we adopted when he was 10 months and already had developed a lot of bad habits but it was a true test of will to get him potty trained. Bichons don’t shed but need grooming – that’s something you need to decide on! It’s either or!

Is this a breed you would recommend? YES. In a heartbeat. How could you not love this face?!

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@emmyem1984:  Stop making me see that!!!!





LOL, I’m just kidding — how adorable!!!

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Our little lady is a shih tzu. We got a shih tzu because we wanted a small breed. I’d recommend them because she’s really smart and has an awesome personality – but they have a few health issues, like dry skin, itchy ears and a tendency toward bladder stones. I’d recommend getting a two-breed mix, like a shih-poo so you can avoid some of the health issues. 

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Me and my husband have a mini long haired dacshund. He is great. He plays with us when we want to play, but when its time to settle down, he lays right down with us. My parents have 2 as well, and they love them as well. They are easy to train, but i think some can bark a lot, my dog rarely barks thought, and the best part is he doesnt shed a lot. They also come in different colors, some all black, wich and brown, dapple, mine of course is black and brown πŸ™‚ I would definitly recomend to anyone looking for a small breed dog to look at dacshunds. We do a lot of traveling, and he is great in the car too!!! πŸ™‚

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What breed is your fur baby?

– We have two Chugs, 3/4 pug 1/4 Chihuahuas.

What drew you to this breed?

– I’ve always liked pugs and when I found these guys on craigslist I couldnt resist.

What useful info about the breed would you give?

– They shed, A LOT! Also, ours have problems with digesting grains and one has allergies pretty bad, to the point we had to take him to the vet because he was swollen and breaking out into hives.

Is this a breed you would recommend?

– absoluely, they are the most loving dogs I’ve ever had.  They are also really good “watch dogs” so they do bark when they see someone outside of the house.

Lets see a picture of your fur baby !!

the night we got them.

A few weeks ago.

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A great little dog is a shih Tzu. We grew up with one that was a rescue at 2 years old. I was about 5 and my sister was 8 and she was perfect for us. She would run and play fetch if we wanted but was also totally content to sit with my dad in the recliner. She was never yappy, super easy to train and calms. Also she didn’t shed at all,  a groomer shave every couple months or so (more in the hot texas summer,  less when the fur wouldn’t give her heat stroke) and she was good to go. We always kept her “puppy cut” so short hair. 

Shih Tzus were bred to be companions,  their only purpose was to befriend their human. And I have met several and all were great. Our Gertie lived to be almost 20. Until the last couple years when she went blind and deaf and got congestive heart failure, her only issue was she was scared of storms and she would get herself in a tizzy and have issues breathing because how flat her face was. I would highly recommend a shih tzu! Or if you are okay with “designer breeds” I’ve heard poodle/tzu mixes have all the good shih tzu things with a more poodle face so less breathing issues. 

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Aww, I’d always loved and wanted small breed dogs too, and we love both of our fur babies, ages 5 and 3 now already, which is crazy!  We have separately and as a couple always lived in apartments in the city, and we both have dog allergies, so we had very specific things we were looking for.  

What breed is your fur baby?  (1) Yorkie-Bichon mix (AKA yorkchon, yorkiechon, or borkie), age 5, weighs around 9 pounds (2) Mini Australian Shepard, age 3, weighs around 12 pounds

What drew you to this breed?  (1) This is the one we did a lot of research on — he has little to no shedding, adorable teddy bear looking face; combined temperaments of each of these dogs, especially that he is a cuddle bunny lap dog type, loves to snuggle and doesn’t need a lot of exercise, which is great for apartment living (2) My husband bought this dog when he was single because he wanted “a dog that looked crazy” that would go on runs/hikes with him and that would catch frisbees…  so he got him for the breed’s athleticism and b/c it really is a beautiful breed (he has the crazy blue eyes), but he is the pint-size version, which should ideally make him better for apartment living

What useful info about the breed would you give?  Regrettably with our allergies, we each felt like we needed to know exactly what kind of dog we were getting, and chose not to adopt but rather got directly from a breeder.  I always fall in love with dogs at adoption fairs, but I always felt it isn’t fair to get a dog that would make us sick and have to give him away πŸ™  My husband bought the Aussie on his own like I was saying, and the breeder told him they don’t shed.  That is a lie!  The Aussie sheds like crazy – seriously like an airborne pathogen or something!  I’ve never seen anything like it – we have lint rollers in each of our cars, to be used on our way out the door, my backseat looks like the fuzzy side of the velcro half with all the dog hair, and it’s a common occurrence to be out at a restaurant or similar and have to pull an itchy dog hair off your lip or nose.  He is a gorgeous dog, but he also has entirely too much energy for an apartment.  He was not the best choice for city living in an apartment, and we are currently trying to find a rental property with a small yard.  I think he’d do so much better to have space to run like the wind.  

Is this a breed you would recommend?  Based on what you’re looking for, I’d recommend either of these dogs.  In trying to keep affection for the brothers “balanced,” we joke and say that the yorkie-chon is “cute,” but that our aussie is “pretty.”  People stop us on the sidewalk and ask about both of them sometimes, but mostly about the Aussie πŸ™‚  But I will say the yorkie-bichon is much less maintenance re: exercise and cleaning up fur.  They are both equally as yappy here lately, and that is not really ideal, but what can you do?  We live in a noisy apartment, and we have even tried a bark deterrent high-pitch machine thing.  Both dogs have to be groomed, so that is an expense to take into account any time you get a longer-haired dog I think (and whether or not they shed).  They were/are relatively easy to house-train, though the yorkie-chon tends to have more accidents in the house.  Because they are both small breeds, they have both had some minor joint problems, and the yorkie has more dental problems (smaller teeth means the kibble gets stuck in their teeth more = bad breath and dental cleanings?).  I would actually go so far as to say the Aussie’s joint problems are somewhat severe.  We worry about his gait, and he limps from time to time (he used to drag a hind foot after a random mini-stroke he had).  We have done some physical therapy with him but have been told this is just a symptom of the breed, plus the fact he is so rough on his legs – you really cannot keep him from jumping and running.   

Let’s see a picture of your fur baby !! (not sure how to re-size these; sorry!)

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There are some adorable dogs on here!  I keep looking at the bichon, the pug and the pug-mix.  So cute!!!

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 @mrstaylortobe:  They will kill you with cuddles and love!  Please excuse me looking a hot mess, we’re still moving into our new house.


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@tphotog:  Ok what is with the pug breeds sitting on furniture like cats?  Mine totally does this too!  Love your babies πŸ™‚


@mrstaylortobe:  I am so glad you’re considering a pug, they are truly the best dogs in the world.  Hope you like snoring, though πŸ˜‰

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@deetroitwhat: Thanks πŸ™‚  I have no idea what makes them do it, I thought it was just mine!   They do have other cat-like qualities as well, I have always thought it was really weird.

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