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What breed is your fur baby? Well she is a rescue and was listed as “Chi mix” so we aren’t 100% sure, but our vet is pretty sure she is a Chiweenie – chihuahua/daschund.

What drew you to this breed? Nothing haha – we knew we wanted a rescue dog, so we went to a shelter. I wanted a medium sized dog, NOT a tiny dog but you know what they say – you don’t choose the pup, the pup chooses you. She is super cute and she was really shy at the shelter – she was a year old when we got her, but she has these floppy ears and big eyes that make her look like she is a puppy even now, and she is 3.5 years old.

What useful info about the breed would you give? She is really smart! I read online that comparative to their size, chis have the biggest brain ratio and are really smart if you have the patience to teach them.

Our girl is does REALLY well off-leash. We don’t use “heel” or other verbal commands, but she listens to finger snaps for that – like when we take her outside at our apartment just to go potty, there is a grassy area 100 yards away and we will walk down the sidewalk with her – she trots along a bit ahead of us and if we snap, she will stop and wait for us to catch up. If she is off-leash and there is another dog around I will snap, say “Emmy, come here”, and she will come right over to me. If we are at a picnic and she is running around in the grass near us and another dog comes around, she will look at them but not run over and bark and stuff.

She is VERY loving. Seriously, I think she would be happy if all she ever did was cuddle. It’s cute but I will admit it can be annoying sometimes – she is so small (only 10 lbs) but manages to dominate any space she is in haha! Sometimes I just need a little space and will kick her off the couch – I just say, “Emmy, go lay down,” and she looks at me all sad, goes to her bed, and then just stares at me and whines every 5 minutes until I let her back up. But I mean really, if the worst thing I have to say about my dog is that she loves me so much she gets sad when we’re not cuddling well, that’s not too shabby.

She is pretty hyper SOMEtimes – whenever we get home she goes crazy and “yells” which is annoying because it’s high pitched, but as long as I take her for a walk right away or play with her for awhile, then she calms down. She is only hyper in short bursts, she gets tired after maybe 10 minutes of activiity BUT she can go longer if we’re out hiking or something.

Is this a breed you would recommend? Definitely, yes.

Lets see a picture of your fur baby!

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double post

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I have a rescue baby, and highly recommend looking into either a breed specific rescue or an animal shelter first, you never know what you might find! That being said, I found Bailey on Craigslist. She is a bit of everything, and the vet honestly can’t tell us for 100% sure, but the best guess is a Lhasa Apso Poodle mix (as Fiance calls her, a LotsaPoo). She’s ~20lb at 2 years old, very long legs. 

Both breeds are great and loving. Vet says even with a rough start she should live to celebrate her sweet 16, wow! She doesn’t shed, which is awesome, and she barks when she plays or is “hunting” the terrifying leaves outside. Loves to cuddle, but also is very playful and not too “girly”. 

I would highly recommend a Lhasa apso or poodle, or anything mixed with those breeds. I’ve done a bit of research in both breeds and they are very impressive! 

Heres her model shot! 


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I have a Pomeranian named Todd. He is the fur love of my life!

He is incredibly loyal to his person/people (myself and my SO)

He is playful, but not super hyper all the time

He is VERY smart and highly trainable.

He has personality for days!!

He is one of, if not THE cutest dog EVER!!

Pomeranians make GREAT companions 😀 And at 4 lbs, you can’t beat how small and cute they are!!

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This is Kacey that we got from a rescue group and is supposed to be a beagle/shih tzu mix. She’s 13 lbs, and seems to be more ‘beagle like’ in that she runs her nose like she’s tracking something. Very smart, loving and became easily attached from her first day with us.

Her hair grew in kind of weird and the first grooming we had  was kind of odd, as nobody really knew what she was supposed to look like. Her hair is soft, she doesn’t shed, she loves to roll around with our cat, and she ‘sings’ with her squeek toys. She’s hilarious!

She’s been a great dog and we hope she’s around for a long time. She’s now 21/2 and has had no medical issues…except her last appt. showe she tested positive for Lyme disease. We had a course of antibiotics and retest the end of this month. 🙁

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@quierajen:  Oh my gosh, so adorable! I have a red Pom myself and his name is Toby. I think Pomeranians are amazing and I plan on getting two more and having three pomsketeers lol 😀

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