(Closed) Small pet peeves: Annoying MIL comments about weight

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Ilovetruffels:  I have several….and i know all to well those comments from relatives on both sides….im heavy set but loosing weight at a steady rate….down 25lbs soo far (whoop whoop!).  I eat healthy (healthier than 90%  of the people who make comments!) I excerise, lead an active lifestyle and have a very physically demanding job! we are really healthy….but i have a slow metabolism…and have always struggled with weight no matter how hard i try! while we have stick thin relatives and friends who eat literally nothing but garbage (fast food 5-6 days a week….think mcdonalds most of the time)….guzzle pop….everything is fried and processed, eat candy/cakes/junk food all the time….. but they make sure and make comments about my weight and remind me to watch what i am eating for the wedding esp….

its annoying…and frusrating….these same people also NEVER work out and always stay thin but have no tone or defenition…but they think because they are thin they have the right to tell everyone how they should be with diet and exercise….

its annoying….and ive started just ignoring it….as hard as it is…  

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Nobody likes my husband’s brother’s wife (I refuse to call her my SIL). Anyway, husband’s mom always gets the 6 of us together to go out to dinner for everyone’s bday, except mine because I refuse to allow that b***h at my bday dinner & I will never go to hers either…oK so the mom’s, dad’s, husband’s,  & husband’s brother’s bday. The dinners are always so uncomfortable & just annoying.  Me, my husband, & Father-In-Law don’t talk to the b***h, the brother only talks to me when she gets up & goes to the bathroom or whatever, and the tension is so thick that you need a steak knife to cut it. But it never fails that on their 4 bdays, mothers day, & father’s day, my Mother-In-Law always has us 6 go to dinner. I hate it. I dread it every time.  And it’s so annoying.  Plus, the b***h always always always complains about tipping the waitress. She always argues with her husband about how much to tip. First of all its a party of 6 so you should always tip 20%…unless the server is horrible.  But she’ll argue over a freaking dollar!  And always makes her husband short tip them. I was a server & bartender growing up so I know what it’s like. She’s obviously never been…because she’s too b***hy and just doesn’t have the personality.  It drives me insane.  My Mother-In-Law just won’t give up. She wants this big happy family & as long as my husband’s brother is married to that b***h, it’s just not gonna happen.  

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Her body weight (obese or not) is completely irrelevant to the story. However, it is rude for her to bring up your nutritional choices in front of everyone like that. As someone who is fat, I find that sometimes the best way to handle “well-meaning” relatives is to just go “Mhm. Anyway, Shirley, what do you think about the Ravens making it back to the Superbowl next year?” or whatever else to change the topic. Calling her out on it in the moment, while satisfying, just makes you look defensive and her look like the poor put-upon old lady who’s just trying to help. THEN, later, have your Fiance (since it’s your Mother-In-Law, not your mom) say something to her – “Hey, it really hurts LoveTruffles’ feelings when you say that shit. Her body is none of her concern, and you need to stop.”

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Ilovetruffels:  My Mother-In-Law does the same thing…..”Bridey77, have you tried this high protein oatmeal? It’s really good for people who are dieting”……Uhm, who said I was on a diet?????????

I’m betting your Mother-In-Law is just projecting her own insecurities on to you. Good for you for brushing it off so easily, as annoying as it is. I’m not sure about my Mother-In-Law, she is very slim and has never had a weight problem. I guess she is just embarassed for her son being with a fatty, lol. Too bad, cause he loves every inch!

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Ilovetruffels:  Comments about what you’re eating are a huuuge no no for me, how rude of her to do that!!! What you eat is very personal IMO. I am affronted over here with you!

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