(Closed) Smaller diamond with amazing setting? Or bigger diamond w/ less amazing setting?

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I’d get the setting you love with the smaller diamond… 1.1 is still a pretty big ring… I would say a carat is a standard size ring…I’d be very proud and happy to show off a carat.  My ring is 1 carat.  I think it’s pretty much the norm, if not slightly more than the norm for where I live anyways.  I’d get the setting you love with that size diamond.  If not, you’ll likely always look down and think “man, thats a nice diamond but I wish i loved the ring more”

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It is almost like there are 2 Questions here…

1- Which Setting do us Bees prefer more ?

2- What is more important to us Bees… Bigger Diamonds or Smaller ?

Here are my answers:

1- I like Setting # 2 better because it isn’t quite so “busy” as Setting # 1 and I LOVE the Sapphires in # 2

2- Big or Small when it comes to Diamonds within a few points of each other… so 1.00 to 1.10 OR 1.20 to 1.30 is pretty inconsequential.

What matters to me more is QUALITY (not quantity)… I will ALWAYS opt for a smaller more perfect Diamond for my money…

My own priorities in regards to the Cs are CUT (Quality) – COLOUR – and then CLARITY & CARAT Size

I also care about “the other Cs”… CERTIFIED and CONFLICT FREE / CANADIAN

Not to mention COMFORT and COST

For me it is all about getting the best bang for your buck overall… Get a Setting YOU LOVE but if there is a Feature Diamond involved, be sure an get THE BEST YOU CAN AFFORD …

(Size isn’t everything !!  I intentionally went with a better Diamond under 1.00 Carat.  And I have NO REGRETS)

In the end tho what is most important is WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES and what YOU LIKE

That is all that matters

Hope this helps


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Yep that’s another factor to consider – the heirloom factor.  If it’s something you’d like to do – leave a unique heirloom – then option number 1 would be the one to go with.  For me, I have a different taste…I’m not a fan of saphires and #1 is a bit busy for me.. But i’m not the one wearing it 🙂   Of the 2, I prefer the first, but PP prefers the 2nd… I would be you’ll likely get almost a 50/50 response.  But ultimately, I think most bees would tell you to trust your gut and what you know you really love.  If you’re secretly hoping that most bees choose a particular ring and back you up – tha’ts the ring to go with.  Either ring is a fairly unique choice and lovely… pick the ring that speaks to you.


If my response doesn’t make complete sense, I’ll blame it on the 2 yummy glasses of wine I”ve had tonight lol.  ring shopping was so much fun… enjoy the process!

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@Clairetoris:  The first setting has a lot going on. HOnestly, I don’t find the desing cohesive. But hey, that’s me.

I think the second one is pretty ‘though not my style.I like the fact that it is contemporary but with a twsit: sapphires and they sure are pretty!

Step away fromt he rings for a while (two weeks) and then look at them again. Maybe by then one of them will leap out at you.

But there is so little difference between a 1.10 c and a 1.30 c that it hardly matters, get the setting that you want.


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The setting has a WHOLE lot going on, bling and gorg! Having said that, I’m not sure how timeless that particular setting will remain, especially if you want to pass it down.

 Have you looked into tacori settings? They have some incredible settings halo and solitaire, some which start around your budget. although this is my personal taste though 🙂

but the visual difference between a 1.10 and a 1.20 is alost invisible, I wouldn’t let .10 hold me back from getting my dream setting. Good luck and keep us posted!

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I’ve been wondering something similar for months and I’m still undecided ! Lol. Though I’m leaning towards more ornate setting . For your case the size difference wouldn’t be that noticeable . Plus, you want it to hand it down eventually and the best vintage rings are the ornate ones imo.

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@Clairetoris:  I think #2 has a beautiful quality of being graceful and timeless.  it’d make a beautiful heirloom. The first option is less classic and more likely to look out dated… in 30 years I could see the argument that is has the feel 1980s gold rings have now a day.  I think the leaf like look is what throws me off.  

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@clairetoris I love them both! They are each very unique and I think either one would be a great heirloom piece one day however from reading your posts the way you said “tugs at my little heart” says a lot..and I personally agree with you about that on #1 🙂  Each ring is beautiful and the center stone being very similar in size leaves you with just the setting to decide between and you’ll know..there will be one that you just can’t stop thinking about, go with your gut feeling :). They are both gorgeous, keep us posted on which one you choose!!! 

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@Clairetoris:  I am definitely a smaller diamond, cool setting person.

A quality diamond is a quality diamond – aside from the size, they will all look about the same when it comes right down to it. But the setting is what differentiates your ring from every other woman’s out there. It’s really more of what people will remember about your ring, most of the time. 

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@Clairetoris:  I really like setting #1!  I’ll also echo what other bees have said, the sizes you mentioned aren’t that different, so I’d focus on what setting you like the best.  If there are parts of both settings that you’d want in your ideal setting, you could also consider going the custom route.

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Gah, that setting always kills me!  My fiance actually originally bought it because I’d been salivating over it for so long.  I was so happy, excited, finally it arrived and…. I was completely underwhelmed.  I loved it in pictures, still do, but in person it just seemed sort of “messy”.  I also didn’t love how it sat with a wedding band.  If it’s your dream setting, I would definitely recommend buying it and trying it on.  I still lust after pictures of it like a crazy woman scorned.  FYI, Blue Nile was super easy for us to do a return. 

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