smaller lab diamond or moissanite?

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    If I were to pick moissanite for an engagement ring I would buy mine at August Vintage. He has precision cut Moissanite – far better quality then BE can gove you and he can set the moissanite in any setting you want. I would definitley check out his Moissanite. I love my Old Eueopean Cut Moissanite from him but the H&A moissanite also get’s rave reviews on Pricescope (jewellery forum).

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    Most of the time when these questions come up, you’ll find the majority of people saying to pick a diamond (which is fine!) and usually it’s because the overall vibe from the original post seems to be that they really want a diamond (and plan to pass their moissy off as one) and are essentially “settling” for moissanite when it’s not what they really want (in which case, yes, they should go diamond!)

    In your case though, it really does sound like you more or less have decided on the moissanite but it’s primarily the fear of his family’s reactions that’s holding you back. You mentioned loving the rainbow flashes and actually choosing moissy over diamond every time (so you clearly love how they look! Me too ❤️), not planning on passing it off as a diamond (it sounds like none of your insecurity actually stems from yourself or your own worries, just a handful of judgmental family), wanting a larger stone (which moissanite would of course allow you!), the sustainability, the price allowing for a nicer wedding band… Most of your comments really seem to be steering you toward a moissy!

    I think you should go with your gut on this one and get what you really want! Especially since you could always easily upgrade to a diamond later if you do find yourself changing your mind! (One of the perks of the moissy price point!) And I know that you say you don’t plan on trying to pass your moissanite off as a diamond (I don’t do it either!) but I also think the chances of them actually noticing and questioning what kind of stone you have is very small — to see the differences in real life (which there are, of course!) you need to take a long and close look at the stone, whereas most people will give it a casual quick glance (hopefully followed by “congratulations!”) and then move on.

    At the end of the day, it’s YOUR ring and you need to go with what you want and not worry about what other people might think! Which I do fully understand can be easier said than done, but that’s the best advice I can give <3

    (Also, for what it’s worth, I’ve had my e-ring over a year and have gotten the “oil slick” phenomenon maybe twice? And it went away after about 5 seconds with a polishing cloth (which is part of my weekly ring cleaning routine anyway!) so honestly, from my experience at least, it’s a “problem” that is way over-hyped!)

    Good luck with whatever you do ultimately decide, and congrats on your upcoming engagement!!!!

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    I have the aria ring with a 0.66 lab diamond center so I am obviously biased lol. For me lab diamond since moissanite has too much fire for my taste. If you want a moissanite for whatever reason go for a moissaniterustandstardust :  

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    My center stone is the same specs that you’re looking at set in rose gold, so I figured I’d show you the “warmth”! It is 1.63 carats in the center. It definitely photographs warmer especially inside, but I do notice from time to time. I specifically wanted a J because I knew I was setting in RG and didn’t see the point in losing carat weight for color when I loved the look. 

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    I have a 7.5mm moissanite, and NO ONE has ever asked me if it was a diamond, despite my fiance’s relatives obsessing over my hand at family functions. I really doubt anyone from my family or his that I haven’t directly told has any idea it isn’t a diamond. Most people are not diamond connoisseurs and unless you put it side by side with a diamond they won’t know the difference. So I highly doubt you’ll ever have to explain it to his judgier relatives.

    I think if you know what a moissanite looks like and still love it – that’s your best option IMO. For what it’s worth, my ring is coming up on a year old and I have never had the oil slick phenomenon. Also, I recommend against buying the moissanite at BE, they have some of the highest prices and you can get a much better stone for much cheaper (for reference a 7mm stone at BE costs more than my entire MoissaniteCo engagement ring). Idk if you can just buy the setting from BE, but if you can I would do that and then order a loose stone from MoissaniteCo, Tianyu, or StarsGems. Or you can have one of those places make you a custom setting based on the Aria.

    Here is my moissy!


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    rustandstardust :  So as far as people judging you goes, all you can do is educate people and hope they just want you to be happy.

    There are going to be opinions one way or the other on these boards but really you can’t make a decision until you check out the stones in person.

    Helzberg Diamonds has C&C moissanite in-store, if you have one near you but aren’t close to a Brilliant Earth. Seeing moissanite in person was great for me, it answered questions I couldn’t answer from looking at photos.

    I will say if you have a preference one way or another, don’t  ignore that. The only time I hear women complain about moissanite is went they really want diamonds, so don’t ignore your wants. I saw great advice here once about choosing: flip a coin and if you’re unhappy with the result, go with the opposite.

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    This is a tough one that comes down to your personal preference.  If it’s finger coverage you’re after you can add a bezel or a halo to a diamond.  You can also put it in a higher setting and add a split shank band. 

    If you go w/ moissy do it because that’s the stone you want. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference so you have to do what makes you feel best. I have seen some people on here getting moissy but eventually upgrading to the diamond because they or their partner weren’t comfortable with it being a diamond sim.

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     rustandstardust :  

    Since you want a moissanite, go for it!! Getting a more expensive alternative instead to appease judgemental people would be sad. I’m sorry they’re like that. If you do get a diamond and escape judgement, maybe they’ll have a problem because it’s lab grown or for something else entirely. There’s no pleasing people like that so you might as well do things your way!

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    I’d go with moissanite. I already shut down my judgemental family over it lol I told them it’s my ring and I’ll wear whatever the heck i want.  

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    birefringence :  Agree. If it’s not the ring, it’s the wedding planning, the kids, the car, the house. Judgmental  people are judgmental and you can’t change that. You will spend your whole life trying to make other people happy, and you can’t make judgmental people happy, judging makes them happy. So make yourself happy and be done with it.

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    Moissanite is very beautiful and affordable, I love it as much as diamonds and I have both. Tianyu was really helpful with me and custom made two rings set with OEC moissanite that are beautiful.

    In Australia the general public is very uniformed about diamonds and very few people have any idea what others are weraing or buying. Go with what you love, don’t worry about what others think. 

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    I would personally never buy anything other than a moissanite.  I love them!  But to each her own 🙂

    I am in the process of having my dream ring made by Tianyu Gems in China.  They have very positive reviews and cut their own moissanite, so there’s no middle man.  The ring I want would have been $1,500 locally, and the same exactly ring is costing me $585 with Tianyu!  I am also getting a 1.5ct center stone.

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    It might be possible to find a lab diamond in the carat size you want pre-owned. You and your partner will need to determine if you’re okay with going pre-owned and the time it will take scouring sites for “the one.”

    We had bought a brand new MoCo ring for $1,900 but returned it because we didn’t love it. My fiancé and I got THE ring from eBay! I found it by chance and we snatched it up fast. It’s a 1.0 carat GIA certified lab diamond and 14K white gold metal. The engagement ring came with the matching wedding band for $1,600 total!

    All that matters is that you’re 100% happy with your ring, moissanite or diamond, or whatever!

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