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  • poll: what is you opinion of people who smoke when pregnant?

    Its ok

    Its wrong

    womans body her choice

    I wouldn't but I don't judge those who do

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    @metalbride:  My mom did the same thing and I have the same problems!

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    @tksjewelry:  Now, I don’t think that women should smoke while pregnant, but that is between her and her doctor not her and the world.   The world would be a much better place if we all just kept our noses in our own homes rather than someone elses, we all have things that can be judged.


    I agree completely.

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    I think it’s a really bad idea, but it’s between a woman and her doctor, like TK said. 

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    @zagora:  I am a health care professional who works for a children’s hospital.  I have never  seen any medically accepted guidelines that say it is ok to have any alcohol during pregnancy.  All of the accepted guidelines I am aware of recommend against drinking completely – that is because there is no way to ethically study what might be a safe maximum amount of alcohol to consume without causing ill effects to the fetus.  I know there are some doctors who may say a glass here or there is ok, but I’d love to see any published, peer-reviewed medical guidelines that say it is ok – are you aware of any?

    I understand there is some evidence that says moderate drinking is good for an adult’s health, but I doubt there is any such evidence for the fetus.

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    I absolutely don’t think pregnant women should be smoking. I quit cold turkey because in my mind it wasn’t even an option to continue smoking. I think the whole “It’s too stressful to quit right away” is kind of bullshit personally.

    To outlaw smoking altogether I find absolutely ridiculous, I don’t need the government babysitting me thanks! How about we outlaw fast food companies from doing disgusting things to their food and we clean up the smog that gigantic vehicles and factories put into the air first.

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    I think that’s horrible, and really the contest sounds a bit dumb. I also don’t think because someone is famous they should be mum of the year, but whatever.  I knew one person who smoked until early in their second trimester. She says she didn’t know she was pregnant and because she was a heavy smoker,  this person claimed that her doctor told her it would be a shock to the system, and gave her plan to wean herself slowly off of the cigarettes. If there are any bees who happen to be a doctor or a nurse can chime in about that it would be great because but I never believed her.

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    Its selfish, reckless, and incredibly ignorant.

    There is no one in 2012 who hasn’t been living in a cave who doesn’t know how dangerous it is. As adults, you get to decide to smoke. Your baby/fetus doesn’t get to make a decision, but will have to deal with the lifetime of consequences.

    High rates of asthma, low birth weight, chronic cough and lung problems, reduced immunity, and even learning disabilities have all been associated with smoking during pregnancy.

    If you intentionally partake in something that is known to be harmful to your child, you are indirectly abusing that child.  We can’t legislate morality, but we can certainly be disgusted by people who choose to put their children’s wellbeing at risk for a stupid, gross habit.

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    I totally agree. It is shocking to me that this is even still up for debate with all the evidence we have against it. It is child abuse, and there should be a law to prevent it. However, it is sad that we need one and people can’t just regulate their own selfish wants. 

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    @FutureJessicaMcB:  Personally I am completely and unapologetically disgusted by women who smoke while they are pregnant..

    I couldn’t have said it better. I would even extend that to say I am that way to those that smoke in general around me (male or female). The detriment to the health of the baby, mother and those around you have been proven time and time again. It is a purely selish act that I judge outright.

    My mother smoked until she became pregnant and thankfully she became ill any time she even attempted to light one up during her pregnancy.

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    I had a neighbor who smoked daily through her nine month (surprisingly) pregnancy.  Every day I strongly considered calling child protective services.  

    If you are already harming your child in utero, lord only knows how badly you will treat your child when they are born. 

    I think it’s absolutely disgusting and it obviously makes me really angry…

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    I feel that it’s wrong because if you are choosing to keep the baby, then I feel that you are choosing to care for your baby. I understand that some babies end up being completely fine if the mother smokes during pregnancy, but I do think that with all the possibilities of what could happen if you do, it might be just wiser to stop while you’re pregnant.

    That being said, I don’t think there is really anyway to regulate it or enforce any rules about it. It is her body, yes, so it really is her choice. The only thing you can really do is warn people about possible problems, I think.

    I apologize if I sound judgmental, ladies.

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    @blondy:  Thank you, I haven’t been pregnant in 5 years and didn’t think the research has changed.

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    When you become a mother, you put your children before yourself.  Smoking while pregnant is selfish. 

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    tksjewelry: Are you asking if there are any studies that show that smoking during pregnancy causes (rather than correlates with) a variety of health issues? Or are you asking if there are studies that show that smoking causes issues in 100% of babies exposed to smoking while in vitro? If it’s the former, yes there are such studies, which I would be more than happy to link to you if you are interested. If it’s the latter, you will not find any legitimate scientific studies that make any 100% conclusions. Generally that best you will find is P<0.05, which means that there is less than a 95% liklihood that the result obtain was due to chance rather than the study variable.

    When babies are born to mothers who do IV drugs or smoke crack or heroin, those children are placed in the custody of DCSF. I don’t see much of a difference between exposing your child to that sort of addictive substance and exposing your child to carcinogens and addictive nicotine.

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    I don’t think you can say for certainty that your child is truly ok after you smoked during your pregnancy. If they get cancer or heart disease one day, there’s no way if knowing that it’s not related to your smoking. That’s a really disgusting attitude to say your baby was ok when your child isn’t finished living their life, so no, you don’t know if they WILL be ok. I think it’s a horrible decision but shouldn’t be illegal.

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