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    Yikes, women should absolutely NOT smoke while pregnant AND nobody has any business smoking around pregnant women at all (or children for that matter).

    Mothers should also not be smoking after they give birth. Smoke is horrible for developing babies and growing children. Doesn’t everyone know this??? Or is this really not common knowledge?

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    I think 2nd hand smoke is terrible when i’m walking in public (so rude & inconsiderate!)…let alone a pregnant lady smoking directly into her uterus….ugh! 

    I know someone who smoked while they were pregnant (a lot!)….her full-term baby (38w) was honestly the REDDEST & smallest baby I have ever ever seen….I don’t know if that was coincidental or not but I felt deeply sorry for that child. 

    For those who say not to judge: I do just want to say, although I do judge & I am disgusted by their actions…I would never walk up to a pregnant woman and be like “you’re gross!“…I just would never say anything to a mother to make her feel like a bad mom or less of a woman. However, if asked my educated opinion of the matter: yeah, i’d tell her how I felt about it & i’d inform her of every medical professionals’ opinion of it.


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    I think smoking whilst pregnant is an irresponsible thing to do and would never do it (although I’ve always been a non-smoker so it’s not an issue), but I think some of the comments made here are a bit ridiculous.   To call it child abuse and state that the mothers are unfit is rather extreme – it’s an unhealthy habit and yes, it can have adverse health effects, but so can lots of other things we do.  What about the obese mothers who eat loads of unhealthy food?  What about the mothers who don’t take vitamins and are severely lacking several essential nutrients, thereby increasing their baby’s risk of adverse health or disability?  What about the mothers who don’t have any prenatal care and jeopardise their baby’s health as a result?  Should we call all of them unfit mothers as well?  

    Yes, I don’t like to see people smoking whilst pregnant, but I also accept that as long as smoking is legal, it’s not our (the general public’s) place to judge.  It’s between a woman and her medical team.   Unless we’re going to regulate every last thing a pregnant woman does, this is just one of those things we need to let go and hopefully education and further community supports will help address the problem.  Until then, I say everyone needs to butt out (pun intended).  

    @blondy:   I was just reading a study this morning whilst waiting for my midwife appt – I’ll try to find it for you.  It followed nearly 12,000 women long term and found no ill effects from light drinking (less than 1 per day) and also found a 30% reduction in behavioural issues in school aged children from mothers who consumed light quantities of alcohol throughout pregnancy.  I’ll see if I can find it and PM it to you.  

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    So all the people suggesting that it is wrong which is the vast majority, would you support laws on this?

    If so what happns after the baby is born and the mom is smoking is that against the law too?  that’s equally harmful.

    I see making lawys about it are a great slippery slope to ban abortion.

    Her body her choice, sorry.

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    So, i myself wouldn’t smoke while pregnant, and i won’t judge others if they choose to because really, it’s noones business. 

    and also, my mom smoked with all 4 of us kids….. it wasn’t such a big issue back then… BUT, i can tell you right now, my mother has never been a selfish, uncaring mother ever!  i am so thankful and lucky that i have a mother like her… so to the people saying that any woman who smokes while pregnant is selfish, and unfit…. i don’t think just because they smoke while pregnant makes them a horrible mother.   


    @Ree723:  So agree with you!  

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    @KateByDesign:  And what did you imagine that CPS would do if you called them?


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    @Atalanta:  Exactly. I cringe when I see a pregnant woman smoking. We all know the risks, at least suck it up and quit for your pregnancy. Everyone can do it.

    But yes, making laws about what I do with my body and my choices surrounding it, no thanks. It starts with “We’re doing this for your own good to protect the baby” and then 5 years later it’s “Sorry, no abortion for you, it’s to protect your baby.” I don’t want to live in a country where the government can tell me what choices I can make pertaining to my own body.

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    @KatyElle:  Nothing.  It was just a way of expressing my level of distaste for what she was doing…

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    I think it’s deplorable. I know cigarettes are addicting, but smoking during pregnancy can effect the baby for the rest of it’s life! It’s a very selfish thing to do.

    I know of several people who finally quit when they got pregnant. Quitting is do-able, especially if the woman has her priorities in order (baby > cigarettes!).

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    I HATE smoking and doing it while pregnant is just selfish.

    My Mother smoked while pregnant with me and my siblings she still continues to smoke and did heavily while we were growing up. My sister was born at 3lbs. and we all have been effected by her smoking. I don’t speak to my Mother anymore because she was also abusive and all in all I think she is a selfish person.

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    @tksjewelry:  By that logic of keeping their nose in their own business we shouldn’t report suspected child abuse either. Just let whatever goes on in their own homes to themselves. Undecided

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    Absolutely unacceptable beyond all doubt. As simple as that in my eyes. Feel free to chew me out for being ‘disrespectful’ or whatever some people might consider my view, but I think people who smoke during pregnancy without making ANY effort to stop are as bad as anti-vaxxers who do not let their children get immunised for a damn good valid reason (i.e. if the child is allergic to a shot, fair enough. If you’re just paranoid, NOT fair enough.)

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    The baby is actually a separate being… the baby is not part of the woman’s body, like her leg or arm!  Separate DNA, separate entity, separate human being. But because that baby is attached to the mother by the umbilical cord… everything she takes in, food, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, ANYTHING it is passed on to her baby. That baby has no voice. You are actually forcing that baby to take in what YOU do.

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    Thats disgusting that mothers would smoke while pregnant and knowingly expose their babies to all the toxins in a cigarette while the baby is still being formed. Disgusting.

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    Um, it’s NOT okay and I definitely judge. You have a responsibility to the child you’re bringing into the world. How on earth is there anybody who still thinks this is okay?

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