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  • poll: what is you opinion of people who smoke when pregnant?

    Its ok

    Its wrong

    womans body her choice

    I wouldn't but I don't judge those who do

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    i didn’t know people still smoked when pregnant. i don’t know if i would say something, but i would absolutely judge.

    i’m even shocked when i see people in their 20’s smoking because the ill effects have been proven for a long time. but since i’m an adult, i can choose not to be around the smoke. unborn babies cannot make that choice.

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    @candyapple: I completely see your point, I’m just very hesitant to use that logic as I think it’s a very slippery and scary slope. If we start giving fetuses rights, as in saying that it’s illegal for a mother to smoke because her fetus is technically underage, I think we open a very scary door that will start taking away mothers’ rights in favour of an unborn baby’s rights. Once that door is opened, where does it stop? It’s a scary thought! And don’t worry, you didn’t come across as a crazy lady, just passionate about your beliefs 🙂

    And to whoever asked if anyone would say anything to a person they saw smoking, my answer is a resounding no. Chances are they know it’s not healthy and getting lectures from the general public is the last thing they need to help them quit. I’m pregnant and have had the occasional glass of red, heaven help the person who ever feels it appropriate to come up to me to tell me drinking is bad for my baby. It’s no one else’s business and people need to keep their opinions to themselves.

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    @Ree723:  Yes, I agree that it is definitely a slippery slope. Which it why it can be such a frustrating situation! That is, since it technically is the mother’s right to choose whether or not to smoke, knowing the risks. It just makes me sad that people still continue to do so.

    And I am pretty sure I always come across as a crazy lady. A day in the life, I suppose…

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    My mom luckily quit smoking when she had me, but she did smoke with my siblings, but things were different then- people didn’t know as much as we know now about smoking while pregnant.  I personally think now women have no excuse, especially if you are actively TTC and smoking.  If you accidentally get pregnant and intend to go through with the pregnancy, you need to begin the quitting process, cold turkey or as fast as humanly possible as soon as the test comes back positive- no if ands or buts In My Humble Opinion.  

    I don’t know that I could go up to someone and say something to them if I saw them smoking while pregnant, because obviously it is not against the law as of now, but I absolutely would have a discussion about it with whoever I was with to hear their stance and share my feelings because it would disturb me too much to stay completely silent…

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    @almost mrs:  Ok, that’s interesting to hear, and I’ll take your word for it.  I only mentioned hair dye because a Chem Professor of mine was talking one day about this stuff, and mentioned it was a bad one.

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    I understand the addictive nature of nicotine, I was a 35 a day smoker for MANY years….

    But any woman that smokes whilst pregnant should be the object of scorn and indignation. Makes me feel all stabby even thinking about this…


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    wow this topic really brings out the self-righteousness.

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    @KateByDesign:  You do realize that calling CPS on someone can ruin their life, right? Smoking while pregnant is not illegal and is not considered child abuse or neglect by law. You should never, EVER call CPS on someone without a valid reason. Certainly not to prove a point.

    While smoking while pregnant is not something I agree with or would do, I am in the “her body, her choice” camp. I think it’s a very slippery slope. I don’t need the government inside my uterus, thanks.

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    @zippylef:  agree, My mom smoked while pregnant and she is a terrific mother I would not classify it as child abuse.  Bad choice yes and I am sure if these women who smoke while pregnant if could magically just stop without going through with withdrawls and etc…would.  Its incredible harsh to say these women are abusing there children and you should not waste CPS time considering there is far worse things going on in the world.

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    I think it’s wrong, yeah.  But I’m not going to do anything about it if I see a pregnant stranger smoking.

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    Yeah, please do everyone a favor and don’t harass pregnant women, regardless of whether or not you agree with their choices. Without them the child in question would cease to exist.

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    *sigh* I don’t think anyone’s for pregnant women smoking but it is an addiction and condemning them isn’t going to motivate them/encourage them to quit. I’m a social work intern and I saw it as a huge victory when I was able to trade a pregnant client one cigarette for the rest of her pack. It was very difficult for her- she was in tears- but she knew it was better for her and her baby. I made a big deal out of how proud I was of her. I’m definitely not encouraging her to smoke, but at least I know that she is trying and by NOT beating her up about it, I know she will be more likely to come to me when she needs help in the future.

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    I was a smoker, I quit about 3 years ago. I read Allan Carr’s book, had my last cigarette and never looked back. I was shocked at how quickly teh nicotine left my system. The rest was completely psychological. I think smoking while you are pregnant is horrific, and I really think that if people could truly appreciate the horrors, tehy would do everything within their power to stop smoking as soon as they found out they were pregnant.

    That said, anyone who condemns random pregnant strangers for smoking is a big ol meanie IMO. I hope they are also walking around berating the heavily pregnant ladies at McDonalds drive throughs scarfing down 10 big macs. 


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    I don’t agree with it, and I do think that it’s wrong when I see a pregnant woman smoking in public. I don’t think I would say anything to that person though. I have no idea if she’s trying to quit or weening herself off of smoking.

    I also wouldn’t support any laws that were trying to ban women from smoking while pregnant. I feel like that would go hand in hand with women who don’t eat right while pregnant…where do you draw the line?

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