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  • poll: How to handle s'more buffet?
    Assign 2-3 guests or wait staff to roast marshmellows : (1 votes)
    3 %
    Preassemple s'mores ahead of time : (3 votes)
    10 %
    Guests can make their own s'more : (26 votes)
    87 %
    no s'more bufffet : (0 votes)
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    I can’t really help with logistics, I ust want to say the idea sounds great! I really want s’mores now!

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    If I was at your wedding, I would want to make my own smores!  (That is the fun part!)  However, I would suggest having the “smore-making time” last for a while….and have other things going on (music, dancing, whatever), so guest can filter in and out while making the smores.  

    IDK about the kids, though….maybe a sign on the smores bar saying something like “Please supervise your kids making the smores”? 

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    I do love this idea. Not too sure if I would personally want to stand by a fire while wearing a nice dress although I love Smore’s. 


    I would suggest (this is how I always make smore’s anyway) that you pre package the smores in tin foil and find a way to heat them over the fire- some kind of basket on a stick that can be turned. I would see if the wait staff could do this job. The chocolate is super melted and people go nuts for them once they try them like this. It does take a little longer for the marshmallow and chocolate to heat as it is between 2 graham crackers. 

    I say this but looking at your gourmet marshmallows it would be a shame for your guests not to see them beforehand. So if you were to do it the suggested way (you will probably get a better suggestion from someone who has done it) I would for go the gourmet marshmallows ($ saving as well)

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    I LOVE smores. Love them. But I wouldn’t want to make them in my dress clothes.


    Honestly, I think the best thing to do would be to have them assembled in the back, and brought out to be devoured. The kitchen staff could roast the marshmallows in the oven for not very long, throw them on the chocolate (or do this all in the oven) and throw them on a cracker, and just bring them out to be served.I imagine this going over like a Pizza midnight snack where they are all gone in a few minutes anyway, so logistically, I think this is the best, and safest plan.

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    I would also like to add that I am only against guests making their own smores as I am a bit of germ freak and the thought of people making them with unwashed hands gives me anxiety.

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    I am would chose to roast my own marshmellow any day, no matter what I am wearing. It is so much fun and brings back such happy memories! I also like that its food combined with entertainment. And like @Rock Hugger: said, you could have other events still going on while this is happening so its not just a bunch of people standing in line forever with nothing to do.

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    Dresses can be washed. I would totally roast a smore (or six) at a wedding! that is most of the fun and pre-made smores would get cold and a cold smore is gross. Plus people like their smores differernt levels of done-ness. 

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    Mmm, I LOVE smores. However, I think that guests may not be into getting their formal wear smokey while making such a yummy snack.

    Have you seen this thread? S’mores on a stick! You could use your gourmet marshmallows, different types of chocolate, and the different cracker/cookie combos, and have them labeled in separate groups so that guests can choose their favorite flavors. Would that be a compromise that you and the Fiance would be cool with?

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    I would LOVE to do this if I were a wedding guest! I think I would be disappointed if I couldn’t make my own! Most people know how to make a smore, they know it will be messy, but they also know how to wash their hands after, right? If you feel like your guests can handle it, go for it!

    I do agree with a little note for your guests about supervising kids though, especially around an open fire pit. If kids aren’t familiar with fire safety, parents definitely should keep an eye out!

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    I was interested in doing something similar and looked into having sternos and having my guests roast the marshmallows themselves, though all I could picture in my head was my drunk uncle burning the whole reception hall down!  I found a company (http://www.thatsasmore.com) that comes out and sets up a s’more bar for you and makes them for your guests which both eliminates the making them by a fire in nice clothes dilemma and wedding reception blaze! Maybe there are caterers by you that do something similar?

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    I had no idea that a s’more bar was ‘trendy’ right now. We’re planning on having one, simply because our venue has an awesome firepit that just needs to be facilitated.

    As for people saying they wouldn’t want their clothes to get ruined- I really think it depends on what you think your familiy would enjoy doing, and the vibe of your wedding. If it’s super formal, then I would say a S’more bar isn’t the most appropriate thing. However, if it’s a dressy casual outdoorsy wedding- GO FOR IT and let your guests get their hands dirty, so to speak.

    To help facilitate things, make sure that you have appropriate roasting sticks for your flame. We’re getting the nice long ones since we’re actually using an open fire. Leave a note that indicates that parents should be helping their youngsters and make sure you have tongs to grab the supplies out of the containers on the table.

    I would also recommend having a basket of wet wipes and napkins because s’mores ARE messy (but that’s half the fun, isn’t it?). Good luck!

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    @[email protected]: having a few designeted people, roasting all the marshmelllows or preassembling, takes all the fun out of it, but maybe I am missing something.”

    100% Agree. I want my marshmallow in just a certain way, charred exactly as I like it. It would totally take the fun out of it to have someone else do it.

    If this was offered at a wedding, I would be all over it! I love smores and I love making them. Sounds like yummy fun!

    I wouldn’t worry too much about having a lot of variety. 2 kinds of chocolate and maybe 2 or 3 types of marshmallows is awesome, but I’d probably stick to the classics anyway.

    As for kids running around. They’re gonna do that anyway. It’s up to their parents to watch them if they bring them.

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    I think you should let everyone do their own – if there’s anybody who doesn’t want to get smoky they could just have someone else fix their s’more! I love the idea. As for variety, I think you’re good with just graham crackers, marshmallows, maybe 2-3 types of chocolate max (maybe a white, a dark, and a milk?) and a shaker of cinnamon is yummy too.

    I’ve also seen s’mores kits as an adorable take-home favor, for those of you who want s’mores but can’t figure out logistics. They were jars with a Hershey’s bar, marshmallows, and graham crackers with brown paper/twine over the lid, and a “Love is sweet” tag.

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