Snacks for losing weight

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natasha0b :  you need fat to feel full (and bonus it will help you absorb many of the nutrients from those veggies). Try some avocado, hummus, nuts, or greek yogurt. You need to be careful of portion sizes, but just produce isn’t going to cut it. 

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natasha0b :  Are you calorie counting at all? If you are, make sure you are getting your calorie allotment for the day. I found on days where I am under my allotment are the days I am hungry. My biggest thing is getting protein with every meal, that helps me stay full longer. For example, here is what I ate yesterday. I am shooting for 1600 calories per day, and I worked out, so this comes to roughly 1800 calories. 

Breakfast : Smoothie with protein powder, strawberries, greek yogurt and spinach. Coffee with a little cream. 

Snack : Orange and a handful of almonds

Lunch : Taco bowl with Rice, peppers, steak, salsa, a little sour cream and cheese. 

Dinner : Pork Chop, Cous Cous, green beans. 

Dessert : A couple pieces of chocolate, berries. 

My Go to snacks are veggies and hummus, celery and peanut butter, Cheese and nuts. Also, fruits with lots of fiber keep me full longer like apples and pears. 

Edited to add: I use my fitness pal to count calories. I dont log every day, but I know the calories of the foods I eat, and I pay attention to portions. I am working for about 1-2 lbs loss per week. 

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Granola is usually very dense in calories so not great for a typical snack.  If you are getting enough in your meals then your snacks should be light, things like carrots or celery with hummous (hummous is quite dense so be careful), fruit, full fat yoghurt, a boiled egg, popcorn.  

If you are actually starving between meals you need to figure out if maybe your meals aren’t big enough or aren’t balanced or if you are just used to eating a lot on your old diet.   You need to count your calories to make sure you are eating enough and getting a good balance of macros then you might need to practice knowing the difference between being hungry and just wanting to eat. 

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You can’t be starving after eating something several hours ago. Hunger after eating is a matter of blood sugar imbalance, not lack of nutrition. Your meals are high in carbs/sugar which is probably causing your blood sugar to spike and then drop (causing “hunger”). You should eat more fat because that will fill you up and keep your blood sugar balanced.

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I would count your calories and macros for a week or two to make sure you’re getting enough fat, protein and fiber. 

Also, sometimes a major diet shift takes some time to get used to. Sometimes you THINK you’re hungry because you’re used to being stuffed, or your stomach is used to being filled with lots of carbs. And because your stomach feels a bit different, you think it’s hunger.

Fitness pal is great for tracking calories and macros, you don’t have to do it every day forever, but it helps to get an idea of what a good balance of food looks like. (a fitbit can also be helpful to track how many calories you burn in a day because it can vary a lot between people) 

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A little bit of hunger is part of the game of losing weight, unfortunately, particularly if you are relying on the calories-in, calories-out method. Not “ravenous” hunger…but you may miss the feeling of being totally “full”. I’d seek out high volume/low calorie snacks to help with satiety. Examples: air-popped popcorn, light broth-based soup, watermelon, berries (fiber!). 

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All of these are great tips, I just wanted to add make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water! Sometimes thirst feels like hunger and can trigger the munchies. I snack much less when I’m properly hydrating.

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No one has ever lost weight who eats every time they feel hungry. 

The thing to do is switch your midset to almost enjoy feeling hungry. We have a real problem in countries of plenty where we never learned to have an intermediate step between feeling hungry and sticking some food in our mouths. 

A really good practice is to set yourself some time limits. At first, maybe you wait 30 minutes to eat when you feel hungry. Then gradually increase that to an hour. Then 90 minutes. What this will do is it will allow time for your blood sugar to even out, it will allow time for your stomach to empty and shrink a little. Over time, you will begin to prefer feeling a little hungry to constantly having food in your system.

When you constantly have food in your system, your blood sugar is constantly shifting, your hormonal system is constantly working to compensate, and a lot of your organs are under stress to be constantly working. Because of all these constant shifts, your mood is also a lot less stable.

You might look into Intermittent Fasting. I start eating around noon or 1pm and am done eating by 7 or 8pm. This gives my body ~18 solid hours to rest and relax, my blood sugar to even out, my stomach organ to shrink down to its normal size, my mood to stabilize, etc. 

As for snacks, I  maintain a very lean physique, and here’s how I snack:

– keep 1 large bowl of fruit out: bananas, tangerines, grapefruit, oranges, berries, apples
– keep 1 bowl of mixed nuts out: walnuts, almonds, cashews
– keep 1 bowl of shelled pistachios out: the shells slow you down
– plain greek yogurt with berries or granola
– avocado slices with himalayan salt
– small chucks of dark chocolate
– keep white cheddar cheese in the fridge and cut off chunks (usually my after-work snack before dinner)
– gluten free crackers with snack-size quacamole (holy quacamole)
– occassional KIND bar ( They taste like Rice Krispy Treats!

ETA: I have a 40oz Hydroflask and drink 3 of them a day. I weigh 103 lbs. I finish the first around 11am. Second around 3pm. Last close to bed time. 

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I just started Nutrisystem and I’m eating so often, I’m not hungry in between meals. Here’s a guide of what I eat:

Breakfast: 2 proteins (each at least 5 g protein and each between 80-120 calories PLUS 1 carb (at least 1 g fiber, between 80-120 calories)
Snack: 1 protein (at least 5 g protein, between 80-120 calories)
Lunch: 1 protein (at least 5 g protein, between 80-120 calories) PLUS 1 carb (at least 1 g fiber, between 80-120 calories)
Snack: 1 protein (at least 5 g protein, between 80-120 calories) PLUS 1 carb (at least 1 g fiber, between 80-120 calories)
Dinner: 2 proteins (each at least 5 g protein and each between 80-120 calories PLUS 1 carb (at least 1 g fiber, between 80-120 calories)
Snack: 1 protein (at least 5 g protein, between 80-120 calories) PLUS 1 carb (at least 1 g fiber, between 80-120 calories)

You also need to add 4 servings of veggies and 64 oz water. It ends up being around 1200 calories/day

ETA: So for example a snack I would have for a morning snack is Oikos Chocolate greek yogurt (triple zeo), 120 calories, 15 g protein. An afternoon snack with 1 protein & 1 carb would be crackers (120 calories, 1 g fiber) and 1 Polly-O skim mozzarella string cheese (80 calories, 7 g protein)

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I agree that some hunger is part of weight loss. What helps me maintain my weight is to switch from a moderate or high carb and low fat diet to a low carb, high fat diet and to eliminate snacking altogether. Unless there are health issues or you go to the extreme, hunger is not an emergency.

However, I’d like to point out that you are at a very nice, healthy weight and I wouldn’t really go messing with your metabolism if you can eat whatever you want and maintain a weight of 135 at 5’7″.

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Ohh If you’re only 135lb at 5″7 you might want to focus on toning rather than weight loss!

You’d be surprised how much toning up can change your overall shape and tighten things up even when you don’t lose any pounds.  When you’re a bit heavier you sometimes need to lose fat first so that the muscle tone shows, but you’re already quite small so losing pounds might just look a little sickly while remaining.. soft. 

Also it will be harder to lose pounds when you’re already at a healthy/low weight because you’re body’s like ‘nahhh we’re good’ 

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I really like Greek yogurt mixed with salsa to make a creamy dip as a snack- I usually just dip chips into it but you could also do carrots, bell pepper slices, celery, etc.

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I dunno. When I am 5’7 and 160lbs I look super thin and just right (but still “overweight”). At 125 I look freakishly thin. That being said I agree with

wolfeyes … don’t  think dropping another 10lbs is necessary but to each his own. I would just say tone up?

For me the only thing that ever tides me over is protein… no fruit, veg, or carb helps. Just things like an egg or almonds. Right now I am doing baby carrots and fat free greek yogurt with some buffalo ranch seasoning mixed in… helps a little but not as great as nuts or eggs.

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