Snacks for losing weight

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Helper bee

Any raw veggies are good snacks when trying to lose weight. Sometimes I also do a large bowl of miso broth, with a crumbled sheet of seaweed and hot sauce. Also I like snacking on raw nuts, especially almonds.. yea nuts are fatty but they help you feel full longer.

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Buzzing bee

Can I just say – there is absolutely nothing wrong with high-fat foods. Natural foods that are high in fat are generally high in Omega-3’s. We URGENTLY, all of us, need more Omega-3’s in our diets. Having a ratio skewed toward Omega-6’s is wreaking havoc on us, and is a HUGE contributor toward all the inflmmatory diseases. 

So please please please eat as much nuts (walnuts), seeds, fish, full-fat yogurt, etc as you can. 

Fat in foods does NOT turn into fat in the body. It gets broken down and processed the same way protein and carbs do. It will turn into fat if you overeat, but that’s true of protein and carbs, too. 

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Bumble bee
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It needs to be protein in order for you to feel full.  Hard boiled eggs, nuts, and yogurt are my go-tos.

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Sugar bee

You have to exercise,preferably 3-4 days a week to rev up your metabolism.  I’ve revamped my eating and exercising routines since Sept. and lost several sizes and now  Iam used to smaller portions and fee physically sick if I have something like a milkshake or waffles/pancakes with syrup.

You can do this–but exercise is key.

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Busy bee
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We are the same height and weight and girl I feel you. I used to think that 120 was my ideal weight but I had absolutely no muscle. I was legit skin and bones. I echo a PP and agree that lifting weights (nothing crazy like 2-3x a week for 30 mins) and some light cardio should do the trick! Strength training has been the main difference for me and even though I weigh the same as I did, I’m two sizes smaller just due to my body composition being more muscle now

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Great tips but in addition to more fats PLEASE have more protein. Protein is actually what keeps you feeling full. Snack on seasons chicken bites, boiled eggs, Greek yogurt that kind of thing! 

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Someone already mentioned intermittent fasting and I agree this works. I lost 30lbs last year this way along with calorie counting and have kept it off. Intermittent fasting really helps you to learn the difference between emotional and physical hunger. There are different ways to do it too so if one way doesn’t work for you then you can try another. I try not to snack, only eat my main meals. I allow myself days when I can eat more (like birthday cake at a birthday party or a holiday meal). I tried many fad diets but intermittent fasting is the only thing that has ever worked (and stayed) for me.

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Really great advice from PPs who clearly know more than I do about nutrition. I cna understand where you are coming from because I am in the same boat, although I feel heavier and WANT to loose weight (I probably should too relative to my height). 

Outside of more healthy fats, the one thing that fills me up is a smoothie/shake with protein powder + greens + collagen (the other supplements are just personal choice). Kinda depends on my mood when I will have one. Most commonly I’ll have one post-workout (I workout after work, before dinner/evening activities/chores, etc) and that + dinner within an hour or so will hold me over all night long. I notice if I don’t have a post-workout smoothie, I’ll want to snack or have dessert around 8pm and on the rare occasion I give in (another PP pointed out to wait to determine if you’re bored or really hungry) I’ll make it a healthy “dessert” smoothie/shake to curb my snaking or sweet tooth. 

Another thing I wanted to point out, when I was eating 5-6 times a day versus 3, THAT is when I noticed I was loosing the most weight. Instead of breakfast-lunch-dinner I was doing bfast-snack-lunch-snack-dinner (maybe a PM snack). 

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Helper bee

I have found Sargento Balanced Breaks.  They have small amount of cheese, nuts and dried fruit with abut 175 calories and 8 gr protein.  They have helped a lot to keep hunger at bay.


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Bumble bee

I’m not sure if we are talking about meals or snacksbetween meals? Cottage cheese and quark are good. Can easily add fruit and berries to them to make them taste good. High on protein.

That being said, it takes my body a few weeks to adjust to a new diet. I recently started to watch what I eat and it’s taking time for my body to adjust not getting so much carbs and sugar as before. And whenever I eat “normally” then it reboots and it take any body some time to adjust again. So if you just started it can take some time before you top feeling hungry even if you are getting everything you need.

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I’ve been doing a low carb diet and my favorite snacks that make me feel full are cashews or hard boiled eggs. Good luck!

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Easy shrimp ceviche – 3 oz cooked shrimp served cold and half an avocado. Cut both up into similar dozed pieces and top with green tobacco and steak seasoning 

Everything but the bagel – 3 oz smoked salmon over cucumber and carrot slaw topped with PLAIN greek yogurt mixed w/ fresh dill. Top with chopped red onion.



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